St. Creanga


St. Creanga, E.C. Popescu, V. Maciuc

Research has been conducted in the SCDCB Dancu, Iasi on 30 Grey Steppe cows to see the milk production indices per successive lactation, the corporally growth to the adult cows, heritability, repeatability and, genetic and phenotypic correlations between morph productive main characters.
In the same time we done a bibliographic study on the research made on this race in the past, and put face to face the grey steppe characters from the past(years 1947-1963) present Grey Steppe from SCDCB Dancu Iasi.
The primary data was from the OARZ Iasi database and from direct observations done on the farm. This notes that the duration of total lactation was the same with normal lactation, no more than 305 days, the quantity of milk was from 1589.64 kg (lactation I) to 2535.43 kg on the fifth lactation that is the maximum lactation. In studies of past productions the average of milk production was 1624 kg on the average period of 216.54 lactation days, in the 1947 year in Anton Paul' farm Ilfov, 2172 kg in the 1959 year, 2310 kg in the 1960 year and 1976 kg in 1963 to GAS Laza Vaslui, 1244 kg in the 1961 year to G.A.C., May 8 'village Saveni, Fetesti. The corporally growth has medium value of 122.28 cm for height, and 542.86 kg for weight, with no significant differences to the Grey Steppe from the past.
Analyzing the coefficient of heritability for main characters we acquired medium value for milk quantity and fat (h2=0,30÷0,31), which proves a good genetic consolidation of this caws study in the present.

Key words: Grey Steppe, milk, heritability, correlation