Student life


Career opportunities

The possibilities of practicing the profession of agronomist or agromontanologist are diverse, both in public and private sectors, in scientific research, pre-university and university education, technical assistance and management.

Our graduates can apply for jobs at/as:

  • Agricultural farms and associations
  • Phyto-sanitary customs police
  • District laboratories for fodder quality control
  • Secondary and tertiary education institutions
  • Agricultural chambers, agencies and offices for rural development
  • Non-governmentalorganizations focused on rural development
  • Town halls department of sustainable development
  • Assessing and certifying agricultural fields and products
  • Researcher
  • Commercial and marketing manager at a food company
  • Quality manager
  • Farm manager
  • Agricultural advisor
  • Logistics manager at a large supermarket chain
  • Procurers at national and international trading companies
  • Sales managers of food producers
  • Engineer for food production processes and technologies
  • Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority
  • Commercial technology, packaging or product development
  • Quality controller
  • Production or quality manager
  • Consultant or project manager at consultancies or engineering agencies
  • Environmental or energy manager
  • Advisor at consultancy agencies and technological enterprises in the fields of sustainable energy and water technology
  • Secondary and tertiary education institutions

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