Stela Zamfirescu


Stela Zamfirescu, Irina Topoleanu, Dorina Nadolu


This study had analysed the hematological profile of goats (adult and youg females and males) and the influence of sex on the hematological values whith MS4/5 Hematological Anlyser (Melet Schloesing, France). On the red blood cell (RBC) counts of goats, sex had any influence. The hemoglobin (Hb) and hematocrit (Ht) values were smaller in both sexes (8.18±0.27 in females and 8,2±0,17 in males) as well as the packed cell volume (PCV) values (14,37±0,36 in females and 15,5±1,6 in males). Mean of the hemoglobin concentration (MCHC) was higher in the female than male goats (43,65±1,01 in male and 44,09±1,21 in female). Leukocytes mean was high in both sexes, which may be interpreted as a potential infection. Lymphocytes represented more than 50% of the total white blood cell (WBC) counts in male and females goats. Monocyte and basophile mean was not influenced by sex. But, in the case of eosinophil average, the males had smaller values than females and both were smaller than normal. Mean of neutrophils was lower than normal. The haematologic profile on the youg goats of 3 month age, male and female, was the lower values with 8-10 % in comparison with the adult goats and bucks. Since the animals are apparently healthy, any value may be regarded as possible infection or metabolic and nutritional disorder.

Key words: goat, hematological profile, hemoglobin, eritrocyte, leukocyte.