Departamentul of Food Technologies

Head of Department

PhD, Assoc. Prof. Petru-Marian CÂRLESCU
email: pcarlescu@uaiasi.ro

Council of Department

PhD, Lect. Roxana Nicoleta RAŢU
e-mail: roxana.ratu@uaiasi.ro
PhD, Assist. Marius BĂETU
e-mail: mbaetu@uaiasi.ro

List of all the professors of the Department of Food Technologies

  PhD, Prof. Florin Daniel LIPŞA   - General Microbiology
    - Special Microbiology (food, soil, air)
  PhD, Assoc. Prof. Petru CÂRLESCU   - Machinery and Equipment for Food Industry
    - Processes and Unit Operations for the Food Industry
    - Electrotechnics
    - Computer-aided Design
  PhD, Lect. Steluţa RADU   - Expertize of vegetal products
    - Principles and methods of food preservation
    - Milling and bakery technology
    - Technologies in oil, sugar and sugar products industry
    - Vegetal Products Processing Techology
  PhD, Lect. Otilia-Cristina MURARIU   - Vegetable and fruit processing technology
    - Quality control of the products of animal origin
    - General technologies in food industry
    - Vegetable raw materials
    - Agri-food biotechnologies
  PhD, Lect. Roxana Nicoleta RAŢU   - Control and expertise for the quality of milk and dairy products
    - Control and expertise for the quality of poultry and bee products
    - Food quality control
    - Technology of milk and dairy products
  PhD, Lect. Carmen CREŢU   - Inspection and control of products of animal origin
  PhD, Lect. Marius Mihai CIOBANU   - Control and expertise for the quality of meat and meat products
    - Technology of meat and meat products
    - Management and capitalization of the hunting fauna
    - Processing of agri-food products
    - Sensory analysis
  PhD, Lect. Gabriela FRUNZĂ   - Management of food quality and food safety
    - Food merchandise
    - Merchandising in public catering and agrotourism
    - Management of food quality
  PhD, Assist. Marius BĂETU   - Equipments in food industry;
    - Unitary operations in food industry;
    - Machinery and installations in the food industry and environmental engineering;
    - Technological machinery in public food service and agritourism;
    - Elements of mechanical engineering;
    - Elements of electrical engineering.

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