Rodica Chetroiu


Rodica Chetroiu, I. Călin

The purpose of paper is to determine the approximate consumption of technological resources and related expenditures for the goat milk, so as to develop the budget of incomes and expenditures, estimate the economic indicators characterizing economic efficiency for the period 2012-2013. The working methods are technological specifications for goat milk, explanatory research - defining the main technical and economic elements regarding the elaboration of technological estimate and calculate the economic and technical indicators for the product. The results show that for the average milk production of 350 l / head, the unit cost is 1.7 RON / litre, by adding a rate of return of 28.7%, is estimated a production price at farm gate of 2.2 RON / litre. Standard gross margin per unit is 1.05 RON / litre, and the share of gross margin in raw product is 39.05%. The break even point for goat's milk with an average of 350 l is 406.12 RON, expressed in value and 184.6 l expressed in physical units. In conclusion, the efficient development of growing and exploitation activities of goats for milk production requires the provision of resources and their allocation and combining to be such as to lead to the achievement of greater quantities of milk, low cost per unit, by applying modern technologies and improved technical means.

Key words: milk, goat, indicators, technology, profitability