Department of Agroeconomy
PhD, Lect. Eduard BOGHIȚĂ

PhD, Lect. Eduard BOGHIȚĂ


Last name:   BOGHIȚĂ
First name:   EDUARD
Faculty:   Agriculture
Departament:   Agroeconomy
Birth date:   24 January 1981
Address:   3, Mihail Sadoveanu Alee, Iasi, 700490, Romania
Telephone (work):   +40 232 407 518
Fax:   +40 232 219.175
Fax:   ediboghita@uaiasi.ro or ediboghita@gmail.com

Scientific work

Total number: 40.

University books and textbooks

Total number: 1.

Grants and research contracts

Total: 4 (member)


  • Rural assessment
  • Agri-food policies
  • Global food security policies and strategies

Research fields

  • Techniques and methods for determining the value of real estate
  • Methods of estimating damages in agriculture
  • Mechanisms that underpin the agri-food policy and food security strategies

Membership of scientific societies/professional associations

  • Society of Agrarian History and Retrology of Romania - from 2006

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