Arhiva - 2008

Anul LI - Vol 51

Colectivul editorial și cuprinsul

1. IFRIM Camelia - Aspects regarding the seed collection of the Botanical Garden of Iasi

2. RĂDUŢOIU D., COSTACHE I. – Invasive plants from the Cerna of Oltet basin

3. VELIKSAR Sofia, TOMA S., TUDORACHE G., DAVID Tatiana – The effect of Fe and Ni on the resistance and productivity of vine

4. BLAJ Valeria, LEONTE C., ŢÎRDEA Gh., POPA Ana-Maria – The effect of chemical mutagen agents on some morphological characters at Silybum marianum

5. BODEA D. – Loial – a new potato advanced cultivar for autumn-winter consume

6. BODEA D. – The aspects concerning the influence of some characteristics of the epigee phytomass on the potato rated capacities

7. BODEA Monica, POP Rodica, D. PAMFIL, M. ARDELEAN, CONDREA Mirela - Use of RAPD technique for revealing DNA polymorphism in Ginkgo biloba L. species

8. MĂRGHITAŞ L. Al., C. COROIAN, DEZMIREAN D., PAMFIL D., HAŞ I., BODEA Monica, MUNTEAN L., ORSOLYA Teleky, BOJAN Cristina, MAGHEAR O. - Use of RAPD technique for molecular characterization of some Brassica sp. cultivars and Brassica rapa campestris in order to analyse gene flow pollination due to Apis mellifera

9. POPA Ana – Maria, LEONTE C. – Cytogenetic effects induced by treatment with ethidium bromide at Papaver somniferum species

10. SISEA C. R., PAMFIL D., POP Iulia Francesca, PETRICELE Ioana Virginia – Technical requirements for the accreditation of GMO analysis procedures

11. UNGUREANU Elena , POPA V. I. – The impact of some protective agents on the biostability wood

12. UNGUREANU Elena, POPA V. I., IACOB Viorica, ULEA E. – Studies concerning the biological stability of some composite materials in the presence of some biocides

13. CHIRIAC H., OANCEA Servilia, GABURICI Maria, LUPU Nicoleta - Preliminary test results concerning the effects of anionic clays on plant growth

14. MATEI Florica, POP Ioana, STANA Liana, MICULA Maria – Hydrodynamics of soil water –theoretical approach

15. OANCEA Servilia, AIRINEI A., FOCA N. – On the Zinc effect in tomato plant nutrition

16. CĂLIN M., COJOCARU N., CHIRUŢĂ C - Designing a course material for E-Learning

17. PETRUŢA Gabriela-Paula – Clustering technique – applications within biology and horticulture lessons

18. SOARE E. - Postmodern dimensions of curriculum. Implications on the activities of the instructive-educative process

19. DANU Mihaela Aurelia, CHIFU T. - Degradated vegetation aspects from the upper basin of river’s Dorna (district of Suceava)

20. IANOVICI Nicoleta - Urticaceae pollen concentration in the atmosphere of western Romania

21. IANOVICI Nicoleta - Aerobiological monitoring of allergenic flora in Timisoara

22. MARDARI C. - Contributions to the phytosociological study of the mountain meadows of ARRHENATHERETALIA R. TX. 1931 from NEAGRA BROŞTENILOR hydrographic basin

23. SOARE Liliana Cristina, DOBRESCU Codruţa Mihaela - Contributions to knowing the anatomy of the vegetative organs of Hedera L. (Araliaceae)

24. STĂNESCU Irina-Elena - Secretory glands diversity of some carnivorous plants

25. BREZEANU Creola, AMBĂRUŞ Silvica, CRISTEA Tina – Oana - Biochemical and physiologic studies on salvia (Salvia officinalis L.)

26. CHELARIU Elena-Liliana, DRAGHIA Lucia - Variation of some physiologic particularities of Ficus sort

27. DELIAN Elena, BĂDULESCU Liliana, BURZO I., DOBRESCU Aurelia, BĂDESCU C., BĂDESCU Cristina - Effect of growth media on some leaf gas exchange parameters of highbush ’Blueray’ grown in pots

28. FLEANCU Monica, POPESCU C, GIOSANU Daniela - Study of assimilatory pigments from apple tree leaves

29. MORARIU Aliona, COTOVAIA Aliona, CIOBOTARI Gh., BRĂNZĂ Maria - The effect of coordinative compounds of cobalt with monoethanolamine on physiological indicators of Phaseolus vulgaris

30. STRATU Anişoara, FRENŢOAIE Laura, MURARIU Alexandrina – The influence of some heavy metals on seed germination and seedling growth at Raphanus sativus L.

31. STRATU Anişoara, FRENŢOAIE Laura, MURARIU Alexandrina – The influence of some heavy metals on seed germination and seedling growth at Raphanus sativus L.

32. CHIRA Elena, TRIFAN Daniela - Phenotypic stability of some cytoplasmic male sterility inbred lines of carrot (Daucus carota L..) in south country conditions

33. CRISTEA Tina Oana, AMBARUŞ Silvia, FALTICEANU Marcela - Effect of „in vitro” plant growth regulators over the meristematic and mitotic activity at different genotypes of Capsicum anuum L.

34. Raluca Nicoleta GHEORGHE, Carmen Florentina POPESCU, PAMFIL D., PAUCHNECHT AL. ED - Genetic diversity evaluation of some autochthonous grapevine varieties by RAPD markers

35. POP Rodica, BODEA Monica, PAMFIL D., ARDELEAN M - Use rapd technique for revealing molecular polymorphism of some grapevine somaclones

36. POPA Ana – Maria, LEONTE C. - Biological effects induced by treatment with chemical mutagens at PAPAVER SOMNIFERUM L., in M1 generation

37. POP M. R., SAND Camelia, BARBU C.H. - The variability of the capacity in active origins of subteraneus organs in selected familys by Gentiana lutea L.

38. POP M. R., SAND Camelia, BARBU C.H. - The variation of the volatile oil content in the plants organs at the Arnica montana L. genotypes

39. VǍTAVU Roxana, PASCAL-SLABU Cǎtalina, ROBU T. - Remarks about the catalases activity in Calendula officinalis L. inflorescences treated with chemical mutagen substances

40. VICOL Adina, BOTU M., BOTU I., NEAGOE A. - Utilzation of sporophytic compatibility for establishing the pollenizers for ’Uriaşe de Vâlcea’ hazelnut cultivar

41. TROFIN Alina, SANDU Tatiana, PATRAŞ Antoanela - The variation of the efficiency for the phenoxyacetic acids’ ester formation with the catalyst’s type and used dosage

42. OANCEA Servilia - Fractal analysis of the modifications induced on tomato plant roots by two heavy metals

43. POP Ioana, STANCA Liana, VARBAN D., MATEI Florica, VARBAN Rodica - Database design for supporting the technology of some field cropsa

44. POP Ioana, STANCA Liana, SOBOLU Rodica - Flower shop on the romanian internet space

45. AVARVAREI Simona Catrinel - 'Greenfingers' - unconventional insight into the english horticultural phraseology

46. APOSTOL C. - Analysis of bankruptcy risk

47. APOSTOL C. - Qualitative characteristics of accounting information and the concept of true and fair view – fair presentation

48. BORZA Mioara - The analysis of human resources quality from romanian agriculture

49. BREZULEANU S., MELINTE I., BREZULEANU Carmen Olguţa - Studies regarding the optimization of manure and fertilizer application in apple and plum tree cultures from a fruit tree farm in the Bacau county

50. PAHONE COSTULEANU Carmen Luiza - The internationalization of the annual financial situations regarding the eu aderation

51. DUMITRAŞCU Roxana Arabela - The accounting treatment of Goodwill

52. DUMITRAŞCU Roxana Arabela, DUMITRAŞCU V. - The reputation‘ s value of capital

53. DUMITRAŞCU V. – A behaviourist perspective upon the management of the organization

54. GAVRILESCU I. - The sell-buy of agriculture crops – a masquerade of reintroducing the subleasing in agriculture

55. GROSU Veronica - Evolutionary dynamics and the determinants of cluster firms' performance

56. HALIGA I. - The accounting of the result to the non-profit organizations

57. HLACIUC Elena, SOCOLIUC M. - Value reporting and stakeholders' interest in business combinations

58. HLACIUC Elena, MIHALCIUC Camelia - Considerations concerning the evaluation and recognition of risk insurance according to ifrs 4

59. MATEŞ D. - Asymmetric information, systemic risk and fragility in financial markets and networks

60. MATEŞ D., GROSU Veronica - Perspectives of harmonization of accounting in small and medium enterprises: the effects of international accounting standards and of BASEL 2

61. MIHALCIUC Camelia - The diagnosis and evaluation of the economic risk (operating risk) in the economical activity of the entities

62. RUSU Mihaela-Loredana, CIUREA I.V. - Analysis of the agricultural branches, crop and animal production in Vrancea county

63. SCORŢESCU F. I.Participations in associated enterprises. The acquisition cost method

64. SCORŢESCU F. I. - Some aspects bounded by the putting in equivalence procedure

65. SOCOLIUC M. - The E.U. action plan on corporate governance

66. TĂNĂSESCU Rodica, COSTACHE Mihaela, VOICU Ana Cristina - Etichs in modern market economy

67. TĂNĂSESCU Rodica, COSTACHE Mihaela, VOICU Ana Cristina, CONSTANTINESCU Dana - The administration of organized stress

68. TĂNĂSESCU Rodica, COSTACHE Mihaela, VOICU Ana Cristina, FLORESCU Geanina - Risk administration

69. AIRINEI Ramoana, DĂSCĂLESCU M. - Socio-demographic aspects of population from Plugari commune, Iaşi county

70. BOSTAN I., HAPENCIUC V., BURCIU A., ROMAN C. - Outstanding figures in the statistics world

71. BREZULEANU S. - Optimization of the dimension of fruit growing plantations in the Bacău county, in order to increase the economic efficiency of production

72. BULIGA Z., IGNAT Gabriela, POPA C. - Some aspects concerning the distribution circulation of the horticultural products

73. BULIGA Z., IGNAT Gabriela, POPA C. - Some aspects concerning the acknowledgement methods of the incomes and expenses according to the accountancy international standards

74. BURCIU A., HAPENCIUC V., BOSTAN I., ROMAN C., CONDRATOV I. - Tourism impact on economical environment development

75. BURCIU A., HAPENCIUC V., BOSTAN I., ROMAN C. - Statistics’ certanties and dilemmas

76. PAHONE COSTULEANU Carmen Luiza - The analysis of performances and risks in the commercial social activity

77. DONOSĂ D., DONOSĂ Raluca Elena - Aspects of risk in romanian financial sector

78. DONOSĂ D., GAVRIL ŞT., MORARU R.A. - Romanian financial system and his risks

79. FARCAŞ N., SIMION C. O., SIMION Mariana - The organization, implementation and development of agricultural services in teleorman district

80. HAPENCIUC V., BURCIU A., BOSTAN I., ROMAN C., CONDRATOV I. - Romania – east european tiger on retail market

81. IATCO C., IGNAT Gabriela - Financial audit vs accounting

82. IGNAT Gabriela, AVARVAREI Simona Catrinel - The wine customer’s behaviour vs marketing strategies

83. IGNAT Gabriela, COJOC Doina, IATCO C. - Aspects on the new approaches to cash flow statements

84. MARDIROS Daniela–Neonila - Financial equilibriums analysed and previsioned on the balance-sheet dates

85. MARDIROS Daniela–Neonila - The evaluation and the prevision of the financial risk

86. ROŞCA C., CHIRILĂ C. - Boundering the fruit growing areas from south compartment of the suceava plateau

87. TITIANU L. - Evolutions and tendencies of agricultural development in Braila plain

88. UNGUREANU G., POP Cecilia, GRIGORE Aurica - The optimizing of the managerial decision assisted by the computer in order to achieve the objectives of S.C. COTNARI S.A.

89. CENARIU Diana, APAHIDEAN AL.S., APAHIDEAN Maria, SIMA Rodica - Early and total yield of greenhouse cycle I tomato hybrids in soilless culture

90. GUDUMAC E., GUDUMAC Olga – The influence of mode of “knip-baum” crown formation on apple tree productivity and quality in the fruit nursery

91. PEŞTEANU A. - The influence of fruit early production on capital investments recovery

92. PETRE L., SÎRBU Sorina, IUREA Elena - The negative effects of frost in the winter of 2007 on the fruit growing species cultivated in the N-E Moldavia

93. POPA S., MANZIUC V. - The growth indices apple trees in „V” system orchard

94. ŞAGANEAN R. - Foliage fertilization in the intensive apple orchard

95. CHIRIAC Cristina - Viticultural landscape in the context of climate warming. Study of case: Cotnari vineyard

96. DAMIAN Doina, CALISTRU GH., VASILE Ancuţa, SAVIN C. - Frâncuşă 14 iş - clone of vine for high-quality wines, specifically to the assortment of Cotnari

97. RANCA Aurora, FEODOR Violeta, NEGRARU Ana, FILIP I., GALIP Aisel - The climatic changes and their impact on the grapevine in the Murfatlar vineyard conditions

98. RUSU SVETLANA - Agrobiological characteristics of some seedless cultivars and elites from invv genofond

99. SAVIN GH., CORNEA V. - Situation in situ and ex situ of wild grapevine in the Republic of Moldova – current and perspective activities

100. ŢÂRDEA C., OANCEA Servilia, ROTARU Liliana - Introduction of fractal analysis in ampelography

101. POIANA Mariana-Atena, MOIGRADEAN Diana, DOBREI A., ALDA Liana - The influence of grapes variety on the chromatic structure and “chemical age” of the red wines

102. SOLDATENCO Eugenia - Study of the basic indexes in classic sparkling wines production

103. ŢĂRAN N., SOLDATENCO EugeniA, PONOMAREVA Irina, ANTOHI Maria, ADAJUC Victoria - Study of technological schemes of treatment of base wine and their influence on foamy properties of sparkling wines

104. ŢĂRAN N., SOLDATENCO Eugenia, PONOMAREVA Irina, ANTOHI Maria, SOVA Antonina - Study of the influence of technological processes of sparkling wines production on their foamy parameters

105. ŢĂRAN N., SCORBANOV E., COMANICI V. - The appreciation of the naturalness of grape wines of aromatic varieties

106. ATUDOSIEI Nicole Livia, MENCINICOPSCHI GH., NICOLAE Floarea, MENCINICOPSCHI Claudia - Food informational matrix

107. ATUDOSIEI Nicole Livia, ŞTEFĂNESCU P., MANIU Maria, MANOLACHE C., COTIANU R. - How to get an ecological integral use of blueberries fruits (Vaccinium myrtillus L.)

108. CARAGIA V., LINDA Liudmila, IORGA E., CUZNEŢOVA Galina, SARANDI Tatiana, JUC Vera - Sweet corn hybrids that are suitabl for preserving

109. STAN I. - Contribution to the knowledge of the propagation technology of the Cryptomeria japonica Don. Species

110. MUNTEANU N., STOLERU V., FILIPOV F., TELIBAN G.C., POPA Lorena–Diana – Assessment of the pedoclimatic potential for ecological vegetable growing in Iassy county

111. POPA Lorena–Diana, MUNTEANU N., TELIBAN G. C., STOLERU V. - Yield comparative study of some local populations of runner bean (Phaseolus coccineus L.)

112. RĂDUCANU N., PALAGHIA C. - The influence of organic fertilization over growth and fructification elements of tomatoes – Rada hybrid

113. ROŞU Mihaela, DOBRIN Elena, CIOFU Ruxandra - The influence of the soil mulching by polyethylene film on lettuce in protected culture

114. RUŞTI G., MUNTEANU N., STAN N. - Agrobiological study of some climbing garden bean varieties and local populations

115. RUŞTI G., FĂLTICEANU Marcela, STOIAN L., STAN N., MUNTEANU N., RUŞTI D. - The production capacity of an assortment of climbing garden bean cultivated in Romania

116. SINGUREANU V., APAHIDEAN AL. S. – Contributions regarding the improvement of tomato plastic covered culture situated in the pedoclimatic conditions of the transilvanian tableland

117. STAN C., MUNTEANU N., STAN T., STOLERU V. - The influence of using superabsorbents on sweet pepper and tomatoes seedling growing technology

118. STAN C., MUNTEANU N., STOLERU V.- Preliminary studies regarding the improvement of ecological vegetable growing technology by using mulch and superabsorbents

119. STOIAN L., FALTICEANU Marcela, CRISTEA Tina Oana, POPA Camelia Mihaela - Studies concerning the introduction in ecologic culture of some vegetable species from world assortment, less known in our country

120. STOLERU V., MUNTEANU N, STAN N., STOLERU Carmen, STAN C. - The influence of organic fertilization on ecological tomatoes from polytunnels in a three years stationary experimental plot

121. STOLERU V , FILIPOV F, MUNTEANU N., STAN T., STOLERU CarmeN, TELIBAN G. - Morphological and physical characteristics of soil from polytunels, after five years of organic fertilization of Spătărăşti (Suceava county)

122. BABUC V., PEŞTEANU A., GUDUMAC Olga - Rational use of soil fertilization in superintensive system of apple trees

123. BAZGAN C., ISTRATE M., GRĂDINARIU G., ZLATI Cristina - “Cristirin” – a new sweet cherry selection of perspevtive for super intensive culture

124. BALAN V., ŞAGANEAN R. - Orchard productivity in fonction of fruit thinning

125. BRÎNZĂ Maria, GRĂDINARIU G., MORARIU Aliona, CIOBOTARI GH., CĂULEŢ Raluca, DASCĂLU M. - Anatomically investigations of graft union in some compatible and incompatible pears grafts

126. BUDAN S., BUTAC M., MILITARU M., PETRE L., CORNEANU G., GRADINARIU G. - Morphological, biological and agronomical evaluation of some native sour cherry genotypes, ex situ collected into romanian national germplasm

127. CĂULEŢ Raluca, GRĂDINARIU G., DASCĂLU M., MORARIU Aliona, CIOBOTARI GH., BRÎNZĂ Maria - Influence of rootstock and budding height on the quality of planting material at some fruit trees species

128. CIOBOTARI GH., MORARIU ALIONA, GRĂDINARIU G., DASCĂLU M., BRÎNZĂ Maria, CĂULEŢ Raluca - Some compatibility aspects of pear varieties engrafted on diferent rootstocks

129. DUMITRU Liana-Melania - New peach and nectarin cultivars obtained at research station for fruit growing Constanta

130. GIORGOTA Andreea Oana, PREDA Silvia Ana - „In vitro” micropropagation – quick and efficient method for some valorous Prunus cerasifera ecotypes from the south Romanian area

131. GUDUMAC E., PEŞTEANU A. - The root system development and repartition into the soil of apple trees in the fruit nursery

132. IORDANESCU Olimpia Alina - Researches concerning the behavior of some peach tree varieties in conditions of the didadctic station Timisoara

133. IUREA Elena, PETRE L., SÎRBU Sorina - Study about the behaviour of some new sweet cherry tree cultivars in the soil and climate conditions by n-e areas of Romania

134. MOALE Cristina, VASILESCU Ramona, SPIŢĂ V. - Researches regarding the behaviour of three nectarin cultivars in different orchard management

135. PETRE L., IUREA Elena, SÎRBU Sorina - Results of research on um assortment for the ne area of Moldavia (Romania)

136. SEPTAR Leinar - Influence of localized irrigation on fruit production at research station for fruit growing Constanta

137. SÎRBU Sorina, BECEANU D., CORNEANU G., PETRE L. , ANGHEL Roxana Mihael2, NICULAUA M., ZĂNOAGĂ C.V. - Analitical dates concerning the fruits of some sweet cherry cultivars obtained at fruit growing development station Iaşi

138. SUTAN Anca, POPESCU A., ISAC Valentina, CORNEANU G. - Studies on micropropagation efficiency in ornamental strawberry varieties (Fragaria x potentilla)

139. SUTAN Anca, POPESCU A., COMAN N. - Studies on the reproductive behavior of some ornamental strawberry varieties (Fragaria x potentilla)

140. ZLATI Cristina, GRADINARIU G., ISTRATE M., DASCALU M. - Graft incompatibility in pear: physiological and biochemical aspects

141. DAMIAN Doina, VASILE Ancuţa, MĂNTĂLUŢĂ Alina, SAVIN C., ZALDEA Gabi - The supervision of the ecophysiologic groups of microorganisms from the soil, given the conditions of practicing a durable win-growing technology

142. ENACHE Viorica - Aspects regarding the daily average consumption in the hilly area vineyards, in hidric stress condition, in the context of a sustained agriculture

143. GUŢA I.C., VIŞOIU E., BUCIUMEANU E.C. - In vitro investigation of grapevine in the presence of virus infection (V. Vinifera L., Feteasca Neagra Cv.)

144. IRIMIA L., ROTARU Liliana, COLIBABA Cynthia - The exposed leaf area/yield ratio, a new criterion of evaluation for the qualitative potential of the training systems used in viticulture

145. IRIMIA L., MUSTEA M. - The influence of the canopy on the quality of the yield at feteasca neagră variety

146. MĂNTĂLUŢĂ Alina, SAVIN C., VASILE Ancuţa - The influence of the climatic factors over the maturation process of the strings of the main vine varieties from the Copou winegrowing center

147. MUSTEA M., ROTARU Liliana, URSACHE M. – Influence of the rootstock in callusing process of grafting cuttings on Gelu and Paula varieties

148. ROTARU Liliana - The application of discriminant factorial analysis for the establishing phenotypical homogenity for clones obtained from Cabernet Sauvignon grapevine variety

149. ROTARU Liliana - Establishing the degree of phenotypical similarity among the merlot variety and its clones by means of the cluster analysis

150. SAVU (BUCUR) Georgeta Mihaela, STROE Marinela Vicuţa – The delimitation of multi-criteria climatic groups on the level of the win-growing regions and Danube’s terraces

151. STOIAN Ileana, MIHU G., MIRON Lacrămioara, BOSOI Marioara - The research’s of influence about annual grassing on the growth and fructification of grapevine in the vineyard of Odobesti

152. STROE Marinela Vicuţa, SAVU (BUCUR) Georgeta Mihaela, ISPAS Sofia, DAMIAN I. - The clone plantations – a strategy for the obtaining of quality productions

153. ŞERDINESCU A., ION M., PÎRCĂLABU Liliana – Studies concerning the impact of the crop technologies on the resilience capacity of the viticultural ecosystems

154. TATARU Lavinia, OPRESCU B. - The impact of some nourishing substrates and their physical and chemical qualities on growth parameters of grapevine

155. ZALDEA Gabi, VASILE Ancuta, DAMIAN Doina, SAVIN C. - The hidric and thermic stress from the agricultural year 2006-2007 and this influence about viticultural plantations

156. BEJAN Carmen, VISOIU Emilia - Illustration of the influence of organic fertilizers on wine quality in the vineyard Stefanesti - Arges (Vitis vinifera var. Cabernet Sauvignon and Zweigelt)

157. CHIRIŢĂ Otilia, ALEXANDRE HERVÉ, TCHIOBANOV IAVOR, COTEA V. V. - Molecular identification of Saccharomyces cerevisiae strains in wine

158. COLIBABA Cintia, COTEA V. V., NECHITA B., TUDOSE SANDU-VILLE ST., ZAMFIR C. - Studies regarding optimisation of production technologies of flavoured wines in Iasi vineyard

159. FOTESCU Laura-Ruxandra, CAZACU Silvia, PÎRCALABU Liliana, BADEA P. - Valea Calugareasca red wines produced within an integrated system

160. GIOSANU Daniela, DELIU Ionica, FLEANCU M. - The magnetical field – new technologie for wine microbiological stabilization

161. POP Nastasia, BABEŞ Anca, BUNEA C., POP Tiberia - Studies regarding the total polyphenols content from several red grape varieties

162. PÎRCALABU Liliana, ŞERDINESCU A., ION M. - Researches concerning the delimitation of the vinegrowing areas of high quality (Terroirs Viticoles) in Valea Calugareasca viticultural center

163. PÎRCALABU Liliana, ŞERDINESCU A., ION M., RADNEA Cristina - Probing data base including viticultural and oenological information in Valea Calugareasca viticultural centre

164. POPESCU C., FLEANCU Monica, GIOSANU Daniela - Oenological incidence on tangential microfiltration improve the quality of vine from Feteasca Regala cultivar

165. PORUMB Roxana, KONTEK Adriana, BURGHELEA Beatrice, TUDORACHE Aurelia, BRINDUSE Elena, CAMPEANU R. - Extraction of bioactive compounds in grape seeds

166. POSTOLACHE Elena, CIUBUCA A., INDREICA E., BIRLIGA N. The technological elements for elaboration of red aromatic wine from vineyard „ Bujoru’s Hill”

167. TUDORACHE A, CAMPEANU R., BRINDUSE E, KONTEK A., PORUMB R., FOTESCU L. - Test applied to several Romanian microfiltering composites in the technological flow of wine sterile filtration

168. DOROBANŢU Paula Ioana, BECEANU D. - Preliminary data and analytical tests of some food oils from the commercial network of town Iaşi

169. BECEANU D., ANGHEL Roxana Mihaela - Studies on the quality of some compote assortments existing in the commercial network of town Iaşi

170. BECEANU D. - Antioxidizing properties of fruits and vegetables

171. IUŞAN Larisa, CARAGIA V. - Getting eatable food from pumpkin district in Republic of Moldova

172. MAREŞ M., STAMATE V. - Study regarding gerbera culture on artificial substrates

173. DUŢĂ MAGDALENA, POSEDARU ALINA, DUŢU I., MAZILU C. - The influence of cuttings and substrate rooting of some ornamental varieties

174. ISAC Valentina - In vitro propagation of Magnolia x soulangeana Soul. – bod. hybrid – factors affecting axillary buds proliferation

175. FALTICEANU Marcela, STOIAN L., CRISTEA Tina Oana, POPA Camelia Mihaela - Preliminary studies regarding the plant’s quantitative features as premise for the utilisation of a genotype of Chrysanthemum cinerariifolium (Trevir) Vis) specie in the control of pests, through methods specific for ecologic agriculture

176. COTIANU R., ATUDOSIEI N., CORFU Gabriela - Aspects about apply fertilisers in ecological vine growing

177. DONOS A. - Ways and sources of accumulating nitrogen in the arrable soils of the Republic of Moldova

178. GLĂMAN Gh., LĂCĂTUŞ V. - F E R T S E M - software for the optimization of the farmyard manure and mineral fertilization of the vegetable seed crops

179. LĂCĂTUŞU R., ŞTEFĂNESCU S.L., LĂCĂTUŞU Anca- Rovena, BREABĂN Iuliana Gabriela - Indicator for the evaluation of the soils fertility level

180. SIURIS A. - Fertility regeneration possibilities of soils affected by erosion

181. CĂLIN M, AFLORI C., FILIPOV F., CHIRUŢĂ C. - Assisting decision on the land suitability for greenhouse projects

182. BUTA C., CIUREA C., MAFTEI Carmen, GELMAMBET S. - Analysis of hydrodimamics properties of soils in a laboratory tank model

183. GAVRILESCU Elena - Ecotoxicological research regarding the Danube water quality on Calafat – Bechet section

184. GELMAMBET S., MAFTEI Carmen - Nonlinear analyses of the embankment dams to sudden water level changes in the reservoir

185. MAFTEI Carmen, GHERGHINA Cristina, GELMAMBET S., TEODORESCU D. - Study of reference evapotranspiration in Dobrogea region

186. CONDORACHI D. - Gis used in recent anthropic relief alterations assessment within Călimani National Park

187. MOCA V., BUCUR D., RADU, O., HUŢANU C., JITĂREANU S. - Aspects of using orthophotoplans in the informational system of farming cadastral survey in the administrative teritory unit of Bâlca – Suceava

188. COZMEI Elena - Researches regarding the presence of some micromycetes on corn seeds (Zea mays L.) maintained in different stadiums and ways of storages

189. COZMEI Elena, DROBOTĂ I. - The micromycetes presented on different vegetables seeds, stored in various atmospheric conditions

190. DROBOTĂ I. - Tests of some fungicides used for grape vine gray mold control, in S.D.E. “V. Adamachi” Iaşi conditions

191. ENEA C., GONTARIU I. - Some aspects concerning the infected plants frequencies with severe viruses, as follow of the interaction between different cultivation measures, at the potato for seeds

192. GONŢARIU I., ENEA C. - Researches concerning the infection degree with viruses PVS and PVX, as a consequence of the technological measures influence at the seed potatoes

193. IACOB Viorica, DROBOTĂ I. - New parasitic and saprophytic micromycetes on cultivated horticultural plants from Moldavia

194. LAMBAN Carmen - Parasitic and saprophyte micromycetes on the trees and ornamental shrubs from the dendrological nursery of scdp iasy and plantations

195. LIPŞA F. D., IRIMIA NICOLETA, ULEA E - Researches regarding microflora on some perennial ornamental plants

196. MIROIU Carmen - Parasitic and saprophytic micromycetes in soil of greenhouses with tomatoes (I)

197. MIROIU Carmen –Parasitic and saprophytic micromycetes in soil of greenhouses destinated to cultivation with tomatoes (II)

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Vol 51