Arhiva - 2011

Anul LIV - Vol 54

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Colectivul editorial și cuprinsul

1. GRIGORE M. N., TOMA C., IVĂNESCU Lăcrămioara - Anatomical and ecological observations on mediterranean halophytes: Suaeda Forssk. ex Scop. genus

2. GRIGORE M. N., TOMA C., BOȘCAIU Monica - Ecological notes on halophytes species from mediterranean climate

3. KABASHNIKOVA L.F, L.M. ABRAMCHIK, V.N. MAKAROV, G.E. SAVCHENKO - On characterisation of a pigment apparatus in introduced cultivars of grape in Belarus

4. ROTARU V. - Proline contents in two soybean cultivars in relation to nutrient supply under low soil moisture regime

5. VELIKSAR Sofia, TOMA S., DAVID Tatiana, TUDORACHE GH., BRATCO D., BUSUIOC Valentina - The impact of micronutrients in the protective compounds accumulation in the vine organs

6. LAZĂR (NECHITA) Adriana, LEONTE C., BURLACU (ARSENE) Madalina-Cristina - Determining the genetic diversity of commercial sunflower hybrids by RAPD analysis

7. TANASE C., STÌNGU Alina, VOLF Irina, V.I. POPA - The influence of spruce bark aqueous extract in combination with deuterium depleted water (ddw) on Glycine max L. plant

8. CĂLIN M, CHIRUȚĂ C., COJOCARU N. - Using MOODLE to build a course in applied mathematics for students in agricultural sciences

9. CĂULEȚ Raluca-Petronela, NEGREA Roxana, PAȘCU D.D., ȘFICHI-DUKE Liliana - OJIP fluorescence transient analysis - a rapid and non-invasive method to detect genotypic variations in the response to soil characteristics of raspberry and blackberry cultivars

10. GHIȚĂU Carmen-Simona SÌRBU C., HUȚANU Mariana - The contribution of alien weeds in crop infestation, at Ezăreni farm, Iași county

11. PETRUȚA Gabriela-Paula - Possibilities of stimulating the student's creativity by the study of biology

12. DUCA Maria, BUDEANU O., GROSU C. - Assesment of the cardenolide contents in some medicinal plants from moldovians spontaneous flora

13. JITĂREANU Carmen Doina, SLABU Cristina, MARTA Alina Elena, PRICOP (STAVARACHE) Elena - Echophysiological reaction of some vine varieties from Iasi, Targu Bujor and Cotnari in winter 2010-2011 conditions

14. CIORNEA Elena, TUTU Elena, COJOCARU Sabina Ioana - Preliminary studies concerning the aminoacids influence on some dehydrogenases at Monilinia laxa (Aderh. & Ruhl.) Honey parasite on plum tree

15. PRISĂCARU Cornelia, PRISĂCARU A.I., ROTARU Liliana - Evaluation of the antitoxic potential of some quercetol containing vegetal products

16. TANASE C., HAINAL Anca Roxana, IGNAT Ioana, VOLF Irina, V.I.POPA - Development of Rhodotorula yeast strain under the influence of polyphenolic compounds in the presence of copper ions

17. TROFIN Alina, ONISCU C. - The production increase for tomatoes in field crops under the influence of treatments with growth stimulators

18. TUTU Elena, CIORNEA Elena - Studies concerning the influence of trace elements on the dynamics of some biochemistry markers activity of oxidative stress at Monilinia laxa (Aderh.& Ruhl.) Honey parasite on plum trees


20. PETRESCU Lucia, COLIBABA Anca, COLIBABA S., COLIBABA Cintia - Intergenerational learning MyStory, BILFAM & ENIL

21. PETRUȚA Gabriela-Paula - Optimizing the formation of future science teachers for activating the students during lessons

22. STANCIU M. - Examples of good practices of a national trainer in the field of in-service training of teachers from pre-university level

23. DOSPINESCU Nicoleta - The efficiency of the information dissemination in agriculture area through the public relations (PR) events

24. DUMITRAȘCU Roxana Arabela, DUMITRAȘCU V. - Tusiness model dimensions and their impact on company

25. IUROAEA Gh., CHIRAN A. - Mechanisms and instruments of financial support for the agricultuire of Galați county

26. ONEA Angelica-Nicoleta - Cosmopolitan manager - reality or utopia

27. TĂTĂRUȘANU Maria - Student`s behaviour as consumer

28. DUMITRAȘCU Roxanaa Arabela, DUMITRAȘCU V. - Business models based on intellectual capital

29. IUROAEA GH., CHIRAN A. - Studies concerning results of production and economic-financial in the agriculture of Galați county

30. HURA Carmen, PERJU Cristina, MUNTEANU N., STOLERU V. - The study of organophosphorus pesticide residues in soil and vegetable products in different growing systems

31. BARBAROȘ M., BUJOREAN N., DASCĂLU N. - Optimal determination of freezing temperature of raspberry fruit in intensive culture on organic bases

32. BOTU M., GRĂDINARIU G., VICOL Adina-Cristina - Some issues of lateral bearing walnut cultivars under growing conditions in Romania

33. HOZA D., Ligia ION, A. ASĂNICĂ, F. IOSIF, M. DIACONESCU - Research regarding the influence of pruning and planting distance on the growth and fructification of some apple tree varieties with biological resistance

34. MORARIU Aliona, CĂULEȚ Raluca Petronela, DASCĂLU M. C., ȘFICHI-DUKE Liliana - Micropropagation of raspberry cultivars by terminal and lateral bud explants

35. PLOPA Catița, BUDAN S. - Study concerning in vitro propagation of cherry clonal rootstock Gisela 5

36. BERECICI D., BĂLA Maria - Choosing the assortment of Freesia hybrida cultivars, in order to obtain flowers in the season of winter-spring

37. HONCIUC C., ȚENU I. - Experiments related to preservative technologies of soil works mechanization for maize grain, effectuated at Ezăreni farm of the Agronomical University from Iași

38. HONCIUC C., ȚENU I. - Researches regarding the mechanization preservative technologies related to the soil works of the autumn corn, made within the Rediu company of the Agronomical University in Iași

39. BUTA Erzsebet, CANTOR Maria, BUTA M. - The influence of phytosanitary treatments and fertilizers upon Chrysanthemum cultivars

40. CANTOR Maria, BUTA Erzsebet - Researches on behavior of a new Hyacinthus assortment for forced culture

41. POP M.R. - Analysis in the morphological aspect and the phenotype within flowering species variability Angelica archangelica L.

42. POȘTA Daniela Sabina, HERNEA Cornelia - Research concerning the production of planting material using generative propagation on Albizzia julibrissin Durazz.

43. AMBĂRUȘ Silvica, BREZEANU P.M., BREZEANU Creola, GENG SANSHENG - Studies on the main quatitative traits of "Roșioara" - moon radish variety

44. BREZEANU Creola, ROBU T., BREZEANU P.M., AMBĂRUȘ Silvica, CALIN Maria, CRISTEA Tina Oana, GENG SANSHENG - Studies on the potential culture of species Phaseolus aureus

45. BREZEANU P. M., MUNTEANU N., BREZEANU Creola, AMBĂRUȘ Silvica - Screening of tomatoes germplasm cultivated in Romania in ecological system culture

46. CĂLIN Maria, CRISTEA Tina Oana, BĂDULESCU Liliana, AMBĂRUȘ Silvica, BREZEANU Creola, BREZEANU P. M., BARBU Iuliana, BARBU Diana, AVASILOAIEI D. I. - Study of fruit quality in pepper cultivated in conventional and organic agriculture

47. DRĂGHICIOIU P., BERAR V. - Researches concerning the quality of lettuce cultivated in greenhouse and fertilized with natural products

48. PĂDURARIU Eugenia Anca, MUNTEANU N., BULGARIU D., PODARU Doina Maria, HOBINCU Marlena - Comparativ study on the heavy metals pollution in conventional and ecological vegetable crops

49. PODARU Doina Maria, MUNTEANU N., BIREESCU L., PĂDURARIU Eugenia Anca, HOBINCU Marlena - Results on the efective trophicity of a vegetable used soil by the ecopedological matrix

50. STOLERU V., MUNTEANU N., STOLERU Carmen, VAVILOV Mihaela - Comparative behaviour for a new sweet pepper assortment for polytunnel, in Târgu Frumos area

51. STOLERU V., MUNTEANU N., HURA Carmen, PERJU Cristina - The study of organochlorine pesticide residues in soil and vegetables in different growing systems

52. VÎNĂTORU C., NEICU-TEODORESCU Eliza, GÎTIN Liliana - New achievements regarding sweet pepper breeding (Capsicum annuum L.) obtained at V.R.D.S. Buzău

53. BRÎNZĂ Maria, PANEA Teodora, CĂULEȚ Raluca, GRĂDINARIU G. - Influence of some ecological products on anatomo-morphological changes in grafting coalescence at pear and plum fruit trees

54. BRÌNZĂ Maria, GRĂDINARIU G., MORARIU Aliona, CIOBOTARI G. - Aspects regarding grafting incompatibility on some cultivars of plum

55. BALAN V., VĂMĂȘESCU S. - Intensive apple plantation productivity in function of foliar fertilization application

56. CĂULEȚ Raluca-Petronela, GRĂDINARIU G., DASCĂLU M., ȘFICHI-DUKE Liliana - Studies on the diurnal changes in photosynthetic process at some Fragaria vesca cultivars

57. CIMPOIEȘ GH., POPA S., MANZIUC V., POPA I. - Productivity of apple trees in V-system orchard

58. IORDĂNESCU Olimpia Alina, MICU Roxana Elena, ALEXA Ersilia, MIHUȚ Casiana - Study of the agricultural technologies impact upon the quality index of Jonathan apples in conditions of Timisoara

59. MICULSCHI Cristina, GRĂDINARIU G., ISTRATE M. - Raspberry flowers to organogenesis in climatic conditions from Northeastern Romania

60. POP M. R., SAND Camelia, BOBIȚ Dana, ANTOFIE Mihaela, BARBU H., PĂȘCANUȚ I., CIORTEA G., BLAJ R., MUNTEAN L., SAVATTI M. - Establishment mode and time of cutting of lavender plants for regeneration to obtain the best features of decorative and volatile oil production

61. CRISTEA Tina Oana, PRISECARU Maria, CĂLIN Maria, BREZEANU Creola, BREZEANU M., AVASILOAIEI I. - Screening the influence of temperature as stress factor in the orientation of morphogenetic reaction of Brassica oleracea anthers cultivated in vitro

62. CĂLUGĂR Anamaria, POP Nastasia, ILIESCU MARIA, BABES ANCA, BUNEA C. - Study on the precocity indexes during the annual growth cycle of grapevine, in Blaj wine-growig center, Târnave vineyard

63. CORBEAN D., POP NASTASIA, BABEȘ ANCA, CĂLUGĂR ANAMARIA, MOLDOVAN S.D. - The influence of parrafin type on main characters regarding grafted vinew quality, at S.C. Jidvei SRL, Târnave vineyard

64. PETREA Gabriela, ROTARU Liliana - Phylogenetic relation of the romanian native varieties of grapes by DNA analysis

65. SAVIN Gh. - Table grapevine assortment in Republic of Moldova: actual situation and perspectives for amelioration

66. BALANUȚĂ A., MUSTEAȚĂ G., GHERCIU-MUSTEAȚĂ Lidia - Evolution of poliphenolic complex of wines during aging in contact with oak wood

67. MORARU I., NICULAUA M., COTEA V.V., MĂLUȚAN G., GEORGESCU O. - Studies on the quantity of tannins in some red wines obtained through different macerationfermentation technologies in Iasi vineyard

68. MUSTEAȚĂ G., BALANUȚĂ A., GHERCIU-MUSTEAȚĂ Lidia, SIRGHI C., PASCOVSKII D. - Intensification of the process extraction during red wine producing technologie

69. VASILE Ancuța, COTEA V.V., SAVIN C., PAȘA Rodica, NECHITA B., NICULAUA M. - Preliminary characterization of polyphenolic extracts from grape seeds

70. ANGHEL Roxana Mihaela - Studies regarding the chitosan film protection of apples so as to maintain their quality in the frigorific storehouses

71. ANGHEL Roxana Mihaela - Studies regarding the carboxymethyl cellulose film protection of apples so as to maintain their quality in the frigorific storehouses

72. BOSOI Marioara, GH. MIHU, BOSOI Ionica, STOIAN Ileana - Ampelometric study of native grapevine varieties by Cluster analysis method

73. CĂLUGĂR Anamaria, POP Nastasia, ILIESCU Maria, BABES Anca, BUNEA C. - Biometric determination on canopy at some grape varieties created at R.D.S.V.V. Blaj, in Târnave vineyard

74. CORBEAN D., POP Nastasia, BABEȘ Anca, CĂLUGĂR Anamaria, BUNEA C., MOLDOVAN S.D. - Research regarding the influence of rooting subtrate in fertile pots on yield of grafted vines, at S.C. Jidvei S.R.L, Târnave vineyard

75. COȚOVANU Roxana, ROTARU Liliana - The ampelographic collection belonging to the Faculty of Horticulture Iași, as viticultural source of germplasm

76. DAMIAN Doina, VASILE Ancuța, ZALDEA Gabi, SAVIN C., PAȘA Rodica - Differentiation of grape vine varieties from SCDVV Iasi gene bank by using the main component study method

77. DAMIAN Doina, VASILE Ancuța, ZALDEA Gabi, SAVIN C., PAȘA Rodica - Use of Cluster method for the differentiation of grapevine genotypes from SCDVV Iasi gene bank

78. DONICI Alina, SIMION Cristina - Study of the morphological variability of indigenous vine varieties by using variational statistics in the climatic conditions of vineyards Dealu Bujorului

79. PETREA T. M., ROTARU Liliana, ANDOR I. - The influence of lenght pruning elements on the quantity and quality of Fetească Neagră grapevine variety cultivated in Cotnari vineyard

80. ROTARU Liliana, MUSTEA M., NECHITA B. - La valeur agrobiologique et technologique du nouvelles creations pour raisins de table dans le vignoble de Iasi

81. ZALDEA Gabi, DAMIAN Doina, VASILE Ancuța, SAVIN C., PAȘA Rodica - Upgrading the technology of cultivating gelu and Paula table grapes in accordance with the requirements of eurepgap quality system

82. BÎRLIGA N., CIUBUCĂ A. - L'influence du sulfitage sur la fermentation malolactique des vins rouges de qualite du vignoble Dealul Bujorului

83. GEORGESCU O., COTEA V.V., ZAMFIR C. I., NECHITA C. B., COLIBABA Cintia, NICULAUA M. - Aspects regarding the technology and characteristics of blanc de noir wines obtained from Băbească Neagră black grapes variety

84. GHERGHINĂ Nicoleta, COTEA V.V., GEORGESCU O., COLIBABA Cintia, NICULAUA M. - Aspects regarding the influence of gelatin treatment on the physical-chemical composition of wines produced in the Cotnari vineyard

85. MOGÎRZAN (CONDORACHI) Petronela Cristina, V.V. COTEA, I. CONDORACHI, M. NICULAUA - Tannin correction used for obtaining wines from Iași vineyard

86. MOLDOVAN D. I., ȚÂRDEA C., NICOLAU Laura - Contributions to the determination of pyrazinic flavours in Sauvignon blanc wine ± Blaj viticultural centre, Tarnave vineyard

87. VASILE Ancuța, COTEA V.V., SAVIN C., PAȘA Rodica, NECHITA B., TUCALIUC Roxana - Studies on the improvement of anthocyanin extraction from grape skins

88. BULEA Delia, ȘPAC A. F., DORNEANU V. - HPLC determination of ochratoxin a in bread and corn flour

89. SÎRBU Sorina, BECEANU D., NICULAUA M., ANGHEL Roxana Mihaela, IUREA Elena - Fruit's physico-chemical characteristics of two bitter cherry cultivars

90. HUȚANU C. - The cadastral changes that occurred in time over the parcels of the vineyard unit Vinifruct Copou company-limitrophe to the inside of the city of Iasi

91. MOCA V., ONIGA Valeria Ersilia - The adoption of some local stereographic projections in the general cadastre work from geographically extreme localities of Romania

92. RADU O., FILIPOV F. - Soil water dynamic and distribution when using bleeding irrigation on moderate slopes in the hilly plain of Jijia

93. ȚENU I., COJOCARIU P., BERCOVICI C., ROȘCA R., CÂRLESCU P. - Research concerning the design and testing of a laboratory rig for the study of the wheel-soil interaction

94. CONTOMAN Maria, PALADE A.R. - Researches concerning the suitability of vine production on some lands from side of the Covurlui hills

95. BUTNARU C.L. - Research regarding the impact of agricultural machines traffic on some physical properties of the soil at corn crop

96. GROSU I. - Research regarding determination of working indexes for TRC 150 chopping machine

97. GROSU I. - Aspects regarding the impact of technologic works on a soil from a vineyard in Viterbo region, Italy

98. BRAȚCO D., LEMANOVA N. - Biological control of grape crown gall

99. LĂZUREANU A., NEGREA Monica, ALEXA Ersila, ALDA S., CARCIU GH., LĂZUREANU D., CRĂCIUNESCU A., CHISĂLIȚĂ I. - Monitoring of metals accumulation (Cu, Cd, Fe and Zn) in leafy vegetables sampled from private producers in the western part of Romania

100. LEAH Tamara - The content of heavy metals and pesticide residues in soils of monitoring polygons

101. BĂDEANU Marinela, ȘUTEU Daniela - Seasonal dynamic of earthworms of Eisenia foetida (Savigny-1826) (Olighochaeta- Lumbricidae), in a manure heap, in the field

102. BEȘLEAGĂ Ramona, CÎRDEI E., TĂLMACIU M. - Results on the effectiveness of new insecticides in major pests of apple

103. ȘERBAN Cecilia - The structure of coreoids communities (Insecta, Heteroptera, Coreoidea) within anthropized meadows in the lower basin of the Siret river

104. BĂLAN Mihaela, CRISTICA Mihaela, BARBĂNEAGRĂ Tamara, MANOLIU Al. - The analysis of cellulases and lignin peroxidase activity in Phanerochaete chrysosporium grown on media with fir and beech sawdust under the influence of some trace elements

105. ACATRINEI Ligia, CIORNEI C. - Ecophysiological aspects of Quercus petraea in forest ecosystems from Trotus valley (Bacau county) under chemical pollution and defoliating insects action

106. MĂCIUCĂ Anca, LUPAȘTEAN Daniela - Wood energy potential at regional level in Romania, in european context

107. TRINCĂ Lucia Carmen, VOLF Mariana, AVARVAREI I., BIANU Elisabeta, CĂPRARU Mirela Adina - Comments concerning selenium content variation in some plants and feed products from Iasi area

108. CHIRIAC H.-C. - Aesthetics and science in knowledge society: the cultural adventure of scientific imaginary

109. DOBRESCU Elisabeta, GEORGESCU Mihaela, DUMITRAȘCU Monica, STANESCU Anca, EL SHAMALI Salma - Research on reinforcing planted embankments - association of geosynthetic materials with the vegetal material

110. PRALEA Jeni, BALAN I. C. - Traditional ecological joints used in modern furniture concepts

111. PURCARU (GRECU) Codrina - Natural ventilation evolution and influence on built landscape

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