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Brief history

Founded in 1912, the Faculty of Agriculture is the oldest and most prestigious Romanian tertiary agricultural institution that conferred the first Diploma of Agricultural Engineering in our country.

The Faculty of Agriculture is part of Iasi University of Life Sciences (IULS) and occupies a well defined position within the higher agronomic education environment in Romania and at the European level. This position has been forged over the course of 100 years of existence, now recommending a powerful scientific, educational and cultural centre.

It is not coincidental the very etymology of the term education, that comes from the Latin root educo-educare, which means "to nourish" all those in quest of the most exquisite food of all, the spiritual food.

The Faculty of Agriculture is a specialized institution in the higher education system run by the state whose fundamental mission statement is training agronomists, agricultural economists, engineers in the food industry and biologists.

The Faculty of Agriculture aims to generate knowledge through research, development, innovation and technology transfer, high standard academic training, thus attracting the best professionals and young researchers who have high potential and scientific training.

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