"Ion Ionescu de la Brad" University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine of Iaşi has a total surface of 13798 square meters, out of which 7117 square meters represent the surface used in the academic, research and training activity, such as 9 amphitheaters, several seminar rooms, lecture rooms, 44 laboratories, a festivity hall with a 700 places capacity, mechanization hall, veterinary clinics, 3 farms: Ezăreni Farm, V. Adamachi Horticultural Farm, Rediu Farm, 6 accredited research centers, all the aforementioned spaces being the University's property and pertaining to the public domain.


The USAMV Library in Iaşi has a scientific and encyclopedic profile and ranks as one of the central university libraries of the city. Its history is closely intertwined with that of the university itself. The Library was initially established for the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences, which was based in Iaşi and Chişinău.
Recently extended and modernized, the library functions in a newly refurbished space spanning on four levels with a space covering 1.350 square meters. It comprises 3 Reading Rooms with 191 seats available for users and a Multimedia & Internet Room with 41 PCs, ensuring comfortable study and research conditions.
The staff of twelve librarians carries out all of the main specific activities and services, such as: acquisition, cataloging, classification circulation, loan and reservations services, statistic reports and the management of serials, interlibrary loan, e-mail alerts etc., with the help of the specialized library software Liberty3 and thus providing high quality services for its 4522 users.
The total fund (books, periodicals, papers, courses, electronic items) of the Library comprises 99.158 volumes. The online ANELIS database can be easily accessed from the Library's website and offers the latest information on various domains of scientific research.
It also houses a wide collection of rare patrimony books dating back to the 18th and 19th century. Among the oldest publications we mention here specialized books, dictionaries and encyclopedias printed abroad starting with the 18th century.
The Library has a network of 92 national and international exchange partners, sending and receiving a variety of scientific publications. Further developing within an international context, the USAMV Library in Iaşi became a founder member of the Balkan Libraries Union (BLU), whose general aim is to assist libraries in the Balkan region in forming a functional network, improving access to collections in Balkan libraries and providing more efficient library information services in the Balkans.

Student acommodation

USAMV Iaşi offers students accommodation based on their academic performance and according to the number of places available. There are 5 student dormitories, the fifth one being recently opened for use. The accommodation services include connection to the Internet, cable TV, cooking facilities and laundry rooms. The accommodation fees are annually established by the University's Senate, based on different student categories (self-paying students, scholarship students, social cases, etc.).

Medical services

Students may benefit from medical services, free of charge, in the medical offices located in the University campus, within the dormitory buildings.

Campus Cafeteria-Restaurant

The student cafeteria, called "Târguşor Copou" Student Restaurant, taking its name after the area in which it is situated, is located near the University, allowing students easy access within walking distance from the campus. It was modernized in 2008 and it covers an area of approximately 800 square meters having a capacity of 350 seats. The opening hours are between 12:00 a.m. and 21:00 p.m. during the period of academic activity (but not during the holidays).

Sports facilities

The University has the best sports facilities in all university centres of Iaşi, including two sports halls, a fitness room, two tennis courts, a racing track, a floodlighting system, and a modern stadium with artificial lawn and artificial lighting.
Students may go to the sports facilities every week, even outside of the sports classes.

Anatomy Museum

The Museum started out as a collection of various molds and original gypsum models illustrating veterinary anatomy systems, created by Professor Vasile Coţofan, a renowned academic of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of Iaşi. During Professor Coţofan' academic activity, over four decades of work, the collection has gradually grown, until the museum has reached the present collection of exhibits.
The museum currently displays numerous exhibits, such as anatomical pieces, gypsum models and molds, of both big and small animals, including pathological pieces, being open to students, academics, researchers from Romania and from abroad.

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IULS has a total surface of 13,798 square meters, out of which 7,117 square meters re- present the surface used in the academic, research and training activity such as amphitheaters, several seminar rooms, labora- tories, lecture rooms.

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