Department of Pedotechnics
PhD, Lect. Esmeralda CHIORESCU

PhD, Lect. Esmeralda CHIORESCU


Last name:   CHIORESCU
Birth date:   29 August 1971
Faculty:   Agriculture
Departament:   Pedotechnics
Address:   3, Mihail Sadoveanu Alee, Iasi, 700490, Romania
Telephone (work):   +40 232 407 355
Fax:   +40 232 260 650
Fax:   echiorescu@uaiasi.ro or esmeralda_chiorescu@yahoo.com

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Scientific papers

Total: 63
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Books, university text-books and book chapters in internatioinal publishers

Total: 9
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Grants and research contracts

Total: 13
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Prizes / awards

  • Cup of the International Fair of Inventions and Practical Ideas "INVENT-INVEST" 2018 (Practical Ideas Section, patent application)
  • Silver medal of the International Fair of Inventions and Practical Ideas "INVENT-INVEST" 2017
  • Medal of honor - International Fair of Inventions and Practical Ideas "INVENT-INVEST" 2017
  • Bronze medal at the International Exhibition of Inventions and New Technologies, Iasi, 1995

Professional skills and competences

  • Rational utilization and conservation of land resources
  • Environment protection and capitalization of residues and wastewaters
  • Irrigation of crops
  • Assessment of soil quality (physical and chemical parameters)
  • Regularization of water courses
  • Water management
  • Environmental protection and ecology
  • Renewable types of energy
  • Landscape installations and equipment

Research domains

  • New technologies and protection materials for irrigated land
  • Organization of agricultural territory
  • Soil and aquifer depollution technologies
  • Water quality management
  • The influence of anthropic actions on the environment and the implementation of remedial methods
  • Ecology and ecophysiology

Coordination of administrative or academic organisms

  • The trade union president of the Faculty of Agriculture (2018)

Member in scientific/ professional associations

  • 2013 - Society of Inventors in Romania
  • 2009 - Romanian National Society for Soil Science
  • 2009 - European Society for Soil Conservation
  • 1997 - Technical Foundation for Environmental Protection

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