Department of Pedotechnics
PhD, Lect. Radu OPREA

PhD, Lect. Radu OPREA

Contact details

Last name:   OPREA
First name:   RADU
Birth date:   25 August 1966
Faculty:   Agriculture
Departament:   Pedotechnics
Address:   3, Mihail Sadoveanu Alee, Iasi, 700490, Romania
Mobile:   +40 744 786 124
Fax:   +40 232 260 650
E-mail:   opricaradu@yahoo.com

Scientific papers

Total: 55.
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Books and university text-books

Total: 4.
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Grants and research contracts

Grants and Research Contracts: member in the research staff at 12 grants CNCSIS, CEEX and PNCDI.


  • Topography and technical drawing;
  • Agricultural cadastral survey
  • Drying and drainage of farming lands;
  • Assessment of farming lands.

Research fields

  • Exploitation behaviour of hydro-ameliorative drying–drainage systems;
  • Determination of main changes in some physical and chemical characteristics of soils affected by moisture excess, under the conjugated effect of drying, soil improvement technologies and agricultural cultivation;
  • Efficiency of land modelling in ridge strips, as a result of soil tillage in individual plots on water excess removal;
  • Elaboration of the experimental model of technical and qualitative viticultural cadastral survey;
  • Qualitative assessment of farming lands based on ca dastral classification and, especially, of lands improved through hydro-ameliorative and agro-soil improvement works.

Research and professional organizations

  • Romanian National Society for Soil Science (SNRSS), since 1994;
  • National Association of Geodesists from Romania - Branch of the Association of Geodesists from Iaşi, member since 1994;
  • "Nicolae Bucur" Society of Soil Science - Iaşi Branch, since 1998;
  • Society of Agricultural Engineers from Romania - Iaşi Branch, since 2000;
  • International Union of Soil Sciences (IUSS), since 2007.

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