S. Acatincăi


S. Acatincăi, D. Gavojdian, L.T. Cziszter, I. Tripon, G. Răducan

Aim of the current research was to describe the elimination behaviour in dairy cows during their first 100 days of lactation in winter and summer seasons, during total confinement. Twenty multiparous Romanian Black and White cows were used in the current study, for each season a group of 10 animals. Behaviour was monitored for 48 h each season using 4 video cameras connected to a system of CCBIR type, with a power of 125 fps. Studied traits were: number of defecation periods; frequency of the defecation periods; time length between raising in standing position and first defecation period; number of urination periods; frequency of the urination periods; time length between raising in standing position and first urination period. Highest frequency of the defecation periods was registered during intense human activity in the shed, especially during milking and feeding time, when cows were forced to stand. Average number of defecting periods per 24 h registered during winter season was of 8.60 and of 8.50 periods during summer. Between the two seasons differences were sub traced, only of 0.10 defecation periods, this difference was not significantly statistically (p>0.05). During winter registered on average number of urination periods per 24 h of 8.40. A slightly smaller number of urinations were registered during summer season, of 7.35 per 24 h. Registered differences between the two seasons were of 1.05 urination periods, value tested as very significantly (p<0.001).

Key words: elimination behaviour; dairy cows; total confinement