Marcela Sârbu


Marcela Sârbu, Ioana Tanasescu, R. Olar

In the designing, execution, endowment and exploitation of the farm for the swines growing and exploitation, it is taked into account first by the technological elements of the production process, wich impose the geometrical parameters of the structure in ensamble. The technical performance conditions: strength capacity, stability, ductility, durability, together with the factors wich interfere in the verification of the satisfaction of the quality requirements, satisfy also the requirements of hygiene, health, of the animals and of the peoples, and also the environment protection.The conception of the the swines shelters is made assuring the hygiene of: the air, the water, the hydrotermical hygiene of the interior environment, shining, ilumination, the accustic protection, the finishings quality, the proper manures evacuation, once with the exterior environment protection. In this paper we will analyse the way of assuring of the general and detailing conformation of the considered space in order to reduce the energetical consumption in the conditions of obtaining of an admisible minimal thermical confort in the sectors in winter conditions. We present the technical solutions of the conformations of this structures, to hold the temperature and humidity in the admited limits for each specie, this means to a level coresponding to the conditions in wich the health and the productions to not be affected, assuring an acceptable ambiance.

Key words: shelter, thermical confort, energy consumption