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Who we are

Iasi University of Life Sciences (IULS) is a specialized institution of superior agronomic and veterinary medicine training, financed by the state and having as fundamental mission the training of agricultural, horticultural and animal sciences engineers, agricultural economists, engineers in food industry, biologists, as well as veterinary doctors.

Our university is a serious academic partner, recognized by many European universities and institutions in the field of activity. We have 159 people as part of our teaching staff and research teams, who are teaching over 4200 students.

Our academic offer provides courses from domains of study of national and international applicability, high-quality training, scientific research performance, access to modern facilities and equipment and also opportunities to participate in study and practice European mobility programmes, which all serve to build successful careers for all our students.

Our University has four faculties, each offering various specialisations:

  • - 4 years of study:
    Faculty of Agriculture: Agriculture, Mountainous agriculture, Exploitation of machines and equipments for agriculture and food industry, Engineering and Management of Agricultural Business, Technology of Processing Agricultural Products, Consumer and environmental protection, Biology,
    Faculty of Horticulture: Horticulture, Landscape architecture, Environmental engineering, Agricultural Biotechnologies,
    Faculty of Food and Animal Sciences: Animal Sciences, Fish farming and aquaculture, Engineering and management in Food Service and Agri-tourism, Food control and expertise.
  • - 6 years of study:
    Faculty of Veterinary Medicine: Veterinary Medicine (in both Romanian and English).

U.A.S.V.M. Iaşi is a member of:

  • - EUA (European University Association)
  • - AUF (Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie)
  • - ICA - Association for European Life Science Universities
  • - CASEE (The European Consortium of Life Science Universities from Central and South Eastern Europe)
  • - EAEVE (The European Association of Establishments for Veterinary Education)
  • - IAESTE Romania (The International Association for the Exchange of Students for Technical Experience) - founding member
  • - RIFEFF (Réseau International Francophone des Etablissements de Formation de Formateurs)

Where we are

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Aleea Mihail Sadoveanu nr. 3, Iaşi, 700490, Romania
Telephone: 0232 407.407 | Fax: 0232 260.650 | E-mail: rectorat@uaiasi.ro

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