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Veterinary Student Association Iasi ( A.S.V.I.) with the head office in the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of Iasi, exists since year 1990, having a legal form starting with 25.03.1992 after the decision of the Court of Justice Iasi.

Veterinary Student Association Iasi is affiliated to I.V.S.A. (International Veterinary Students' Association) since 10 of May 1991, and beginning with this date members of A.S.V.I. have participated to the international congresses organized by I.V.S.A., with this occasion forming connections with other I.V.S.A. affiliated associations of veterinary students.

More than the visual presentation, IVSA Iasi represents(in Romanian):
I = Implication
V = Vision
S = Reliability
A = Attitude
And it's members are not the product of a simple coincidence, but of some beliefs and values we all share.
More than a group, IVSA Iasi is a team. Together for fun, study, work. All these will help transform some really nice friends and colleagues into what we chose to become: successful veterinarians.

Opportunities of student exchanges nationally and internationally:
- Trips to another faculties for the members;
- Assured housing;
- Visiting Veterinary Medicine schools and touristic objectives from that city.

Congresses and symposiums:
- Congresses and symposiums to which participate delegates from all chapters in the world in order to discuss problems related to the veterinary field and the activities of the member associations;
- The programs include cultural activities, scientific ones and also entertaining activites.

Group exchanges possibilities

Duration: 7 days

Period: March - April , October - November

Persons: maximum of 10 persons

Costs: Incoming students have to pay for the road and to have their spending money, the rest is covered by us.

Example of program:

  • Day 1: Receiving the group. The rest of the day, free schedule for resting after the road and getting familiar with things around campus or about the city ( public transportation, prices, supermarkets, etc). Dinner in the student hall or at a restaurant.
  • Day 2: Attending lectures and labs until 2 p.m. Dining in the cafeteria. In the afternoon, visiting the city: points of touristic interest. Dinner and party in the student hall.
  • Day 3: Attending lectures and labs until 2 p.m. Dining in the cafeteria. Visiting the Botanic Garden and the parks on the Copou hill. Dinner in the evening. Going out.
  • Day 4: Trip to Tg. Neamt, P. Neamt, the surroundings of Iasi.
  • Day 5: Attending lectures and labs until 2 p.m. Dining in the cafeteria. Visiting museums, memorial houses, the recreation area of "Ciric". Movie night in the lecture hall. Party in a club near the campus.
  • Day 6: Visiting the Museum of Nature's Sciences. Dining in the cafeteria. Wine tasting. Philharmonic piano concert. Party.
  • Day 7: Barbecue at a member's house. Ending reunion. Leaving preparations.

Individual exchange possibilities

The terms for the individual exchange are the same as for the group exchange.




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