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Erasmus+ Programme (2014 - 2020)


General information

Erasmus Charter and Erasmus Policy Statement

Students mobility is an essential part of the Lifelong Learning Programme Erasmus plus or Erasmus+ or E+.
The programme implements various European cooperation initiatives in the field of education and training that are promoted and sustained by the EU.

- Erasmus Charter
- Erasmus Policy Statement
- List of higher education institutions in Erasmus+ programme / ERASMUS programme mobilities
- Erasmus Charter No: 67932-EPP-1-2014-1-RO-EPPKA3-ECHE
- Erasmus ID: RO IASI03
- PIC Code: 958078410

Guide of the Erasmus Student

- International Student Guide
- Information sheet

For foreign students studying at UASVM Iasi - outgoing

- Erasmus+ informal meeting with the students - Wednesday, the 6th of March, 14:00 o'clock, in the Green Room, the last floor (main building)
- About Erasmus+ (PowerPoint presentation)
- In the attention of candidates applying for the selection for ERASMUS+ grants (study and training mobilities) in 2019/2020
- Necessary documents for the mobility file - step by step
- Formal request for application
- Recommended criteria for establishing the number of points gained by the candidates who applied for the selection process
- Results of the selection

Incoming students


Winter semester June, 30th
Summer semester November, 30th


- The sending institutioon will send an e-mail to host university (erasmus@uaiasi.ro) with the information about the selected students - SM Incoming - Announcement table;
  This is a confirmation of your university for your acceptance as an Erasmus+ student.
- Learning agreement for studies (2018-2019) - completed, signed and stamped;
- Guidelines on how to use the Learning Agreement for Studies;
- Learning agreement for traineeships (2018-2019) - completed, signed and stamped;
- Guidelines on how to use the Learning Agreement for Traineeships;
- Student Application Form;
- Accommodation Form;
- A copy of the Identity card and Passport;
- Transcript of records;
- Language certificate (Romanian or English);
- The disciplines of our Bachelor's degree.

Academic Year Planner

- 2018/2019 Academic Year Planner - Bachelor studies

Details about Curriculum and Disciplines

Faculty Domain Specialization Curriculum
Full details about
the disciplines
Faculty of Agriculture Agronomy Agriculture read read
Agriculture in Mountainous Regions read read
Exploitation of Machines and Equipment for Agriculture
and Food Industry
read read
Engineering and Management in Agriculture
and Rural Development
Economic Engineering in Agriculture read read
Food Engineering Technology of Processing Agricultural Products read read
Consumer and Environment Protection read read
Biology Biology read read
Faculty of Horticulture Horticulture Horticulture read  
Landscape Design read  
Environmental Engineering Environmental Engineering read  
Faculty of Animal Sciences Animal Husbandry Animal Husbandry read  
Fish Breeding and Aquaculture read  
Engineering and Management in Agriculture
and Rural Development
Management in Public Alimentation and Agri-tourism read  
Engineering of Alimentary Products Control and Expertize of Alimentary Products read  
Faculty of Veterinary Medicine Veterinary Medicine Veterinary Medicine read read

Campus Map

- UASVM Campus Map (includes: laboratories, lecture theaters, seminar rooms etc.)

Incoming staff


- Mobility agreement for teaching (2018-2019)
- Mobility agreement for training (2018-2019)

About institutions and domains

Partner universities

- List of partner institutions in Erasmus+ (2014-2021)


- Fields of study and practice

Other details

Being student at Faculty of Agriculture

- About accomodation, health inssurance, visa, grading system

Success stories (incoming students)

- Incoming students Cordoba şi Napoli - 2012
  This video was made by three students from Cordoba and Naples who studied at USAMV Iasi with an Erasmus scholarship.
  For this they received an award at the Erasmus event "15 years in Romania and 25 years in Europe" which took place in Bucharest on May 18, 2012.

- Incoming students Napoli - 2016
  This video was made by Roberta Compare and Valeria Savoia, students at Universit√† degli Studi di Napoli Federico II in Italy,
  who were at USAMV Iasi (at the Faculty of Animal Husbandry) in January-April 2016, with an Erasmus+ Practice Mobility.
  It was awarded at a photo contest organized by the Erasmus+ Office.

Internal addresses

- The Ministry of National Education

- The National Agency (ANPCDEFP)

External addresses

- Europpean Commission - Erasmus+ Programme

- Europpean Commission - EACEA


Email: erasmus@uaiasi.ro
Fax: +40 232 260.650

Prof. dr. Neculai MUNTEANU Institutional Coordinator
PhD, Prof. Neculai MUNTEANU
Tel: +40 232 407.478
Fax: +40 232 260.650
  Mat. Veronica APETREI ERASMUS+ Mobilities (KA1) Officer
Veronica APETREI
Tel: +40 232 407.528
Fax: +40 232 260.650

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