Arhiva - 2009

Anul LII - Vol 52

Colectivul editorial și cuprinsul

1. DROCHIOIU G., MURARIU Manuela, STOICA Iuliana, PODASCA Viorica, LEONTE C. - Effect of some peptides and their metal complexes on wheat germination

2. DROCHIOIU G., DUMITRAŞ-HUŢANU Cristina-Amalia, PAL Claudia, PUI A., GRADINARU R.V., PINTILIE Olga, BURUIANĂ Loredana - Effect of some pesticide dinitrophenols and other dinitrophenyl derivatives on wheat seed germination

3. OANCEA Servilia, PADUREANU Silvica - The plant growth dynamics during layered double hydroxides (LDH) action

4. VELIKSAR Sofia, TOMA S., LISNIC S., TUDORACHE Gh., DAVID Tatiana, COREŢCAIA Iulia - The effect of the microelement complex microcom on grape and sugar beet producing capacity and resistance

5. CHISILI M., BRATCO D., VLADOV P. - The influence of environmental conditions on the formation and activity of foliar apparate of vine plant

6. BACIU Adriana-Daniela, SESTRAŞ R. - Variability of seeds and decorative traits and the correlations among these at different Calendula genotypes

7. BUDAN S., BUTAC Mădălina, M. MILITARU, PETRE L., CORNEANU G., GRADINARIU G. - Updated database concerning evaluation of native sour cherry genotypes from the romanian national germplasm

8. CHIRIAC Gh., SMEREA Svetlana, SAVIN Gh. - The ways of conversion of immature embryos into plants for seedless stenospermocarpic grapevine

9. BRÎNZEA Gheorghiţa, ALEXIU V., FALCĂ M. - Contributions on the flora of Botesti-Cândeşti pietmont area

10. HUŢANU Mariana - Contributions to the floristic research in some synanthropic meadows ecosystems of the Moldavian plain

11. HUŢANU Mariana - Amanita echinocephala (Vitt.) Quél. in Romania

12. NEBLEA Monica - Plant associations from Querco-fagetea Br.– Bl. et Vlieger 1937 class in the Leaota massif

13. PREOTU Ana, GALEŞ Ramona, TOMA C. - Morphological and histo-anatomical characteristics of cultivated Melissa officinalis L. plant

14. RĂDUŢOIU Amira - Morpho-anatomical studies of Veronica filiformis

15. RĂDUŢOIU D. - The beech forest from the cerna of Oltet basin-Romania

16. RĂDUŢOIU D., SIMEANU C. G., CICHI M. - Phytocenological studies in tree plantations and vineyards of S.D.E. Banu Mărăcine – Dolj county

17. SOARE Liliana Cristina, DOBRESCU Codruţa Mihaela - Anatomical peculiarities of stem and leaf in Euphorbia splendens

18. BALAUR N., CAUŞ Maria, VORONŢOV V. - The phenomenon of absence of apparent photorespiration in C3 - plant reproductive organs

19. MOTOUNU Monica - Physiological implications of the alternative fertilization technology of vineyard

20. ROMAN Camelia Nicoleta - Althea rosea, an opportunity in the industry of food colorants

21. ROTARU V. - Plant nutrition and biomass production of soybean plants under unfavorable moisture conditions

22. VELIKSAR Sofia, TOMA S., LISNIC S. , KHOLODOVA Valentina, KUZNETSOVVl., BRATCO D., DAVID Tatiana. - Accumulation of heavy metals by different plant species in conditions of copper excess

23. SFICHI-DUKE Liliana, KOTZABASIS K. - Identification of primary photoreceptors adjusting the photosynthetic apparatus bioenergetics to UV-B radiation through the control of photosystem II light harvesting complex

24. CRISTEA Tina Oana, FALTICEANU Marcela, PRISECARU Maria - Studies regarding the mitotic division and chromosomal aberrations at Echinacea angustifolia D.C.

25. CRISTEA Tina Oana, FALTICEANU Marcela, PRISECARU Maria - Investigation over the in vitro morphogenetic reaction of lavander (Lavandula angustifolia L.) explants

26. DUMITRU Liana Melania - New achievements in peach breeding at research Station for Fruit Growing Constanta

27. MORARIU Aliona, CIOBOTARI Gh., DASCĂLU M.,CAULEŢ Raluca Petronela, ŢÂRDEA Gh. - Influence of growth regulators on callus induction, growth and biomass accumulation from different explants of lentil (Lens esculenta Moench.)

28. TROFIN Alina, ONISCU C., SANDU Tatiana, MOCANU Anca - A comparative study on the germination faculty of the tomato seeds treated with sulfonamidic chloro-phenoxyacetic biodegradable growth stimulators

29. TROFIN Alina, ONISCU C. - The effects of the treatments with substituted phenoxycarboxylic acids and zinc salts on the germination process at tomato plants

30. COLIBABA Anca, COLIBABA Şt. - Multilingualism policies - a way to the professional and economic success of countries in Europe

31. COLIBABA Şt., COLIBABA Lucia Cintia, VRÎNCEANU C.G., COTEA V. V., BĂLAN Rada Doina - Lifelong learning for VET: professional language learning in european projects (LAPROF and ELSTI case studies)

32. LANGA C. - The management of educational crisis situations in the school group

33. PETRESCU Elena-Lucia, COLIBABA St., COLIBABA Anca, COLIBABA Cintia Lucia, URSACHE Ioana - OFFICE INTERACTORS - innovation in motivating adult learners

34. PETRUŢA Gabriela-Paula - Interdisciplinary correlations used in the formation and development of some concepts specific to the biological sciences

35. PETRUŢA Gabriela-Paula, SOARE E. - Optimized development of competences specific to the profession of biologist and horticulturist

36. SOARE E. - Elements regarding entrepreneurship education integration in school curriculum

37. SOARE E., PETRUŢA Gabriela-Paula - Postmodern perspectives on curricular methodologies

38. VLAD Monica, COLIBABA Anca - Language learning as means to an end

39. APOSTOL C. - Evolution of economic thinking on the balance sheet

40. APOSTOL C. - Inventory - important technique preceding the accounting balance sheet

41. BREZULEANU Carmen-Olguţa, BREZULEANU S., MORARU R. - Socio-demographic characteristics of the Central Moldavian plateau in the post-adherence stage

42. BREZULEANU S., BREZULEANU Carmen Olguţa, CIUREA I.V. - The analysis of agricultural zonal systems of the Central Moldavian plateau in order to identify the possibilities of setting up groups of agricultural producers

43. COLIBABA Cintia, POP Cecilia, COTEA V. V., TUDOSE SANDU-VILLE Şt., CHIRIŢĂ Otilia, LĂCUREANU G.F. - Study of HACCP system implementation in wine and cheese manufacturing in Romania

44. GRIGORE Aurica, TUREAC Cornelia - The optimisation of production capacity to the S.C. Huşi Vineyard S.A.

45. HALIGA I. - The accounting of stocks in non-profit organizations

46. MIRONIUC Marilena - Risk management in the new international context. methodological approaches

47. TUREAC Cornelia, GRIGORE Aurica - The aspects concerning application of H.A.C.C.P. System to the Nicoreşti vineyard

48. UNGUREANU G. - The mushroom – an investment opportunity

49. ASANDEI N. - Ecological agriculture present and tendencies of future development

50. ASANDEI N., CIUREA I. V. - Studies regarding the development of ecological agriculture in Romania

51. BADII I. - The analysis of the tehnical-economical results obtained at S.C.A. Bucium S.A. Iasi

52. BERHECI Maria - The materiality and survey in the financial audit

53. BERHECI Maria - Accounting treatment for recognition and estimation of risks in crisis situations

54. BODESCU D., ŞTEFAN G., BOGHIŢĂ E. - The quality of life in the rural environment of the mountain area in Romania

55. BODESCU D., ŞTEFAN E., BOGHIŢĂ E. - Mountain population in Romania

56. BOGHEAN Carmen, BOGHEAN F., HLACIUC Elena, MOROŞAN DĂNILĂ Lucia - Necessity and various factors of corporative strategies development

57. BOGHEAN F., BOGHEAN Carmen, HLACIUC Elena, MOROŞAN DĂNILĂ Lucia - Approaches and developments regarding use of financial-accounting information in the process of decision assistance

58. DICU Roxana-Manuela - The balanced scorecard – between strategic planning and improvement of company’s performance

59. DICU Roxana-Manuela - Harmonization of accounting regulation and practice in romanian enterprises

60. DONOSĂ D., DONOSĂ Raluca Elena, ŞTEFAN G. - Aspects on entrepreneurship and entrepreneurs

61. HUIAN Maria Carmen - Considerations on the role of accounting rules in the current financial crisis

62. HUIAN Maria Carmen - Peculiarities of pawnshops’ accounting

63. MUNTEANU M., CIUREA I.V. - Study diagnosis regarding the hunting potential of no.1 Pinu hunting fund – D.S. Suceava

64. ŞTEFAN G., BODESCU D., BOGHIŢĂ E. - Analysis of the economic size of beekeeping holdings in Romania

65. ŞTEFAN G., BODESCU D., BOGHIŢĂ E. - Methodological problems concerning the analysis of technical-economic results obtained in beekeeping

66. TULVINSCHI Mihaela, VLAD Mariana, CHIRIŢĂ Irina - Peculiarities regarding the cost calculation in horticulture

67. VLAD Mariana, TULVINSCHI Mihaela - The main measures of financing the vine and wine sector

68. UNGUREANU G., POP Cecilia - Strategies regarding the increase of fruit products in the NE region of Romania

69. TELIBAN G., MUNTEANU N., POPA Diana, STOLERU V., TINCĂ Gabriela - Consumers’ attitude towards the ecologic vegetable yield depending on education and age

70. BALAN V., ŞAGANEAN R. - Light interception into apple tree in dependance of pruning system

71. BALAN V., ŞAGANEAN R. - The influence of summer pruning system above the growth and productivity of apple tree

72. CĂULEŢ Raluca, GRĂDINARIU G., MORARIU Aliona, DASCĂLU M. - Morphological and biochemical aspects of rootstock-scion interaction due to increasing budding height

73. GÎRLEANU Doiniţa - The evaluation of the ecological and climateconditions for the apricot tree culture in Brăila Plains

74. GÎRLEANU Doiniţa, CIREAŞĂ V. - The assesment af the potential production capacity of some varieties of apricots gown in the S-E Romanian Plains

75. SÎRBU Sorina, BECEANU D., CORNEANU G., PETRE L., ANGHEL Roxana Mihaela, IUREA Elena - Fruit quality evaluation of some sweet cherry cultivars in Iasi, Romania

76. SAVA Parascovia - Adaptness capacity of raspberry varieties introduced in Republic of Moldova

77. BUTA Erzsebet, CANTOR Maria, BUTA M. - Studies concerning the influence of rooting substrate at Coleus blumei Benth.

78. CANTOR Maria, BUTA Erzsebet, CHIŞ Lenuţa - Studies concerning of the main morpho-decorative characteristics of some gladiolus cultivars for improving the floral assortment

79. CANTOR Maria, BUTA Erzsebet - The diversification of floral student collection in Dahlia type cactus

80. MANDA Manuela, NICU Carmen, ANTON Doina - Study regarding the aclimatisation of some plants of decorative interest from the specifical flora of Oltenia

81. CHIRA Elena, TUDOR M. - Influence of the sowing date on the stage of the stock and seed plants in caroot (Daucus carota L.)

82. CIOBANU V., MUNTEANU N., TELIBAN G., STOLERU V. - General presentation of the tomato collection from „Porumbeni” Institute of Kishinev Republic of Moldova

83. CIOBANU V., MUNTEANU N., TELIBAN G., STOLERU V Productivity of a tomato assortment for processing in the conditions from „Porumbeni” Institute of Kishinev

84. POPA Lorena-Diana, MUNTEANU N. - Yield study on some runner bean (Phaseolus coccineus L.) local populations depending of the establishment date

85. POPA L., MUNTEANU N., STOLERU V., STOLERU Carmen - The influence of cultivar x fertilizer doze x mulching on a sweet pepper crop from polytunnels in a sustainable system

86. POPANDRON N., BASTUREA M., TUDORA M. - Researches regarding the behaviour of some onion cultivars in the vegetable agro-system in Southern Romania

87. STOLERU Carmen-Maria, TANASE I., STOLERU V., STAN N. - The results concerning the influence of variety and fertilizer type on the total production of white cabbage, cultivated on ecological system

88. STOLERU V., MUNTEANU N., STOLERU Carmen-Maria, STAN T. - The results concerning the influence of variety and the measures to fight against pests on the total yield of white cabbage (Part I)

89. STOLERU V., MUNTEANU N., STOLERU Carmen-Maria, STAN T. - The results concerning the influence of variety and the measures to fight against pests on the total yield of white cabbage (Part II)

90. TELIBAN G., MUNTEANU N. - Researches on the attitudes and preferences of the consumers from Iasi county towards the ecologic vegetable yield

91. TINCĂ Gabriela, MUNTEANU N., PĂDURARIU Eugenia Anca, PODARU Doina Maria - Optimization of certain technological measures for hyssop (Hyssopus officinalis) crops in the ecological conditions

92. TINCĂ Gabriela, MUNTEANU N., FĂLTICEANU Marcela, TELIBAN G. - Influence of some technological factors at the lemon balm (Melissa officinalis) crop cultivated in ecological conditions

93. TINCĂ Gabriela, MUNTEANU N., JITĂREANU Doina, FĂLTICEANU Marcela, CRISTEA Tina Oana - Study of the foliar pigments of some spice and aromatic plant species

94. VÎNĂTORU C., NEICU Eliza - New tomato hybrids developed at the S.C.D.L. Buzău

95. BOGDAN I. - Productivity of apple trees depending on directional formation of root systems

96. BRÎNZĂ Maria, GRĂDINARIU G., MORARIU Aliona, CIOBOTARI Gh., CĂULEŢ Raluca - Physiological studies regarding the incompatibility to grafting of some varieties of pear tree grafted on quince tree

97. BUCUREAN EVA, SĂRAC I. - Research regarding the chemical fertilization upon the growth, fruit bearing and premature death of the apricot – tree

98. CĂPRARU F., ZLATI Cristina - Observations regarding yield phenophases of some diseases genetic resistant apple cultivars, in the conditions of Bistrita region

99. CĂPRARU F.,GRĂDINARIU G. - Researches concerning the yield capacity of some apple cultivars in different tehnological sequences in the pedoclimatical conditions of Bistrita

100. CICHI M., BACIU A., COSMULESCU Sina, PĂUN Larisa, MILITARU Luminiţa - The influence of variety and rootstock upon certain physiological processes at some cultivars of plum tree in different phenophases

101. CRISTOFORI V., TOMMASINI G., RUGINI E., BIGNAMI C. - Effects of irrigation on yield components and quality of walnut cultivar ‘Chandler’

102. DASCĂLU M., ISTRATE M., GRĂDINARIU G., MORARIU Aliona, BRÎNZĂ Maria, CIOBOTARI GH., ZLATI Cristina, CĂULEŢ Raluca - Variation of structure and xylem conduit dimensions in relation with incompatibility at grafted fruit trees

103. GRĂDINARIU G., IUREA Dorina, MANGALAGIU I.I., ISTRATE M., MUNTEANU N., MURARIU Aliona - Oxidized moldstim utilization of in on the pear tree (Pirus sativus)

104. IORDĂNESCU Olimpia Alina, SZONYI (RECHIŢEAN) Isabela, MICU Roxana, DRĂGUNESCU Anca, BLIDARIU Aurelia - The influence of manual thinning upon the productivity of some apple tree varieties in the conditions of Banat’s plain area

105. IUREA Elena, PETRE L., CORNEANU G. - Recherches concernant l’influence de la secheresse de l’an 2007 sur l’espece de cerisier dans la zone NE de Roumanie

106. MICULSCHI Cristina, GRĂDINARIU G., MORARIU Aliona - Studies regarding optimization protocol of regeneration to in vitro at Rubus idaeus and Ribes nigrum

107. SEPTAR Leinar, DUMITRU Liana Melania - The effect of localized irrigation on water reserves from soil in the special conditions from Dobrogea

108. ZLATI Cristina, GRĂDINARIU G., ISTRATE M. - Investigation of anatomical structure of graft union in sweet cherry

109. ZLATI Cristina, GRĂDINARIU G., ISTRATE M. - Incompatibility aspects that appear in scion-rootstock association at some pear and plum varieties

110. BUTA Erzsebet, CANTOR Maria, ZAHARIA A., JOUNG HYANG-YOUNG, CHOE H.R., PARK S.K. - The exploration of korean spontaneous flora for introducing some interest species in Romania

111. CHELARIU Elena-Liliana, DRAGHIA Lucia, BIREESCU Geanina, BIREESCU L., BRÂNZĂ Maria - Research regarding the influence of vinassa fertilization on Gomphrena globosa specie

112. DRAGHIA Lucia, CHELARIU Elena Liliana, BIREESCU L., BIREESCU Geanina, BRÂNZĂ Maria - Studies regarding the behavoiur of Callistephus chinensis in conditions of unconventional fertilization

113. POPESCU C., TEODORESCU A. - Researches regarding the photoperiods influence on physiological indicators at some cultivars of Eustoma grandiflorum, in the multiplication phase of in vitro culture

114. BERNARDIS R., GEORGESCU T., SANDU Tatiana - Aspects regarding the ornamental value of some rose varieties in „Tudor Neculai” nursery conditions - Iasi county

115. BOTNARENCO A. - Some aspects on the mechanized dried cutting vine in Republic of Moldova

116. CHIRIAC Cristina - Climatic requirements for optimum development of grapevine in Cotnari vineyard

117. CHIRIAC Cristina - Favourable climatic characteristics for the development of grapevine in Cotnari vineyard

118. IRIMIA L., PATRICHE C.V., ŢÂRDEA C. - The use of gis for the study of the local variation of the ecological factors in the Avereşti vine-growing centre – Huşi vineyard

119. NICOLAESCU Gh., DERENDOVSKAIA Antonina, PERSTNIOV N., STIRBU A., TCACIUC Olga, CIOBANU T., JOSAN Silvia - Improving the quality of Loose Perlette seedless grape variety through the use of biologically-active substances

120. NICOLAESCU Gh., DERENDOVSKAIA Antonina, PERSTNIOV N., STIRBU A., TCACIUC Olga, CIOBANU T., JOSAN Silvia - Gibberellin - as a determinant factor of grape’s quality of Muscat de Hamburg variety

121. PETREA Gabriela, TÂRDEA C., ROTARU Liliana, POP Rodica - The determination of quantity and purity DNA to some autohtonous grapevine varieties

122. CHIRIŢĂ Otilia, TUDOSE SANDU VILLE St., NICULAUA M., PĂVĂLOAIA P., NEACSU I. - Study regarding the antioxidant and radical scavenging activity of romanian wine Fetească Neagră compared to Merlot

123. ZĂNOAGĂ C.V., NICULAUA M., COTEA V. V. - On the dynamics of the redox potential during ”in red” wine making

124. BABEŞ Anca, BUDIU V., POP Nastasia, BUNEA C. - Research regarding water consumption at some grape varieties grown in Transilvania

125. BUFU Elena Nadia, GENOIU T. C., CICHI Daniela Doloris, GENOIU Elena, COSTEA D. C. - Pedological determining factors of bioproductive and qualitative potential as part of controlled denomination of origin area

126. CICHI Daniela Doloris, COSTEA D.C., OLTEANU I., POPA Camelia, GIUGEA N., MARACINEANU L.C., CICHI M. - Adjustment of the viticultural assortment to the climatic restraints from several viticultural areas of Oltenia

127. ENACHE Viorica, SIMION Cristina, TABARANU G., DONICI Alina - Aspects about the influence of the climatic changes on the viticultural ecosystem in Dealu Bujorului vineyard

128. IRIMIA L., ROTARU Liliana – Preliminary research regarding the elaboration of an ecological evaluation system for the viticultural areas

129. MUNTEANU N., IUREA Dorina, MANGALAGIU I.I., MUSTEA M., CHINTEA P.C., IUREA V. - A furostanol glycoside used in grape vine growing

130. MUSTEA M., ROTARU Liliana, MUNTEANU N., BIREESCU L. - The influence of some glicozid-steroidics on grapevine growth and fructification

131. ROTARU Liliana, MUSTEA M., NECHITA B., IRIMIA L. - The reshape of technological sequences in grow of the vine through European System of Quality EUREPGAP

132. ROTARU Liliana, MUSTEA M., STOLERU V., PETREA Gabriela - The valuation of North Eastern vineyards from Romania for implementation of sustainable viticulture

133. STROE Marinela Vicuţa, ISPAS Sofia, DAMIAN I., BUCUR Georgeta Mihaela - Comparative study on the behavior of clonal selection of the main varieties grown in the vineyard Pietroasa

134. ZALDEA Gabi, VASILE Ancuţa, DAMIAN Doina, STOICA Mihaiela Carmen - The influence of the technological factors on the vegetative and production potential of a series of high quality wine grape varieties

135. BUBURUZANU C., ZAMFIR C.I., CHIRIŢĂ Otilia, GEORGESCU O. - Variation of physical-chemical parameters in red wines obtained from romanian grape varieties

136. CĂPRUCIU F.D, POPA A., CĂPRUCIU Ramona, CICHI Daniela, COSTEA C. D. - Evaluating the qualitative potential of some breeds of black grapes from Segarcea wine-growing area

137. CIUPEANU Eleonora Daniela, MITREA Rodi - The appearance incidence of some oxidative yeast species in the ecotope Banu Maracine

138. DELIU Ionica, GIOSANU Daniela - Studies concerning morphological and biochemical properties of some yeast strains involved in wine fermentation

139. GEORGESCU O., COTEA V. V., BUBURUZANU C., COLIBABA Cintia - study regarding the valorification of local Babeasca Neagra grapes by different technological variants of maceration fermentation in Moldavia vineyards

140. GHERGHINĂ Nicoleta, COTEA V.V., SIMIONESCU Mihaela, VIZITEU G.A. – Studies concerning the influence of oernological tannins on oxidasic stability of Francușa wine from Cotnary vineyard

141. MOGÎRZAN Petronela-Cristina , COTEA V.V., ODĂGERIU G., CHIRIŢĂ Otilia, NICULAUA M., CONDORACHI I. - Aspects regarding the variation of chromatic characteristics during malolactic fermentation in red wine

142. POPESCU Carmen, POSTOLACHE Elena, CIUBUCĂ A., RAPEANU Gabriela, BULANCEA M., HOPULELE T. - The influence of oenological treatments on dynamic of oxidative enzymes from white grapes

143. STOICA Felicia, CICHI Daniela, HEROIU Elena - Influence of fermentation temperature on the volatile compounds - constituents of wines aroma

144. TUDOSE-SANDU-VILLE Şt., COTEA V.V., COLIBABA Cintia, NECHITA B., LǍCUREANU G., MOGǍRZAN Cristina - Study of phenolic compounds in red wines obtained in Iaşi vineyard by different maceration-fermentation methods

145. VASILE Ancuţa, COTEA V. V., MĂNTĂLUŢĂ Alina, PAŞA Rodica, SAVIN C. - The preliminary selection of isolated yeast strains from the indigenous flora of Iasi vineyard

146. VASILE Ancuţa, COTEA V. V., MĂNTĂLUŢĂ Alina, PAŞA Rodica, SAVIN C. - The oenological characterization of yeast strains potentially performance in the alcoholic fermentation process, isolated from the indigen flora of the vineyard of Iaşi

147. BOSOI Marioara - Study on the use of the amino acid profile as a biochemical descriptor for the characterization of the vine germplasm

148. ANGHEL Roxana Mihaela - Advanced technologies for the putting to good use of vegetables and fruits by coating films

149. BECEANU D. - New trends in the technology of horticultural products

150. BECEANU D. - Natural quality, a controversial concept in putting to good use vegetables, fruits and grapes

151. DOROBANŢU Paula Ioana - Actual trends in edible oils production and market

152. CĂPRUCIU Ramona - The study of qualitative potential of Virginia tobacco type grown in Oltenia region

153. BORONIA Gabriela - The favorability for the main agriculturals cultures in the Sârca fruit-growing basin

154. BULGARIU D., BULGARIU Laura, FILIPOV F. - The polymeric material effects on chemical and biochemical equilibriums in integrated soil-water-plants systems from glass houses. I - Experimental setting and preliminary results

155. BULGARIU D., BULGARIU Laura, FILIPOV F., RUSU C. - Distribution, mobility and bioavailability of phosphorus into soils from glasshouses

156. FILIPOV F., BULGARIU D. - The pedogeochemical segregation a few horizons in soils from glass houses

157. FILIPOV F., BULGARIU D., AVARVAREI I., BULGARIU LAURA - The effects of polymeric materials on the salinization processes of soils from glasshouses

158. CÂRDEI P., HEREA V. - Practical and theoretical results of the experimental method for the assessment the erosion risck, using the imere installation

159. GAVRILESCU Elena, POPESCU Simona Mariana, GAVRILESCU B. F. - The monitoring of aquatic ecosystems sediments from the Danube basin

160. GREGO S. - A network of networks for science of sustainability: a new challenge for the universities

161. HEREA V., CÂRDEI P. - A method for experimental assessment of hillslope soil erosion caused by water action

162. MAFTEI Carmen, ROŞU Lucica, TEODORESCU D. - The influence of water works on the flow regime of Taita catchment

163. MOCA V., POPIA Adr., RADU O., HUŢANU Cr. - Cartographic and specialized database for the information system of the viticulture cadastre

164. POPESCU Simona-Mariana, GAVRILESCU Elena - The monitorying of the water quality from the artificial accumulation barrage Işalniţa

165. RADU O. - Influence of the parching-draining networks, performed in the Păltinoasa-Drăguşeni area of Suceava county, on the ground water

166. RADU O. - Operation of the Drăgoieşti-Berchişeşti drainage network in Suceava county

167. ROŞU Lucica, MAFTEI Carmen, IORDACHE Gh., DORDESCU M., BUTA C., STĂNESCU Mădălina – Management and strategy problems in the exploit of irigation systems

168. CÂRLESCU P., ŢENU I., ROŞCA R., COJOCARIU P. - CFD simulation of soil-tool interaction

169. ROŞCA R., ŢENU I., CÂRLESCU P., AVARVAREI B. - Evaluation of the Komandi type shear area equation using a tyre traction model and experimental data

170. CIOROIANU T., SÎRBU Carmen, DUMITRAŞCU Monica, STEFANESCU S. L. - The fertilizers with chelate proteinic substances with for use in the organic agriculture

171. COTEŢ Valentina - The effect of organic fertilisation on yields of main field crops from the Lacu Sarat trial plot, Braila

172. COTEŢ Valentina - The behaviour of maize crop under different treatments from the Lacu Sarat trial plot, Braila

173. GAMENT Eugenia, PLOPEANU Georgiana, CARABULEA Vera, ILIE L., VRINCEANU Nicoleta - Availability of heavy metals from sewage sludge amended soil

174. LĂCĂTUŞ V. – Synthetic study concentring the requirements of vegetables to soil and agrochemical conditions from Romania. I. soil requirements

175. LĂCĂTUŞ V. - Synthetic study concentring the requirements of vegetables to soil and agrochemical conditions from Romania. II. Soil requirements

176. DUMITRESCU T. C. - The improvement of the pasturelands placed on salty soils from N-E part of Brăila county through amendments, fertilization and irrigation works

177. DUMITRESCU T. C. - Salt loving pasturelands associations from the North-Eastern part of Brăila county

178. CONTOMAN Maria, FILIPOV F. - Ecological interpretation of soils from Nicoresti vineyard ecopedotope

179. GĂVOZDEA Mihaela - Study concerning the nitrogen variation to certain representative types of soil in the south of the Dolj county

180. GĂVOZDEA Mihaela - Research concerning fundamental processes involved into nitrogen dynamics on soil profiles in Dolj district

181. PLOPEANU Georgiana, GAMENŢ Eugenia, DUMITRU M., CARABULEA Vera, MARINESCU Mariana - Functionality verification of data obtained in the green house on an artificial polluted soil with lead

182. CINCĂ Lidia - Some aspects concerning Venturia inaequalis (Cke Wint) and Podosphaera leucotricha ( Ev.Salm) control in apple plantation

183. GRUDNICKI Margareta, LUPĂŞTEAN Daniela, CÎRDEI I. - The attack produced by Rhizosphaera kalkhoffii Bub. fungus in Putna forest district – Suceava departament

184. GRUDNICKI Margareta - Contributions regarding woods fungi attack in some forests from Suceava departament

185. LAMBAN Carmen - Study of micromycetes in the rhizosphere the ornamental trees of the tree nursery of S.C.D.P. Iasi

186. LAMBAN Carmen - Study of micromycetes in the rhizosphere of the seedling ornamental trees of the tree nursery of S.C.D.P. Iasi

187. LUPAŞTEAN Daniela, GRUDNICKI Margareta - Impact of invasive species on forest ecosystems

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Vol 52