Arhiva - 2010

Anul LIII - Vol 53

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Colectivul editorial și cuprinsul

1. SJÖMAN H. - The use-potential of Cornus mas L. in urban plantations in North-West Europe based on habitat studies in North-East Romania and Republic of Moldova

2. ROTARU Ramona - Contributions to the study of forest vegetation from the superior basin of Putna river

3. STĂNESCU Irina, MARDARI C., BÎRSAN C., TĂNASE C., DRAGHIA Lucia - The structure of the vegetative organs of Gentiana asclepiadea L.

4. STĂNESCU Irina, MARDARI C., BÎRSAN C., TĂNASE C. DRAGHIA Lucia - Anatomic aspects in Parnassia palustris

5. CĂUŞ Maria - The composition of free amino acids in plant organs of soybean (Glycine max (L.) Merr.) inoculated with Bradyrhizobium japonicum related to the action of water stress

6. POPA Viorica-Mirela, MOIGRĂDEAN Diana, GERGEN I., RABA Diana-Nicoleta, POIANĂ Mariana-Atena, MOLDOVAN Camelia, JIANU I. - Research regarding the mineral elements content in some herbal seasoning from the Banat‟area

7. ROTARU V. - Plant growth and some physiological responses to phosphorus supply of soybean (Glycine max.L) under suboptimal soil water regime

8. TRIFAN Daniela, LEONTE C., AXINTI Nicoleta - Study of heritability for main quantitative characters in some hybrid populations of garden beans (Phaseolus vulgaris L.)

9. TRIFAN Daniela, AXINTI Nicoleta - Research on segregation of form and color grain characters in F2 hybrid generation of Phaseolus vulgaris L. species

10. CĂPRARU Adina-Mirela, UNGUREANU Elena, POPA V. I, - The influence of some lignin products on the process of plant development

11. CĂPRARU Adina-Mirela, UNGUREANU Elena, GRAMA Silvia, POPA V. I. - Aspects concerning the treatment of birch veneer with lignins epoxy derivatives with biocides properties

12. TROFIN Alina, ONISCU C. - The effect of some chloro-phenoxyacetic sulphonoamidic derivatives as growth stimulators on tomato seedlings‟ root formation and development processes

13. TUCALIUC Roxana, MANGALAGIU I., DROCHIOIU G. - Azaheterocycles – synthesis and their activity in stimulating growth and development of wheat plant

14. PETRUŢA Gabriela-Paula, SOARE E. - Possibilities of carrying out modern sanitary education within lessons of biology

15. PETRUŢA Gabriela-Paula - Student visions on the integration of information and communication technologies in teaching and learning biological sciences

16. SOARE E. - Curricular design based on rational structural patterns

17. SOARE E., PETRUŢA Gabriela-Paula - Integrated perspectives on school based curriculum

18. OROIAN Elvira, STAN Rodica, RUSU Mihaela, ADAM Sorana, MOANGA Anca - La lecture des images – moyen de devepoppement de la capacite langagiere

19. MIHAI Mihaela, STAN Rodica Silvia, OROIAN Elvira, MIHAI V. - “Cross-Compliance”- selective terminological approach within the common agricultural policy in English vs. Romanian

20. STAN Rodica Silvia, OROIAN Elvira, ADAM Sorana Lucia, MOANGA Anca Simona, Mihai Mihaela - Business presentations within foreign language courses

21. ADAM Sorana Lucia, STAN Rodica Silvia, MOANGĂ Anca Simona, OROIAN Elvira, MIHAI Mihaela - Teaching english for specific purposes communicatively – a challenge?

22. BREZULEANU S. - Implications of sustainable development on the management of farms in Iasi county

23. BREZULEANU S., BREZULEANU Carmen-Olguţa, MATEI S. - Diagnosis analysis regarding the management of production, supply and products disposal to S.C. Cotnari S.A.

24. POSTOLACHE C. - Study regarding the integration of vegetable production in Tecuci microzone, Galaţi county

25. TUREAC Cornelia Elena, BORDEAN I., TURTUREANU Anca Gabriela, PADURE Gabriela - The evaluation of the assurance system of products quality and services offered by the commercial banks in Romania

26. TUREAC Cornelia Elena, BORDEAN I., TURTUREANU Anca Gabriela, PADURE Gabriela - Monitoring of the food products market trough market research

27. UNGUREANU G., POPA P., Gabriela IGNAT - Strategic options on fruits fruit growers in the NE region

28. STANCIU M. - Démarches expérimentales de valorisation du potentiel intellectuel des étudiants en ière année dans le cadre des séminaires de psychologie de l‟éducation. Suggestions méthodologiques selon l‟approche de la théorie des intelligences multiples

29. MIHALACHE Roxana - A floral survey of Shakespeare

30. PETREA Elena - Le vin dans les écrits de voyage (du réel à la ré-structuration du réel)

31. SAULEA-IORDACHE Claudia - Study on sustainable rural development strategy Vânători village, Neamţ county

32. BULGARIU D., STOLERU V., MUNTENU N., BULGARIU Laura, AŞTEFANEI D. - The distribution and mobility of cadmium in soils cultivated with vegetables. (I) Traditional crops

33. BULGARIU D., MUNTEANU N., STOLERU V., BULGARIU Laura, BUZGAR N. - The distribution and mobility of chrome in soils cultivated with vegetables. (I) Traditional crops

34. BALAN V., VĂMĂŞESCU S. - Influence of foliar application of fertilization and fruit thinning on fruit production and quality

35. BRÎNZĂ Maria, GRĂDINARIU G., MORARIU Aliona, CIOBOTARI G. - Biochemical aspects of scion – rootstock interaction on some apricot cultivars in first vegetation year

36. BUDAN S., CHIŢU E., BUTAC Mădălina, NICOLA Claudia - Evaluation of flower buds frost susceptibility in commercial cherry cultivars, under 2009/2010 winter conditions

37. PETRE L., IUREA Elena, CORNEANU G., SÎRBU Sorina - New sweet cherry hybrid elites with perspectives for patented as new cultivars obtained at fruit growing research station Iaşi

38. BUTA Erzsebet, CANTOR Maria, MOLDOVAN G., ZAHARIA A., BUTA M. - The effect of rooting substrate on the developing of top cutting of Pilea species

39. CANTOR Maria, BUTA Erzsebet - Evaluation of potential biological and morphological to some Chrysanthemum x hortorum Bailey varieties in solarium

40. CANTOR Maria, ZAHARIA A., BUTA Erzsebet - Improvement and diversification of the assortment of orchids from Cymbidium genus

41. DRAGHIA Lucia, CHELARIU Elena- Liliana, SÎRBU C. - The behaviour in crop of some species with ornamental features from spontaneous flora of Romania

42. ROŞCA I. - Biological pecularities of growing and development of Weigela florida 'Styriaca' variety in container conditions

43. MORARIU Aliona, CHELARIU Elena Liliana, CĂULEŢ Raluca - In vitro micropropagation of Gypsophila muralis L. from cotyledon explants

44. BIREESCU L., MUNTEANU N., BIREESCU Geanina, STOLERU V., ANTON Iulia, SELLITTO V. M. - The eco-pedological diagnosis matrix of soil trophicity in a vegetable system under ecological conversion. I. Pedo-bio-enzymatic general indicators

45. BIREESCU L., MUNTEANU N., BIREESCU Geanina, STOLERU V., ANTON Iulia, SELLITTO V. M. - The eco-pedological diagnosis matrix of soil trophicity in a vegetable system under ecological conversion. II. Diagnoze of effective trophicity

46. MUNTEANU N., STOLERU V., AMBĂRUŞ Silvica, STOLERU Carmen - Production results an assortment of some local populations of runner bean (Phaseolus coccineus L.)

47. STOLERU V., MUNTEANU N., MIRON Mihaela - Comparative behavior for a new tomato assortment for polytunnel, in organic system at S.D.E. Iaşi

48. VÎNĂTORU C., NEICU Eliza - Studies and researches concerning the growing of the real and final fertility at the onion seed culture

49. ALEXE Constan, VINTILĂ M., TANASA Veronica, DUMITRU Liana-Melania, LAMUREANU G. - Influence of fertilization system on the quality maintaining of peach friuts in different storage conditions

50. BRÎNZĂ Maria, GRĂDINARIU G., MORARIU Aliona, CIOBOTARI G. - Anatomo-morphological symptoms caused by the incompatibility to grafting in the case of the pear tree

51. CAULET Raluca, PANDELEA A., PANEA Teodora - Researches regarding the effect of some ecological products on grafting success at some pear and plum cultivars

52. CHIŢU E., SUMEDREA D., TĂNĂSESCU N., MARIN F.C. - Influence of fertigation on fruit yield in high density apple orchards under global climatic changes

53. CHIŢU Viorica, MLADIN Paulina, CHIŢU E. , ANCU Irina, DIACONU Cosmina - Stimusoil 200 product application effect on growth and fruiting of „Blueray‟ blueberry cv.

54. CIOBOTARI Gh., MORARIU Aliona, BRÎNZĂ Maria, GORGAN D. L., GRADINARIU G. - Aspects concerning the relationship between photosynthetic pigments and soluble sugars amount of some Prunus avium cultivars

55. GUDUMAC E., PEŞTEANU A. - The economic efficiency on producing „Knip-Baum” apple trees in the fruit nursery

56. IUREA Elena, PETRE L., CORNEANU G, SÎRBU Sorina - Research looking the change of some physico-chemical parameters during fruit maturation to some sweet cherry cultivars

57. CHELARIU Elena-Liliana, DRAGHIA Lucia, SÎRBU C., BRÂNZĂ Maria, SANDU MICULSCHI Cristina - Evaluation of ornamental features at some species from spontaneous flora of Dobrogea

58. COLIBABA Cintia, COTEA V. V., NECHITA B., LĂCUREANU G., TUDOSE SANDU-VILLE Şt. - Studies on The influence of maceration techniques on Tămâioasă Românească wine‟s free terpenic compounds

59. GEORGESCU O., COTEA V.V., CHIRITA Otilia, NICULAUA M., LACUREANU G., BUBURUZANU C. - Physical-chemical characteristcs of Băbească Neagră rose wines from Iaşi, Dealu Bujorului and Odobeşti vineyards

60. GHERGHINĂ Nicoleta, COTEA V.V., TUDOSE SANDU-VILLE St., COLIBABA Cintia, NICULAUA M. - Study regarding the influence of some oenological productsusage on wine‟s chromatic parameters

61. ZĂNOAGĂ C. V., COTEA V. V., NICULAUA M. - Redox aspects on certain antiseptic substances of oenologic use

62. PĂŞCĂNUŢ I., POP M.R., DANCIU I. - Superior valorification of the Sea buckthorn fruits stored by freezing

63. DAMIAN Doina, SAVIN C., VASILE Ancuţa, ZALDEA Gabi - The agrobiological and technological value of the vine clones obtained in the research development station for viticulture and wine production of Iaşi

64. DAMIAN Doina, VASILE Ancuţa, ZALDEA Gabi, SAVIN C. - Contributions to the knowledge regarding agrobiological and technological characteristics of genetic resources existent at the research development station for viticulture and wine production of Iaşi

65. ROTARU Liliana, MUSTEA M., IRIMIA L., PETREA Gabriela - The agrobiological and technological value for gelu table grapevine variety in vineyard area of Iasi

66. ROTARU Liliana, IRIMIA L., MUSTEA M., PETREA Gabriela - The behaviour of some grapevine varieties for wine at low temperatures on 2009/2010 winter in vineyard area of Iasi

67. VASILE Ancuţa, ZALDEA Gabi, DAMIAN Doina - The influence of climatic changes on the dynamics of the vegetation phenophases in the vine varieties cultivated in Copou vine growing center of Iaşi

68. ZALDEA Gabi, VASILE Ancuta, DAMIAN Doina, SAVIN C. - Climatic accidents during the physiological repose of vine, registered in Copou vine-growing center of Iaşi

69. BUBURUZANU C., COTEA V.V., NICULAUA M., ZAMFIR C. I., GEORGESCU O., MORARU I. – Physical - chemical characterisation of some red wines obtained through classical technology from Iasi vineyard

70. CIUBUCA A., POSTOLACHE Elena, MICLEAN Mirela - Flavour large variety of white wines produced at Dealu Bujorului vineyard

71. GEORGESCU O., COTEA V.V., ZAMFIR C., COLIBABA Cintia, GHERGHINA Nicoleta, MORARU I. - Comparative study of red Băbească Neagră wines from Nicoreşti vineyard obtained through classical technology of maceration fermentation and through innovative maceration technologies

72. GHERGHINĂ Nicoleta, COTEA V.V., MORARU I., NICULAUA M., SIMIONESCU Mihaela - Aspects regarding the influence of certain oenological products on the physico-chemical parameters of some Cotnari wines

73. MOGÎRZAN Petronela Cristina, COTEA V. V., CONDORACHI I., NICULAUA M. - Comparative study on the influence of maceration technologies on the Fetească Neagră wines colour

74. POPESCU Carmen, POSTOLACHE Elena, CIUBUCĂ A., RAPEANU Gabriela, HOPULELE T. - The effect of the tartaric acid and sulphur dioxide addition on the enzymatic browning of the grapes, musts and wines

75. TUDOSE SANDU-VILLE Şt., COTEA V. V., COLIBABA Cintia, BUBURUZANU C., GEORGESCU O. NICULAUA M. - Study of phenolic compounds in Cabernet Sauvignon red wines obtained in Iaşi vineyard by six different maceration - fermentation techniques

76. VASILE Ancuţa, PAŞA Rodica, SAVIN C. - The influence of new yeast strains from the indigenous flora of Iaşi vineyard on the alcoholic fermentation process

77. DOROBANŢU Paula, DOROBANȚU E., CUMPĂTĂ Simona, PATRAŞ Antoanela - Studies concerning the viscosity coefficient of some vegetable oils obtained from different walnut biotypes and grape seeds

78. VINTILĂ M. - Experimental research on the determination of apples impact force, on a hard surface

79. CIOROIANU T., TSÎRBU Carmen, DUMITRAŞCU Monica, ŞTEFĂNESCU S. - Fertilizer with protein structure - agrochemical testing

80. CIOROIANU T., SÎRBU Carmen, DUMITRAŞCU Monica, ŞTEFĂNESCU S. - Organo-mineral fertilizer use in agriculture sustainable

81. BORONIA Gabriela - The soils evaluation for the pear and cherry (sour cherry) plantations in the Sârca fruit-growing basin

82. BORONIA Gabriela - Limiting factors for fruit-growing plantations imposed by pedological conditions in the Sârca fruit-growing basin

83. BARNOAIEA I., IACOBESCU O. - Gis database on soil erosion based on digital photogrammetry

84. BARNOAIEA I., BARNOAIEA Adriana Roxana - Using IKONOS satellite images in characterizing biodiversity in coniferous stands

85. CISMARU C., GABOR V., LĂZĂRESCU Clarisa - Research concerning center-pivot sprinkler irigation system within sud-solonet irrigation system

86. CISMARU C., GABOR V., BRAŞOVEANU C. - Studies concerning the potential of reducing salt load of Albiţa-Fălciu arrangement soils tacking into account the modernization of land improvement works

87. IACOBESCU O., BARNOAIEA I. - Remote sensing methods for the spatial analysis of land degradation units

88. IACOBESCU O. - Stable river reaches identification on aerial image series – a tool for river regulation

89. ILIOI D., MOCA V. , HOGAŞ H., BARGAN L. - The determination of tropospheric refraction corrections for GPS measurements, performed on the area of Iaşi county

90. ŢENU I., COJOCARIU P., CÂRLESCU P., ROŞCA R., CAZACU D., VLAHIDIS V. - The impact of U-650 and VALTRa T-190 rolling system on soil

91. VOLF Mariana - Esearch about production quality at maize fodder in two different love-stock farms nearrly Iasi area

92. VOLF Mariana - Research about some qualitative characteristics of fodder production with significance, in two live-stock farms from Iasi region

93. BIREESCU Gianina, DRAGHIA Lucia, BIREESCU L., CHELARIU Elena Liliana, ANTON I., SELLITTO M.V. - Pedo-biological studies on soil quality

94. LEAH Tamara, CERBARI V. - Gley stagnic chernozems – genesis, properties and agricultural suitability

95. LEAH Tamara - Pollution of eroded soil by excess and deficiency of copper

96. LAZĂR C.S., COJOCARIU P., ROŞCA R. - Effect of type of potatoes planting machine over the quality indices, with reference to the distance between tubers along the row

97. LAZĂR C.S., ROŞCA R., COJOCARIU P. - Effect of type of potatoes harvesting machine over the quality indices of tested machines

98. MUSCALU Adriana, ANDREI Ana-Maria, MANEA D. - Ecological control methods against colorado beetle of potatocrops according to environmental requirements

99. TICAN N., PIRNA I., CIUPERCA R., PRUTEANU Mirabela - Technology and installation for fruit stone removal

100. VELICHI E. - Aspects en concernant l`apparition et l`évolution des agents pathogènes spécifiques (des viroses, des jaunissemnts mycosiques) aux piment doux, au piment dans les conditions climatiques de la plaine du Bărăgan (la zone Brăila)

101. VELICHI E. – La dynamique de l`apparition et de l `évolution de l`attaque des agents pathogènes specifiques aux melons dans les conditions climatiques des annés 2008 et 2009 (la zone Braila)

102. BĂDEANU Marinela, FILIPOV F. - Aspects regarding the lumbricidae fauna from the protected areas, under the conditions of the county of Neamţ

103. STOICA D. L., TEMNEANU Galea, PIRCHIU D., CANTEMIR Loredana, ICONOMU Luminiţa - The use of geographic informational systems for the management of natural protected elements

104. DELIU Ionica - Studies regarding the resistance of some bacterial strains from soil to chemical factors

105. POENARU Silvia, PREDA Silvia - Study regarding the evaluation of the attack degree of the plum pox virus (PPV) at some plum cultivars (Prunus domestica L.)

106. BĂDEANU Marinela, ŞUTEU Daniela - Considerations regarding the lumbricidae fauna (Oligochaeta- Lumbricidae) from the region of Săcuţa forest range, the county of Suceava

107. TĂLMACIU M., PĂDURARU L., TĂLMACIU NELA, HEREA MONICA - Observations on harmful species of apple orchards and prevention and control measures applied in the SA Loturi Service SRL Vaslui, Vaslui county

108. ŢUCĂ O., STAN C., MITREA I., STAN I. - The spectrum of the arthropods from the rose crops

109. MANOLIU Al., BĂLAN Mihaela, OLTEANU Zenovia, OPRICĂ Lăcrămioara, ARTENI Oana - Comparative studies on the activity of catalase in white rot fungus Phanerochaete Chrysosporium grown on media containing coniferous and deciduous sawdust

110. COSTICĂ Naela, STRATU Anişoara, COSTICĂ M. - Possible effects of discharge of waste water used by some economic agents from Roman municipality and Neamţ county

111. LAZUREANU A., ALEXA Ersilia, CUC Liana, COZMA Antoanela, SAMBOTIN Dana, ALDA S., CARCIU GH., LAZUREANU D., CRACIUNESCU A., CHISALITA I. - Monitoring of nitrogen compounds contamination of pheatic waters in the west side of Romania

112. CIOBANAŞU C. - Rehabilitation of Buzau Marghiloman park

113. DASCĂLU Doina Mira - Landscape sustainable solutions for residential pedestrian traffic regeneration

114. POP (BOANCĂ) Păuniţa, DUMITRAŞ Adelina, ILCA-SUCIU T., SABO Georgeta, SINGUREANU V., MOLDOVAN G. - Health benefits of hospitals landscape design

115. POP (BOANCĂ) Păuniţa Iuliana, DÎRJA M., DUMITRAŞ Adelina, ZAHARIA D., OROIAN I. - Bioretention - integration of rainwater management in landscape design

116. PRALEA Jeni, NEDELCU V., TEODOR-STANCIU S. - The framing of the means of conveyance into the environment landscape

117. ŞOLTUZ Elena, PRALEA Jeni - Proxemic design of urban relaxation furniture

118. RANCA Aurora, ARTEM Victoria, AISEL Galip, SAVIN C., VASILE Ancuţa, PASA Rodica - Determinig the optimal methodes of detecting counterfeit wines by adding sugar and synthesis sweeteners

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