The Scientific Articles USAMV Iași - Horticulture Series is the journal of the Faculty of Horticulture of the University of Life Sciences “Ion Ionescu de la Brad”, from Iași. The journal is published every six months (in June and December), and the papers are published in print, online and on CD, for each of them there is an ISSN, as follows:

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Journal of Scientific Works - Horticulture Series has the CNCSIS code 422 and is indexed in the international databases CABI International, EBSCO and GOOGLE SCHOLAR.

The review of the works is carried out by scientific references, specialists in the horticultural field. Each work is reviewed by two references, and the recommendations are sent electronically to the corresponding author. After reviewing the material, according to the referents' recommendations, the corresponding author send the article back to the Editor, at e-mail . The final decision regarding the publication belongs to the editorial board of the journal. Papers accepted for publication are written in English.

For the papers presented at the International Congress LIFE SCIENCES TODAY FOR TOMORROW , organized each year by the “Ion Ionescu de la Brad” University of Life Sciences, the publication fee is included in the congress participation fee, which is communicated in the period preceding its organization. In case of papers that were not presented at the Congress, the participation fee is 200 lei (40 euro) and is paid into the account (IBAN code): RO93TREZ406504601X000728, fiscal code: 4541840, with the specification "for the Journal of Scientific Works - Horticulture Series".


1. EPERJESSY Diana Beatrice, TROFIN Alina, UNGUREANU Elena, TRINCĂ Lucia Carmen, SANDU Tatiana - Observations on nitrite content of some fruits and vegetables during different storage conditions

2. PATRAŞ Antoanela - Antioxidant and chromatic characterization of phenolic content in red cabbage

3. PATRAŞ Antoanela, BĂETU Alina Loredana, BĂETU M. M. - Dynamics of vitamin c content during the technological processes of “romanian peppers in vinegar” fabrication

4. UNGUREANU Elena, UNGUREANU O.C., TROFIN Alina, ARITON Adina-Mirela, JITĂREANU Carmenica Doina, POPA V.I. - Gravitational analyses applied to protobind 1000 lignin

5. ASIMINICESEI Dana Mihaela, HLIHOR Raluca Maria, GAVRILESCU Maria - Heavy metals: a source of contamination for medicinal plants and possible implications to human health

6. PĂDUREANU Silvica - Palynological features and pollen germination potential in Hyacinthus orientalis L.

7. PĂDUREANU Silvica - Dynamics of pollen tube growth in Hyacinthus orientalis L.

8. URSACHE Paula–Lucelia, TĂLMACIU M., TROTUŞ Elena, AMARGHIOALEI Roxana–Georgiana, ISTICIOAIA Simona–Florina, LEONTE Alexandra - The influence of chemical treatments application on the Ostrinia nubilalis Hbn. attack to maize sowed in different epochs in the conditions of central Moldova

9. MÎRZAN Oana, BOSTAN M.D., POPA D.L. - Researches regarding the influence of technological sequences on the yields of tubers and biomass at jerusalem artichoke under the conditions of A.R.D.S. Secuieni

10. NEGRU I. - Influence of the biological particularities of the new varieties introduced from the world collection on fruit quality

11. PESTEANU A. - The influence of different fruit thinning products on productivity and quality of “Fuji Kiku” variety

12. CIMPOI V.I., ROTARU Liliana, FILIMON R.V., COLIBABA Lucia Cintia, ALEXANDRU L.C., SCUTARAŞU Elena Cristina, CĂLIN Ioana - Nursery vegetative growth of 'Aromat de Iaşi' and 'Golia' grape varieties, by analysis of foliary photosynthetic pigments

13. FILIMON Roxana, DAMIAN Doina, NECHITA Ancuţa, FILIMON V.R. - Agrobiological and tehnological characterization of some newtable grapes varieties grown in the Copou Iasi wine center

14. NECHITA Ancuţa, ZALDEA Gabi, DAMIAN Doina, FILIMON Roxana, PISTICIUC I., FILIMON V.R. - The evolution over time of the development of vegetation phenophases of the vine varieties cultivated in the Copou Iaşi wine center in the context of climate change

15. FILIMON V.R., SANDU-VILLE Şt., BORA F. D., TUDOR Georgeta, FILIMON Roxana, NECHITA Ancuţa, DAMIAN Doina - Methods for producing low-alcohol wine. I. Viticultural and pre-fermentation strategies

16. FILIMON V.R., SANDU-VILLE Şt., BORA F.D., TUDOR Georgeta, FILIMON Roxana, NECHITA Ancuţa, ZAIŢ Monica - Methods for producing low-alcohol wine. II. Fermentation and post-fermentation strategies

17. ZAIŢ Monica, FILIMON V. R., NECHITA Ancuţa, DAMIAN Doina - Antiradical capacity of some red wines produced in the Iasi vineyard in relation to their phenolic content

18. HEREA Monica, TĂLMACIU M., TĂLMACIU Nela - Aspects regarding the epigee entomofauna existing in some agricultural crops in 2019

19. TĂLMACIU M., HEREA Monica, TĂLMACIU Nela - Observations on the epigeous fauna in some fruit apple orchards in the period 2018-2019

20. TALMACIU Nela, TALMACIU M., HEREA Monica - Observations on the structure, dynamics and abundance of existing arthropod fauna in the apple orchards from SC LOTURI SERVICE SRL in 2018

21. PISTICIUC I., ZALDEA Gabi, NECHITA Ancuţa - Evidence of the main pathogenic agents and pests of the vine and its phytosanitary control in the climate conditions of 2019

22. SLONOVSCHI A., PRUNĂ L. - Metric problems for determining distances: descriptive geometry vs. AutoCad

23. SLONOVSCHI A., PRUNĂ L. - The use of the mathematical curves in the obtaining process of the specific ornaments of the decorative elements from a garden

24. SANDU Tatiana, IVAŞCU Cl., TROFIN Alina-Elena, BERNARDIS R., GRECU Codrina - Practical solution to achieve a utility sectorin a private garden

25. ZLATI Cristina, PAŞCU Roxana, BERNARDIS R. – Using fruit growing species in periurban landscape design

26. LUCA M., STICEA A.S., LUCA Al.L. - Research on pollution of the groundwater capture

27. LUCA M., STICEA A.S., LUCA Al.L., SION P.V. - Environmental degradation phenomena in irrigation systems

28. SION P.V., LUCA M., TOMA D., DOMINTE Violeta - Research on environmental degradation in river branches areas

29. RASTIMESINA Inna, POSTOLACHI Olga, JOSAN Valentina - Bioremediation and phytoremediation of pesticide contaminated soil: microbiological study

30. DOLIŞ M. G., CHELARIU Elena Liliana, AVARVAREI B. V., PÂNZARU Claudia - Study regarding the appraisal of honey potential from the area of Victoria commune, Iasi county

31. TELIBAN G.C., STOLERU V., MUNTEANU N., RĂDEANU Georgiana, STAN T., AGAPIE Alina Laura, MATACHE M.G., POPA Lorena-Diana, VLĂDUŢ V. - The influence of different types of ecological fertilizers on the agroproductive capacity of five tomato cultivars

Vol 63 - No. 1