Department of Pedotechnics
PhD, Assoc. Prof. Feodor FILIPOV

PhD, Assoc. Prof.


Last name:   FILIPOV
First name:   FEODOR
Birth date:   27 April 1961
Faculty:   Agriculture
Departament:   Pedotechnics
Address:   3, Mihail Sadoveanu Alee, Iasi, 700490, Romania
Telephone:   +40 232 407 450
Fax:   +40 232 260 650
E-mail:   ffilipov@uaiasi.ro


  • Pedology;
  • Ameliorative soil science.

Studies, research papers, scientific communications, specialty articles

1. I.Avarvarei, F. Filipov, Teona Avarvarei – The salinity tolerance of some hybrids of maize, Lucr. st. ,vol.37, seria Agronomie, 1994
2. F. Filipov, I. Avarvarei, G. Jitareanu – The traits of molic gley soils developed under influence of drainage works from Radauti Depresion – Agroecological and ecological aspects of soil tillage, Pulawy, 1997
3. G. Jitareanu, I. Avarvarei, F. Filipov – The evolution of soil physical statement under the influence of different tillage systems in irrigated fields - Agroecological and ecological aspects of soil Tillage, Pulawy, 1997
4. D. Bucur, P. Savu, F. Filipov, C. Ailincai – Contributions to the study economical and ecological implications of the utilization of irrigated sloping lands in Moldova plain – International Conferince of Soil Condition and Crop production, 1998
5. L. Bireescu, I. Avarvarei, F. Filipov, Z. Borlan, Teona Avarvarei, Roxana Raileanu, Geanina Bireescu – Foliar Treatments – a lees poluting method of fertilization, Studii si Cercetari Stiintifice Biologie, vol. 2, 1997, pg. 9 - 16
6. F. Filipov, Gabi Zaldea , P. Pituc, M. Mustea – The influence of some soil management system on the distribution and content of humus and main nutrients, Lucr. St., vol.1 (42), seria Horticultura, U.S.A.M.V. Iasi, 1999
7. F. Filipov, Teona Avarvarei – The influence of the amelioration works on the main chemical properties of Gleysol from experimental drainage fields Radauti Depression, Cercetari agronomice in Moldova, Rezultate – Recomandari, vol. 1 – 2 (113)/1999
8. F. Filipov, I. Avarvarei, Carmen Donisa, O. Tomita, Cristina Beleca – The influence of texture and groundwater on the humic fractions distribution and Fe and Mn species in mollic gleysols from of the northern part of Romania, IHSS 10, Toulouse, France, vol 1, pg.559 –563
9. F. Filipov, Teona Avarvarei, C. Sirbu, Gabi Zaldea, P. Pituc, P. Paunet – Some soil management in vineyard Copou in context of sustainable agriculture Lucr. St., seria Agricultura, CD–ROM 2000
10. O.Tomita, F. Filipov – The effect of the amelioration works on the water regime and the degree of salinisation of the salic humic Gleysol from the dammed floodplain area Albita Falciu, Soil Science (S.N.R.S.S) , vol.XXXIV, no.1, 2000

Research areas

The scientific research of the didactical and scientific personal from Pedology and Ameliorative soil science discipline was conducted for studying the influence of the amelioration works on some physical, chemical and biological proprieties of the improved soils.

The main aspects the scientific research was conducted in the following directions:
- characterization and description of the morphological, chemical and physical proprieties of the soils affected by excess of humidity (pluvial and phreatic), excess of soluble salts (NaCl, Na2SO4);
- amelioration of soils affected by humidity excess (drainage and subsurface drainage works associated with mole drainage, deep loosening, modeling bands);
- amelioration of saline and alkaline soils by drainage works, deep loosening leveling works, leaching irrigation, etc;
- amelioration of acid and alkaline soils by applying of the amendaments with calcium carbonate and phosphogips;
- researches of the salinity tolerance of cultivated plants (maize, winter-wheat, alpha-alpha, sorghum, Sudan grass, etc.);
- the effect of the different soil management on the chemical and physical proprieties of soils cultivated with Vitis vinifera.

Member of the following societies of soil science

1. Romanian National Society of Soil Science (S.N.R.S.S.);
2. International Society I.S.T.R.O.;
3. Soil Science Society "N. Bucur" Iasi;
4. Agronomist Society of Engineer from Romania (I.O.S.D.V.)

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