Arhiva - 2007

Anul L - Vol 50

Colectivul editorial și cuprinsul

1. CĂUȘ Maria - The expression of glutamine synthetase activity in soybean nodules

2. KABASHNIKOVA L.F., SAVCHENKO G.E., ABRAMCHIK L.M., PSHYBYTKO N.L - Effects of respiration and photosynthesis inhibitors on the structure and function of barley chloroplast and mitochondria under heat shock

3. TOMA S., TUDORACHE Gh., VELIKSAR Sofia, POPOVICI Ana - Physiological aspects of the Vitis vinifera L. Foliar treatment by the complex of trace elements

4. CHIRIAC Gh., SAVIN Gh., SMEREA Svetlana - Embryo rescue in seedless genotypes

5. PĂDUREANU Silvica - Anomalies occurring during the pollen germination process at some Vitaceae

6. PĂDUREANU Silvica - Cytological variability of pollen germination at Ampelopsis brevipedunculata (maxim.) Trautv.

7. POPA Ana – Maria, TRIFAN Daniela - Citogenetic effects induced by treatment with citric acid on Picea abies L.

8. TRIFAN Daniela, POPA Ana-Maria - Studies concerning some french bean cultivars (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) tolerance to the bean weevil (Acanthoscelides obtectus Say) attack in storage condition

9. UNGUREANU Elena, DUMITRU Mariana, NEDELCU TEODORESCU Gabriela - Aspects concerning the achievement of some adhesive systems by means of the furfuryl alcohol and some furan resins

10. UNGUREANU Elena, DUMITRU Mariana, NEDELCU TEODORESCU Gabriela - Aspects concerning the evolution of the bean plants under the influence of some composite structures incorporated into the soil

11. ALDEA Florica, POP Ioana, STANCA Liana, MICULA Maria - The least squares method applied to the life science models

12. CĂLIN M., CHIRUȚĂ C., FILIPOV F. - Integrating multi-disciplinary research through academic GRID Computing

13. POP Ioana, ALDEA Florica, MICULA Maria - Data security

14. BURDUJAN I. - About a competition-colonization mathematical model

15. BURDUJAN I. - Populations in competition

16. BARBAROŞ Nadejda - Influence of investments on the gross domestic product from agrarian and food sector of Republic of Moldova

17. COFARI Adriana, FUNAR Sabina - The presence of horticultural products in the Romanian supermarkets

18. PETRUŢA Gabriela Paula - Possibilities of carrying out ecological education in Piteşti city

19. PETRUŢA Gabriela Paula - Methodical aspects of the use of combined empirio-sociocentric and empirio-psychocentric models of education within the biology lessons

20. STANCIU M. - The collegiate curriculum designing centered on competences

21. DIACONU C. - The limitation of the budgetary bonds

22. DIACONU C. - The monthly support stipulated by Law no. 578/2004-a legal benefit for the survivor spouse

23. DIACONU C., DIACONU Ancuţa-Irina - The acceptance and the repudiation of the legacis

24. DIACONU Ancuţa-Irina - The practicing of a suit concerning the nullity of the will and the elimination of the negative effects of this sanction

25. DUMITRESCU Diana, PAHONE Carmen-Luiza - Comptes de patrimoine – part intégrante du SCN

26. HAMUREAC S., GÎNDU Elena, CHIRAN A. - Some aspects regarding the legislation and management of ecological farms in agriculture

27. MORARIU Alunica, CONDREA P., BOSTAN I. - The principles of modernizing public administration in france and their efficiency

28. MORARU Alunica, BOSTAN I., CONDREA P. - European perspectives on the public office

29. MORARIU Alunica, CONDREA P., BOSTAN I. - Trends of the romanian economic growth in the EU environment

30. PAHONE Carmen Luiza, DUMITRESCU Diana - Enterprise in hardness and the errors leading to the bankruptcy

31. PETREA Elena - La contribution de Constantin Negruzzi au processus de neologisation du Roumain (la terminologie botanique)

32. GOSTIN Irina, NISTOR Adriana - Histo-anatomical peculiarities of vegetative organs of Phlomis tuberosa from David’s valley reservation Iasi

33. IFRIM Camelia - Considerations upon some taxa from Poaceae family

34. ACATRINEI Ligia - Sugars metabolism under pesticides treatments and pest attacks in grapevine varieties at Cotnari vineyard

35. BALAUR N., MERENIUC Lilia, CAUŞ Maria - The hardening influence of Triticum aestivum L. plants on the mesostructure of photosynthetic apparatus

36. BALAUR N., CAUŞ Maria - Photorespiration of c-3 plants in relation to soil humidity and productivity level

37. CHIRILOV A., TOMA S., HARCIUC O., BAŞTOVAIA S., COZMIC R., CLEIMAN E. - Two consecutive phases of water status modification in plants leaves under action of low temperatures

38. DAVID Ivona, ILIESCU Nicoleta, DIMONU Martha - Research about assimilation surface for some maize hybrids

39. DINU Savca - Clones selection of autochthon selected vine varieties

40. VǍTAVU Roxana, LEONTE C. - Studies on influence of some mutagen agents on the germination of seeds and plantlet growth with the Calendula officinalis L. species

41. SFICHI Liliana, MORARIU Aliona, LEFORT F., ROUBELAKI-ANGELAKI K. A. - Identification of grapevine cultivars using microsattelite markers

42. BIRON Ramona Cristina, HEGHEDŰŞ-MÎNDRU G., JIANU C., JIANU I. - The assessment of total polyphenols and flavonoids content in propolis extract (aqueous and ethanolic)

43. OPREA Cristiana, MIHUL Al., PARAIPAN Mihaela - PCA statistical analysis in the geochemical studies in Danube delta

44. TROFIN Alina - Comparative study regarding the effect of two growth stimulators on production and some biochemical parameters at tomato fruits

45. GIOSANU Daniela - The morphological characteristics of merlot plantlets treated laser

46. OANCEA Servilia, FOCA N., AIRINEI A. - Effects of lead on the plant growth and photosynthetic activity

47. OANCEA Servilia, FOCA N., AIRINEI A., MOTRESCU Iuliana - Comparative effects of Fe2+ and Fe3+ on the plant growth

48. BARBĂU Irina-Anda, MURARIU Cornelia, GÎNDU Elena, Chiran A. - Étude sociologique concernant l’analyse de la conduite des consommateurs du vin du district de Vaslui

49. BOSTAN I., MORARIU Alunica, BURCIU A. - Danish fiscal system

50. BOSTAN I., ANDRONIC B., MORARIU Alunica, BURCIU A. - Governmental debt management and budget deficit financing

51. BREZULEANU S., MELINTE I., BREZULEANU Carmen Olguţa - Studies regarding the vegetal production in the Zeletin basin, the county of Bacău

52. BULIGA Z., COSMIN Popa - The financial accountant management of the agro-alimentary entreprises

53. BULIGA Z., COSMIN Popa - Procedures regarding the control of the European communitary funds

54. BURCIU A., MORARIU Alunica, BOSTAN I., ANDRONIC B. - An approach focus on Dutch fiscal system

55. CIURARIU Gabriela - Aspects on the financing of company

56. CIURARIU Gabriela - Tax aspects of fusions and acquisitions of companies

57. DONOSA D. - Aspects of microcrediting in Romania

58. EPURE T., BURCIU A., MORARIU Alunica, BOSTAN I. - Institutional public finance Romanian system

59. IAŢCO C., BREZULEANU S. - Financial control – concept and functions

60. IAŢCO C. - External public financial control in public institutions

61. IGNAT Gabriela - The revaluation optimizing of vine products on assortments at Cotnari society Iasi

62. NEICĂ Mihaela - Agrarian relations and their evolution after the union of the principalities

63. NEICĂ Mihaela - The appearance of cooperative movement in Europe and its insight in Romania

64. ROŞCA C. - Apple marketing in the condition of the Suceava hills

65. AVARVAREI Simona Catrinel - A Yin-Yang approach to the Victorian gardens and gardening

66. PÂNZARU Olga - Some considerations concerning biorhetorics

67. PÂNZARU Olga - Spatial semiological structures (I)

68. AXINTI Nicoleta, DUMITRU Manuela - The behaviour of onion culture sowed directly to the adhibition different formulae of herbicides about local spectre of weeds from Vanatori zone, Galati county

69. MOIGRADEAN Diana, LAZUREANU A., POIANA Mariana-Atena, HARMANESCU Monica, BORDEAN Despina-Maria, GERGEN I. - PK soil content modifications and the tomatoes production fertilization effect

70. TRIFAN Daniela, POPA Ana-Maria - Reserches of biometric characteristics of lettuce plants (Lactuca sativa L.) grown at different rates of nitrogen fertilization

71. BARBAROŞ M., CIMPOIEŞ Gh. - Berry species varieties classification on growth and productivity indicators

72. BARBAROŞ M., CIMPOIEŞ Gh. - Improvement perspectives for intensive Black currant culture technology in Republic of Moldova

73. CÂRDEI E., CORNEANU G., HUMĂ Ramona - Echnological and economic results in apple culture

74. PETRE L., IUREA Elena, SÎRBU Sorina - Contribution of SCDP Iaşi to the amelioration of the sweet cherry, sour cherry and walnut assortment

75. PETRE L., SÎRBU Sorina, IUREA Elena - The physical, chemical and technological features of fruits at sweet cherry cultivars and hybrid elites created at Fruit Growing Development Station Iaşi – Romania

76. PEŞTEANU A. - The planting material- is a decisive factor for obtaining the first harvests

77. RADUCANESCU C., CIOBOTARI G,. MORARIU A., GRADINARIU G. - Seasonal dynamics of nitrogenous content on some seedling cultivars of fruit trees

78. SAVA Parascovia - Etude apropos de la qualite des fruits et la productivite de quelques varietes du framboisier

79. VENIG Aurora - Results concerning deportment of peach and almond varieties on slopes in N-V country

80. VENIG Aurora - Research on the new parent stocks’ selection for the peach species

81. VRABIE A. - The usage of new american strawberry varieties in republic of Moldova in open field

82. DONICI Alina, ENACHE Viorica, SIMION Cristina - Aspects concerning climatic changes influence on vine vegetative phenological phase in ,,Dealu Bujorului,, vineyard

83. HORŞIA Claudia Adriana, ŢÂRDEA C-tin - Production des vins blancs de qualite a appellation d’origine controlee dans le centre viticole Jidvei – vignoble de Târnave

84. IRIMIA L., ŢÂRDEA C., NICULAUA M., ROTARU Liliana - Influence of canopy on must and wine quality in the Zweigelt variety

85. MURSA D., ŢARDEA C.- Research on the root system of red wine varieties grafted on various rootstocks in Cozmeşti viticultural center of Huşi vineyard

86. TUDOR O., DINU S. - Floricica -new grape variety for white wine

87. SAVU Georgeta Mihaela, STROE Marinela Vicuţa - The winegrowing region of the Dobrogea hills characterization reagarding multicriterial climatic classification (M.C.C.)

88. STOICA Mihaiela-Carmen, STOICA G, VASILE Ancuţa, ZALDEA Gabi - Evaluation of the biological decline phenomenon of the vine plantations in the N-E of Moldavia

89. VASILE Ancuta, SAVIN C., DAMIAN Doina, ZALDEA Gabi - The influence of climatic factors in the vineyard in N-E of Moldavia, during 2001 – 2007

90. CIUBUCĂ A., POSTOLACHE Elena, BIRLIGA N., E. INDREICA, DOBRESCU Octavia - The influence in the utilization of the system for clearing the must by floatation about the quality of wine

91. LAMBAN Carmen - Determination of the rooting percentage for the species Salix babylonica (weeping willow)

92. DASCĂLU Doina Mira - The urban landscape and the landscape urban culture

93. CRISTEA Tina Oana, AMBĂRUŞ Silvica, FALTICEANU Marcela, PRISECARU Maria - Studies concerning the utilisation of “in vitro” micropropagation in the conservation process of some valuable genotypes of pepper - Capsicum anuum L.

94. FĂLTICEANU Marcela, CRISTEA Tina Oana, BURZO I., AMBĂRUŞ Silvia, POPA Camelia Mihaela - Studies regarding the quantitative and qualitative characteristics at the multiple uses specie Salvia sclarea L., in the biologic cultivation conditions from V.R.D.S. Bacau

95. MUNTEANU N., POPA Lorena – Diana, STOLERU V. - On the agrobiological value of some local population of runner bean (Phaseolus coccineus L.)

96. MUNTEANU N., POPA Lorena – Diana, TELIBAN G.C. - Suitability of Phaseolus coccineus L. species for cultivation in sustainable agriculture systems

97. MUNTEANU N., STOLERU V., STAN T., STOLERU Carmen-Maria1, ALDESCU Teodora - The perspectives of organic agriculture in Romania

98. PĂDURARU E., STAN N., MIHAI C.V., NANEA Camelia, VOLF Mariana - Practical aspects regarding the evolution of some biometrical parameters at some new comparative large-pepper crop, depending on leaf and mineral fertilization, cultivated in vegetation vessels system –Iaşi area

99. PĂDURARU E., STAN C., STAN N., MUNTEANU N. - Practical aspects regarding the use of non-woven textiles as mulching materials for a comparative sweet pepper crop (Capsicum annuum L.)

100. PRICOPE Maria, STAN N. - The influence on HK – 35 Pleurotus mushrooms production of different thermal treatments (sterilization and pasteurization) applied on substrate

101. PRICOPE Maria, STAN N. - Influence of four spawn rates on HK35 pleurotus mushroom yield and days to production

102. VASIESCU Realta, MICU Lavinia - Aspects regarding the efficiency the herbicides and chemical fertilisers on yield increase and on weed control for the tomato crops Roxana, in the 2006 year

103. BALAN V., I. BURBULEA, Veronica PALANCIUC - Development and trend of fruit growing in Moldova Republic

104. BOTU I., BOTU M., PREDA Silvia, ACHIM Gh., GIORGOTA Andreea - The ecological favourability of Oltenia micro areas to supply the competitivity of fruits growing products

105. BUDAN S., BUTAC Mădălina, PLOPA Catiţa - Overview of the recent studies regarding identification of the less susceptible plum genotypes to plum pox virus field infection

106. CICHI M., CICHI Daniela, RADU MILITARU Luminita, CAPRUCIU Ramona - The interaction of genotype and environmental factors for almond species cultivated on sands in Oltenia region

107. COSAC Aurelia Corina, FRASIN Loredana Beatrice Differentiation stage as part of “in vitro” multiplication for quince

108. COSAC Aurelia Corina, FRASIN Loredana Beatrice - The influence of culture’s medium on quince explants callus

109. CUJBĂ Monica, GRĂDINARIU G., CORNEANU G., HUMĂ Ramona - Aspects concerning the worldwide apple market for the International Congress INTERPOMA 2006

110. JAMBA Evanoghen - Quality and preservation capacity of apple varieties introduced in Moldavia

111. PEŞTEANU A. - Perspectives in the efficient utilization of the investments for the apples production

112. STACHOWIAK Al., ŚWIERCZYNSKI S. - The influence of production technology on the growth of apple fruit trees in a nursery

113. STACHOWIAK Al., ŚWIERCZYNSKI S. - The nursery usefulness of selected rootstocks for the production of maiden peach trees

114. ŚWIERCZYŃSKI S., STACHOWIAK Al. - Growth and yielding of five cultivars of sour cherry trees on different rootstocks in orchard

115. ŚWIERCZYŃSKI S., STACHOWIAK Al. - The influence of rootstocks and cultivars on efficiency, growth and quality of maiden plum trees in a nursery

116. ZLATI Cristina, GRĂDINARIU G. - Study upon some physiological processes in scion-rootstock association at four pear varieties and its correlations with compatibility

117. ZLATI Cristina, CIREAŞĂ V., GRĂDINARIU G. - Researches regarding the influence of some physiological processes upon scion-rootstock association at four plum varieties

118. BOSOI Marioara, PODOSU Aurelia, Ileana STOIAN, BOSOI Ionica, MIRON Lacramioara, MIHU Gh., V. BRATU - The influence of pruning systems on the production level of feteasca neagra 7 Od. clone from the conditions of the vineyard Odobesti

119. BRINDUSE Elena, ION M., IONESCU Mariana, M. TOMESCU - Regeneration of grapevine plants from foliary explants under in vitro culture conditions

120. BRINDUSE Elena, ION M., IONESCU Mariana, PORUMB Roxana - Preservation of the grapevine explants on media added with osmotic inhibitors

121. ENACHE Viorica - Aspects regarding antropic factor involvement about erosional development fighting process on wine-growing fields in context of a durable agriculture

122. ENACHE Viorica - Researches regarding the tendency in some climatic factors evolusion from south Moldavia hilly region with reference to viticultural plantation

123. HORŞIA R.C., ROTARU Liliana - Contributions to the study of the agrobiological and technological value of the varieties Fetească regală and Riesling italian in the viticultural centre of Jidvei Târnave vineyard

124. ION M., BRÎNDUŞE Elena, ŞERDINESCU A., PÂRCĂLABU Liliana - Rootstock influence on the well balanced vegetative and yielding capacity of Merlot grape variety grown in Valea Calugareasca viticultural centre

125. ION M., BRÎNDUŞE Elena, ŞERDINESCU A., PÂRCĂLABU Liliana - Root system architecture of merlot variety grafted on different rootstocks and grown under the pedoclimatic conditions of Valea Calugareasca viticultural center

126. IRIMIA L., ‚ŢÂRDEA C., ROTARU Liliana - Research regarding the interdependence between the quantity and the quality of the yield, for the grapevine varieties grown in the Avereşti wine-growing centre - Huşi vineyard

127. MUSTEA M., BIREESCU Geanina, BIREESCU L., ROTARU Liliana, DORNEANU Emilia, DORNEANU A. - The foliar fertilization, unconventional and nonpollutant manner of increasing the production of grapes in the durable viticulture

128. ROTARU Liliana - The identification of clones wine varieties by enzymatic analysis

129. ROTARU Liliana, FILIPOV F. - The architectonic of radicular system at few grapevine varieties cultivated in Iaşi vineyard on some soil types

130. SAVIN C., VASILE Ancuţa, PAŞA Rodica, DAMIAN Doina - Extraction, under static conditions, by means of ethanol of vegetal compounds from the Vitis vinifera seeds

131. SAVIN C., ZALDEA Gabi, VASILE Ancuţa - Results regarding the testing of some the conduction forms of vine for the period of 2002 – 2006 in SCDVV Iasi

132. STAMATE C., ŢARDEA C. - L’isolement et l’identification du microbiote levurien et bacterien sur les varietes de raisins du centre viticole Blaj-les vignobles de Tarnave (IIe partie)

133. STROE Marinela Vicuţa, SAVU Georgeta Mihaela - The morfological variability of three clonal selections of the Pinot noir cultivar established using some new means for processing of ampelometric data

134. VOICULESCU I., PÂRCĂLABU Liliana, MAN Aurelia - The efficyency and selectyvity of herbicide Oxyfluorfen in weed control in the vine plantations, in the vineyard – Dealu Mare

135. FOTESCU Laura-Ruxandra, TUDORACHE Aurelia - An approach of the management system concerning the quality of wine production

136. LIŢA (MIHAI) Constanţa, ANTOCE Oana Arina, NĂMOLOŞANU I, GHEORGHE (PELTEA) Emanuela - Calorimetric studies regarding development of some yeast selected in the presence of the pollutant CuSO4

137. POIANA Mariana-Atena, MOIGRĂDEAN Diana, RINOVETZ Al. - Establishing of red wines quality obtained in Recas and Minis vineyard on the basis of antioxidant and chromatic characteristics

138. VIZITEU G., SIMIONESCU Mihaela, ANDOR I., ATODIRESEI N. - Scientific contribution regarding malolactic fermentation with selected comercial bacteria strain for some wine from Cotnari vineyard

139. VIZITEU G., SIMIONESCU Mihaela, ATODIRESEI N. - Research regarding spontaneous and induced alcoholic fermentation with selected yeast strains for some wine from Cotnari vineyard

140. ANGHEL Roxana Mihaela - Phytopathological aspects witnessed during storage at apple fruits preventively treated under ecological conditions (III)

141. BECEANU D. - Non-destructive methods to evaluate the physical-chemical properties of fruits and vegetables

142. BECEANU, D., ANGHEL Roxana Mihaela - Exotic horticultural products fresh and processed traded in Iasi

143. NECHITA Diana - Concentration of fruit juices

144. POPA Viorica- Mirela, POIANĂ Mariana-Atena, MOIGRĂDEAN Diana, RABA Diana- Nicoleta, JIANU I. - The assessment of phisico-chemical characteristics some antraditionale oils types

145. RABA Diana Nicoleta, GERGEN I., MOIGRĂDEAN Diana, POPAMirela - Study concerning metals concentration in some assortment of biscuits

146. SÎRBU Sorina, BECEANU D., CORNEANU G., CORNEANU Margareta, PETRE L. - Considerations concerning the quality criteria of the sweet cherries destined for industrial processing

147. SICORA F.- Harvesting the cut flowers

148. CANTOR Maria, DUMITRAŞ Adelina, ZAHARIA D., POP Rodica, ZAHARIA A., POP Ioana, FIŢIU A. - Identification and monitoring of the ornamental species from usamv cluj-napoca collection recommended for landscaping

149. CRISTEA Tina Oana, FALTICEANU Marcela, PRISECARU Maria - Improved method for the “in vitro” regeneration of true to type plants of Pelargonium peltatum L.

150. ZAMFIR VÂŞCĂ Diana, DULGHERU C. - Substrate influence on the rooting and roots quality on Mammillaria elongata plants obtained from cuttings

151. ZAHARIA A., ZAHARIA D., CANTOR Maria, DUMITRAŞ Adelina - Research regarding the diversification of the methods of breeding of some of the species of Sempervivum

152. SANDU Tatiana - Aspects regarding the situation of agreement areas from inside and outside Iaşi city

153. SANDU Tatiana, TROFIN Alina, BADEANU Marinela, PĂDURARU E., BERNARDIS R., DASCĂLU M. - Observations regarding the forestry monitoring activity in Vaduri-Neamţ forest ward

154. CIOBANASU C. - Fruit trees in public areas

155. STAN C., SANDU Tatiana, PĂDURARU E. - Generalities concerning mulching in landscape architecture

156. MACIUCA Anca, TOMESCU C. V. - Les écoquartiers – modalité du développement durable des villes

157. STOLERU V., MUNTEANU N., STAN N., STAN C., STOLERU Carmen - The influence of organic fertilization on tomato yield produced in polytunnels in ecological system

158. AXINTI Nicoleta, DUMITRU Manuela - Study about some kinds of spring two-row barley cultivated in the plain of Braila between 2004 - 2006 referring to the main indexes of quality being important for the malt production

159. FILIPOV F., TOMIŢĂ O. - Criteria for identifying and drawing on plans soil heterogeneity from terraced platforms

160. CISMARU C., GABOR V., MARCOIE N., TARAN I., VĂLEANU C. - Technologies for precision irrigation in hoticulture

161. GABOR V., CISMARU C., MARCOIE N., SCRIPCARIU D., TARAN I., ATANASIE M. - Efficiency of some measure to reduce energy and water demands for irrigation, in arrangements from Prut river basin

162. MAFTEI Carmen, BUTA C. - Analyse de la variation de L’humidité d’un sol brun luvique

163. RADU O. - Evolution of the geometric and hydraulic parameters of the channels of the Rotopăneşti-Rădăşenifântâna mare drying-draining system of Suceava county, after 27 years of operation

164. DINU Gabriela - Aspects sur le colmatage des retenues

165. DINU Gabriela - Utilisation de l΄analyse fréquentielle pour solutionner quelques problèmes en hydrologie

166. COZMEI Elena - Micromycetes present on cereal seeds from storage and theire effect on quality decrease of the products

167. COZMEI Elena, DROBOTĂ I. - Micromycetes parasitic and saprophytic on Glycine hispida (Mnch.) Max.

168. IACOB Viorica, ULEA E., DROBOTĂ I. - New parasitic and saprophytic micromycetes on cultivated horticultural plants from Moldavia

169. VELICHI E. - Aspects en concernant la prévention et le combat de l`attaque du champignon pseudoperonospora cubensis, qui produit le mildiou des cucurbitacées, au melon, dans les conditions de la plaine Baragan pendant les années 2003 et 2004

170. FRĂSIN Loredana Beatrice, COSAC Aurelia Corina - Establishment of the optimum moments for treatments applying against the Cydia funebrana Tr.( lepidoptera, tortricidae) pest in the climatic conditions of Dâmboviţa county in the years 2005-2006

171. ROSCA R., CAZACU D., CLIM Carmen - Comparative analisys of Two tire wheel traction models

172. ANTON Iulia, DORNEANU A., DANA Daniela, SOARE Maria, ŞTEFĂNESCU Daniela, OPRICĂ Ioana - The influence of some unconventional fertilization methods on bell-pepper crop In the protected space

173. MIHAI C.V., AVARVAREI I., NANEA Camelia, PĂDURARU E., VOLF Mariana, MIHAI Ana Maria - The influence of leaf and root fertilization on some valuable large-pepper crop production, cultivated in vegetation vessels system

174. MIHAI C.V., AVARVAREI I., NANEA Camelia, MIHAI Ana Maria - The determination of allelopathic effect of the compost made from mushrooms cultivation substratum, on fighting the main herbage and fungus from sunflower fields

175. NANEA Camelia - Influence of leaf and mineral fertilization on grape vine production in Copou Iaşi vineyard specifics conditions

176. NANEA Camelia - Aspects regarding the influence of leaf and mineral fertilization on grapes quality characteristics as part of Copou-Iaşi vineyard

177. NEGREA Monica, LAZUREANU A., ALEXA Ersilia, COZMA Antoanela - The monitoring of nitrogen compounds content in the horticultural products from the Timis county

178. SOARE Maria, DANA Daniela, ŞTEFANESCU Daniela, ANTON Iulia - Results concerning the possibility of determining by chemical analysis the penetration of nutrient elements foliarly applied in some vegetables species

179. VOLF Mariana, AVARVAREI I., MIHAI C.V., NANEA Camelia, PĂDURARU E. - The seasonal evolution of the nitrates in soil and plant, at Capsicum annuum L. conv. grossum, in the conditions of vegetation’s vessels experiences

180. CIOROMELE Gabriela Alina - The difference made by the seeds and the distance between rows per hectare on the production of the “Orkan” rape

181. PANDIA Olimpia - Influence of the nitrogen and phosphorus doses on some physilogical processes ot the crop hybrid Olimp

182. PANDIA Olimpia, FĂNIŢĂ Georgeta - The corelation between the doses of nitrogen and phosphorus appliend on the non irigated system and physilogical processes ot the crop hybrid Olimp

183. ZDREMŢAN Monica - The tobacco quality improovement by fermentation process

184. ZDREMŢAN Monica - The study of some heavy metals from tobacco

185. BIREESCU Geanina - Enzymologic study upon soil resources of Trotus valley forestry ecosystems

186. BIREESCU L., BIREESCU Geanina, TEODERESCU E., STAN Cristina Oana, SECu C., BREABĂn Gabriela Iuliana -Ecopedological study over soil resources from forest ecosystems in Moldova plain

187. FILIPOV F., SLONOVSCHI V. - Nitrophyll flora from different soil types

188. IORDACHE Maria - Researces concerning the main agrochemical characteristics of the soils from the northern area of Bucharest (SCDP Baneasa areal) and their suitability for the apricot and peach growing

189. TEODORESCU SOARE E., BIREESCU Geanina, BIREESCU L., STAN Oana, SECU C., BREABAN Iuliana, RADU Raluca - Ecopedological researches on ecological impact of the biotope in some protected praticole ecosystems from Moldavian plateau

190. ALEXA Ersilia, COZMA Antoanela, LĂZUREANU A., NEGREA Monica - Researches concerning deep and surface water quality from rural locations near Timisoara area

191. JITAREANU S.I, AILINCAI C. - Researches concerning the influence of the lettered rotation and fertilization over the production and of the erosion of soils in long lasting experience from Moldova’s plain

192. JITAREANU S.I., AILINCAI C. - Researches concerning the evolution of the main physique and chemical qualities that crop rotation and fertilization influence

193. SAMUEL Alina Dora, DOMUŢA C., ŞIPOŞ Monica - Influence of irrigation and crop rotation combination on the enzymatic activities in a brown luvic soil

194. RADU O. - Influence of the changes of the geometric and structural parameters of the drying network, on the removal of excessive water, in the Rotopăneşti-Rădăşeni-Fântâna mare system in Suceava county

195. OPREA Cristiana, VITA I., TIMOFTE L., CHEDEA Veronica, COZMA F. - Atmospheric deposition of trace elements in southern and western carpathians studied by the analysis of moss samples using NAA and AAS

196. OPREA Cristiana, ALEXANDRU M., ION Ioana, NEDELCU Madalina - Danube pollution contributing to eutrophication of the Romanian Black Sea coast

197. NEDELCU Madalina, OPREA Cristiana - The radiochemical studies of moss plants and soil using INAA and AAS

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Vol 50