Department of Pedotechnics

Head of Department

PhD, Prof. Daniel BUCUR
email: dbucur@uaiasi.ro

Council of Department

PhD, Prof. Costică AILINCĂI
e-mail: ailincai@uaiasi.ro
PhD, Lect. dr. Daniel Costel GALEȘ
e-mail: galesdan@uaiasi.ro

List of all the professors of the Department of Pedotechnics

  PhD, Prof. Gerard JITĂREANU   - Agrotechnics;
    - Experimental Design;
    - Soil and Water Conservation.
  PhD, Prof. Daniel BUCUR   - Land Improvement;
    - Rural Engineering;
    - Crops Irrigation;
    - Hydrology and Hydrogeology.
  PhD, Prof. Radu ROŞCA   - Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Installations;
    - Operation of Machinery and Livestock Facilities;
    - Refrigeration Engineering Elements.
  PhD, Prof. Ioan ŢENU   - Horticultural Machinery;
    - Operations and Equipment in Food Industry;
    - Machinery and Equipment for Food Industry.
  PhD, Prof. Costica AILINCĂI   - Agrotechnics.
    - Hill and Mountain Area Agrotehnics;
    - Soil Fertility Management.
  PhD, Assoc. Prof. Feodor FILIPOV   - Pedology;
    - Geology and Pedology.
  PhD, Assoc. Prof.
  - Agricultural Pedology;
    - Soil Science in Organic Horticulture Production.
  PhD, Assoc. Prof. Denis ŢOPA   - Pedology;
    - Agrochemistry;
    - Machinery in modern agriculture; Herbologie;
    - Wind Engineering and Air Pollution;
    - Soil tillage systems; Soil Information System.
  PhD, Assoc. Prof.
  - Land Improvement;
    - Watercourse Regularization.
  PhD, Lect. Costin BUDUI   - Fishing Equipments and Machinery;
    - Machinery and Equipment for Food Industry;
    - Plant Protection Mechanization;
    - Operations and Equipment in Food Industry.
  PhD, Lect. Dan CAZACU   - Energy Base;
    - Agricultural Machinery;
    - Mechanization.
  PhD, Lect. Constantin CHIRILĂ   - Resistance of Materials and Machine Parts;
    - Automation of Technological Processes in Food Industry;
    - Operation of Machinery and Livestock Facilities.
  PhD, Lect. Oprea RADU   - Agricultural Cadaster;
    - Topography and Mapping;
    - Agricultural Land Bonitation.
  PhD, Lect. Lucian RĂUS   - Experimental Technique;
    - Integrated Weed Control.
  PhD, Lect. Mariana VOLF   - Agrochemistry.
  PhD, Lect. Violeta SIMIONIUC    
  PhD, Lect. Cristian HUŢANU   - Technical Drawing and Landscape Design;
    - Land Evaluation.
  PhD, Lect. Daniel Costel GALEŞ   - Agrotechnics;
    - Pedology.
  PhD, Lect. Virgil VLAHIDIS   - Refrigeration Installations;
    - Horticultural Machinery;
    - Energy Base.
  PhD, Scientific Researcher
Irina Gabriela CARA
  PhD, Lect. Vlad-Nicolae ARSENOAIA   - Unitary operations in food industry;
    - Machinery for agriculture and food industry;
    - Machinery and installations in food industry;
    - Computer-assisted graphic design.

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