Bachelor at Faculty of Food and Animal Sciences


Students organized in “League of animal husbandry students” carried out, besides dedicated professional training activities, a student activity remarkable in spectrum areas based on associative life. The main character of students’ activities is given by tradition and dynamism. 
Sport manages to join a considerable mass of students in various competitions.
Traditional sport is football, but it is joined: tennis, volleyball, basketball, chess, rugby, athletics etc.
Student nights are full of content (theater, traditional dances, choir, book launch, etc.) leaves unforgettable memories for all those presented.
During student years, outside training, students have the opportunity to conduct a paid work in production units. They provide services for some animal rearing and exploitation units, marketing, management, etc.

Facilities to students

  • UASVM offers accommodation in students’ hostel for all the period of studies;
  • dining possibilities at the University canteen, in self-service regime;
  • permanent access to Internet through a modern optic fiber network;
  • free access to the existent documentary resources at UASVM Iasi Library (academic textbooks, Romanian and foreigner specialized publications);
  • gratuities or discounts on services/events offered by Iasi cultural institutions (museums, theater, philharmonic, libraries etc.);
  • access to the sports facilities of UASVM Iasi (sport hall, gym and fitness hall, running track, pitches for team sports: football, handball, basketball, tennis);
  • discount for public transport in the Municipality of Iasi and SNCFR networks;
  • scholarships awarded to students, function of obtained results or social situations;
  • professional training courses in foreigner universities and manufacturing units;
  • active implication in scientific clubs and students’ symposiums;
  • prizes awarded for recognition of professional training or research activities;
  • free tickets in national student camps, depending on individual performances




Career opportunities

After graduating from faculty of Animal Science you can be employed in:

  • agricultural companies and associations;
  • foodstuff processing companies;
  • distribution companies for agricultural resources;
  • units for animals’ reproduction and breeding;
  • agricultural chambers;
  • consumers’ protection offices;
  • customs police;
  • county laboratories for fodders quality control;
  • research institutes;
  • high schools;
  • rural development agencies and offices;
  • NGO aimed for rural development;
  • mayors – department for sustainable development programs;
  • certification and evaluation of animal husbandry products;
  • zoological gardens.