N. Pacala


N. Pacala, I. Bencsik, D. Dronca, Ada Cean, V. Caraba, Alexandra Boleman

The aim of our paper was to induce twin gestations in cows, by transferring frozen embryos. The embryos necessary for transfer were obtained from 12 donor cows from Romanian Black Spotted breed, super ovulated with FSH pituitary extract (Foltropin-V). Embryos were no surgically recovered at 7 days after the induced estrus, and those that were in 1 and 2 quality code (after IETS Manual) were frozen. At 11 recipient females we transferred embryos no surgically, one embryo for each uterine horn, 6 females were diagnose as pregnant (54,5%), from which 5 carried the gestation to term. From those, 3 cows had twin calving (60%) and 2 had simple caving (40%). 12 recipient cows received two embryos, by no surgical embryo -transfer, on luteal body ipsilateral uterine horn. 6 females have been diagnose pregnant (60%). From those, 2 cows had twinned calving (33,3%) and 3 cows (66,7%) had simple calving. The twin calving at the females that had one embryo transferred in each uterine horn was higher (60%) comparative to the females that had two embryos transferred into the luteal body ipsilateral uterine horn (33,3%).

Key words: cow, embryotransfer, twin calving