V. Cighi


V. Cighi, T. Oroian, S. Daraban, D. Dronca, V.A. Bâlteanu, Teodora Crina Carsai

Our study follows the characterization from morpho-productive view of ovine Tzigaie population existent in Research and Development Station for Meadows Jucu as concerns the main conformation and constitution features. Were comparatively followed the main conformation and constitution features in Bucalaie and Ruginie varieties of Tzigaie breed existent in Jucu. The observations concerning: body weight, height, croup height, trunk length, chest width, croup width, thorax depth, thorax perimeter, tibia perimeter and body weight at parturition, were done on a numerical representative force of 100 individuals appertaining in equal parts of the two varieties. Using the specific methodology were calculated the average values for analyzed features, the standard deviation and variation coefficients as variability rates and were established also the differences among average values for studied features of the two varieties. After the study we observed that in the majority of analyzed situations the Bucalaie variety presented superior values given to Ruginie one. The differences between the two varieties are ensured statistically at different signification limits in favor of Bucalaie variety for next characters: height, croup height, trunk length, thorax perimeter and lambs weight at parturition. The effected research puts into evidence the good potential of Tzigaie breed and especially of Bucalaie variety as participant in the crossing programs, especially with meat breeds.

Key words: Tzigaie, Ruginie, Bucalaie, biometry, conformation