Department of Pedotechnics
Assist. Virgil VLAHIDIS

PhD, Lect. Virgil VLAHIDIS


Last name:   VLAHIDIS
First name:   VIRGIL
Birth date:   31 May 1968
Faculty:   Agriculture
Departament:   Pedotechnics
Address:   3, Mihail Sadoveanu Alee, Iasi, 700490, Romania
Telephone:   +40 232 407.557
Fax:   +40 232 260 650
E-mail:   rogrimex@yahoo.com

Scientific papers

1. Neagu, Tr., Vâlcu, V., Roşca, R., Chirilă, C, Cazacu, D., Vlahidis V., 1995, Methodology for determining the parameters of the mechanization influence on soil physical and mechanical properties, Scientific Bulletin of Veterinary Medicine Science, vol .38, p.97-103, 1995;
2. R. Roşca, V. Vlahidis, Luca G., 1995, Some problems regarding the vegetable oils use related to the injection equipment tractors operation, Scientific Bulletin of Science Veterinary Medicine, Series Agronomy vol.38.104;
3. Rosca, R., Vlahidis, V. ,1997. Research on the supply of D-115 engine with vegetable oils. Symposium volume "Cluj Horticulture XX, p. 356-359.
4. Cojocariu, P., M. Hutanu, Suditu P., Vlahidis ,V., 1999, Experiments on the distribution uniformity of the SUP-15 Universal seed sowing working width, Scientific Bulletin of Science Veterinary Medicine, Agronomy Series, vol.2. 42;
5. D. Cazacu, Suditu P., Vlahidis V., 2000, Influence of system pressure and load exerted by the wheels with tires on the ground, Scientific Symposium of the Faculty of Horticulture, 2000;
6. Rosca, R. Ţenu, I., Cârlescu, P., Cazacu, D., Vlahidis, V., 2010, Evaluation of the super-ellipse model for the tire-ground contact patch, 38th International Symposium on Actual Tasks Agricultural Engineering, Opatija Croatia, 22-26 feb.2010-92 p. 85, ISSN 1333-2651 (indexed in Current Contents ISI Proceedings, CAB International);
7. Ţenu, I., Cojocariu, P., Cârlescu, P., Vlahidis, V., 2010, The means of transport rolling systems components impact on soil, Bulletin of the Polytechnic Institute of Iasi, Technical University "Gheorghe Asachi" Iaşi, Volume LVI (LX ), 4.

Grants and research contracts

1. Development and experimentation of a vineyards and orchards spraying machine make with recovery solution screens, CNCSIS 33340/2003, member;
2. The establishment of the machinery system for soil works in the N-E Romania’s agricultural exploitation aligned at the sustainable agriculture concept -grant CEEX 14/2005-2008 member;
3. Researches concerning the improvement of the soil tillage working tools for seedbed preparation according to the requirements of a sustainable agriculture - 52-107 PN2 project (2008-2011), member;
4. The grain modernising primary processing technologies, in order to obtain quality food products, corresponding to the principles of sustainable development and food security, PN II 51-062,2007/2010,member.


  • Agricultural Mechanical Engineering;
  • Thermic machineries.

Research fields

  • Agricultural Mechanical Engineering

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