Bachelor's Degree


Studies in agronomic education end with a bachelor's examination, the graduates acquiring the title of "engineer", respectively "licensed" in biology.

Domain Specialization Title Credits Duration Responsible
Agronomy Agriculture (A) engineer 240 4 years PhD, Prof. Culiță SÎRBU
Montanology (A) engineer 240 4 years PhD, Assoc. Prof. Esmeralda Ionela CHIORESCU
Exploitation of Machines and Equipment for Agriculture and Food Industry (A) engineer 240 4 years PhD, Prof. Radu ROŞCA
Engineering and Management in Agriculture and Rural Development Engineering
and Management
in Agribusiness
engineer 240 4 years PhD, Assoc. Prof.
Food Engineering Technology of Processing Agricultural Products (A) engineer 240 4 years PhD, Assoc. Prof.
Florin Daniel LIPŞA
Consumer and Environmental Protection (A) engineer 240 4 years PhD, Assoc. Prof.
Biology Biology (A) licenţiat 180 3 years PhD, Lect. Luminiţa Nicoleta PARASCHIV

Professional perspectives

  • agricultural farms and associations;
  • food-industry based units;
  • offices for consumer's protection;
  • phyto-syearstary customs police;
  • district laboratories for fodder quality control;
  • research stations;
  • tertiary education institutions;
  • secondary education institutions;
  • agricultural chambers, agencies and offices for rural development;
  • non-governmental organissations focused on rural development;
  • town halls department of sustainable development;
  • assessing and certifying agricultural fields and products.

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