The city of Iaşi is one of the most important cultural center of Romania, also known as the cultural capital of the country, where the old and the new intertwine and produce a rich and nourishing foundation for all those who decide to spend some time discovering its beauty.

If you decide to come study in Iaşi, the city will offer you the best sources of new discoveries, fun and memorable experiences, through its historical, as well as modern places. Having three important university campuses in the central area of the town, among which our University’s campus may be mentioned, this makes the city a place where international, as well as Romanian students meet, where languages and cultures are brought together in an exciting mix.

The city offers numerous historical places to visit, such as the Palace of Culture, which is the symbol of the city, the Metropolitan Cathedral, Golia Monastery, “Moldova” State Philharmonic of Iaşi, the National Theater, as well as all the museums which preserve our history and culture.

Iaşi offers resources for all types of interests students may have: libraries for their academic interests, places to visit, for their cultural discovery interests, restaurants, cinemas, theaters and malls, for their leisure interests. Student life in Iaşi is rich in possibilities and opportunities, which makes the city the perfect place to start your international experience and academic journey.

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IULS has a total surface of 13,798 square meters, out of which 7,117 square meters re- present the surface used in the academic, research and training activity such as amphitheaters, several seminar rooms, labora- tories, lecture rooms.

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