I. Buzu


I. Buzu, Silvia Evtodienco, O. Masner, P. Liutkanov

The purpose of research is to create a new intraraceal type of Karakul sheep, which would ensure a high productivity of fur leather, meat, milk. Was used a method of growing through cross-breeding of sheep of indigenous breed named Tsushca with those from Karakul classic breed of asian type. As a result was created a new type of sheep population named Moldavian Flesh Karakul, with a typical exterior for Karakul race, from which will be obtained 68,5-71,2% of fur leather of highest sorts with a large surface (1839 cm2). Body mass of adult rams is 89.0 - 98.5 kg, of sheep - 55.5 - 57.2 kg. Ewe's production of milk is 76,6-80 kg. Ewe's genotype is 12.5 - 25.0% share of blood of Tsushca breed and 87.5 - 75.0% of Asian Karakul breed. New type of Karakul sheep breed overcomes the classical Karakul breed mass body with 45.1%, milk production with 53.2% and fur leather surface with 31.3%. Mass of reformed sheep carcass after the fattening is 32.3 ± 1.0 kg, of 6 months lambs- 16.6 ± 0.3 kg. The slaughter benefit is respectively 54.8% and 47.5%.

Key words: Type, sheep, Karakul fur leather, meat, milk