Fundamental Sciences in Animal Husbandry

Head of Department:

PhD, Assoc. Prof. Daniel SIMEANU


  • Animal physiology;
  • Technology of meat and meat products;
  • Processing the products of animal origin;
  • Quality control and expertise of meat and meat products;
  • Cinegetic management.

PhD, Prof. Mircea Ioan POP
  • Animal nutrition and feeding;
  • Feed additives;
  • Food commodities science.

PhD, Prof. Şteofil CREANGĂ
  • Genetics;
  • Biology of animal productions;
  • Genetically modified food.

PhD, Assoc. Prof. Daniel SIMEANU
  • Nutrition & feeding;
  • Human nutrition;

PhD, Assoc. Prof. Carmen-Olguţa BREZULEANU
  • Didactics for specialized subjects;
  • Classroom management;
  • Communication and negociation.

PhD, Assoc. Prof. Valerica GÎLCĂ
  • Ecology and environment protection;
  • Ecology and ecotourism;
  • Aquatic Botany and Zoology;
  • Hydrology and Hydrobiology;
  • Environmental management.

PhD, Assoc. Prof. Roxana-Dana BUCUR
  • Descriptive Geometry and Technical Drawi;
  • Agricultural Construction;
  • Agritourism Constructions;
  • Horticultural Constructions;
  • Embankments, Roads and Utility Network.

PhD, Assoc. Prof. Roxana LAZĂR
  • Animal physiology;
  • Technology of meat and meat products;

PhD, Lecturer Mihaela IVANCIA
  • Animal breeding;
  • Development strategies and policies in public food service and agritourism;
  • Management of human resources in public food service and agritourism;
  • Global policies and strategies of food safety.

PhD, Lecturer Doina LEONTE
  • Food hygiene;
  • Cellular biology;
  • Veterinary hygiene;
  • Fish nutrition;
  • Fish anatomy.

PhD, Lecturer Cristina-Gabriela RADU-RUSU
  • Animals nutrition and feeding;
  • Additives and ingredients in food industry.

PhD, Lecturer Alexandru USTUROI
  • Processing of agroalimentary products;
  • Technological engineering in catering and agritourism;
  • Management of environment.

PhD, Lecturer Raluca-Elena DONOSĂ
  • Animal nutrition and feeding;
  • Farm animal science.

PhD, Lecturer Marius Mihai CIOBANU
  • Tehnology of meat and meat products;
  • Control and expertize of meat and meat products quality;
  • Tehnology of animal origin products;
  • Technological engineering in public food service and agri-tourism.

PhD, Lecturer Gabriela FRUNZĂ
  • Quality and food safety management;
  • Food commodities science;
  • Merchandising in food service and agritourism;
  • Food quality management.

Management of Animal Productions

Head of Department:

PhD, Prof. Marius Giorgi USTUROI


PhD, Prof. Marius Giorgi USTUROI
  • Poultry husbandry;
  • Management of poultry products;
  • Food quality control;
  • Food products quality control;
  • Milk and dairy products technology;
  • Control and expertise of milk and dairy products.

PhD, Prof. Benone PĂSĂRIN
  • Swine rearing;
  • Aquaculture;
  • Management of swine production.

PhD, Prof. Ioan GÎLCĂ
  • Livestock farm technology;
  • General animal husbandry;
  • Animal raw materials;
  • Cattle breeding technology.

PhD, Prof. Constantin PASCAL
  • Sheep and goats husbandry;
  • Management of sheep and goats production;
  • General animal technologies;
  • Biotechnologies applied in the food industry;
  • Biotechnologies of traditional food products.

PhD, Prof. Vasile MACIUC
  • Management of cattle productions;
  • Methodology of scientific research;
  • Commercial law;
  • Judiciary medicine and contraventions;
  • Negociation techniques.

PhD, Assoc. Prof. Marius DOLIŞ
  • Apiculture and sericulture;
  • Horses rearing;
  • Ethology.

PhD, Assoc. Prof. Răzvan Mihail RADU-RUSU
  • Anatomy, Histology, Embriology ;
  • Enzymatic and immunological analyses in food industry.

PhD, Lecturer Gherasim NACU
  • Biology of animal reproduction;
  • Biotechnologies of reproduction in zootechny;
  • Aquatic animals reproduction;
  • Forestry and food products;
  • Control of ecological agricultural food production.

PhD, Lecturer Bogdan Vlad AVARVAREI
  • Technological engineering in public catering and agri-tourism;
  • Processing of foodstuff products;
  • Business management;
  • Unitary operations in food industry;
  • Preservation and storage of agricultural products;
  • Inspection and legislation in aquaculture.

PhD, Lecturer Gabriel HOHA
  • Breeding swine;
  • Quality and expertise product of extractive products;
  • Exploitation of fisheries funds.

PhD, Lecturer Corneliu LEONTE
  • Construction;
  • Construction agritourism;
  • Control rooms and storage parameters.

PhD, Lecturer Lenuţa FOTEA
  • Processing of aquaculture products;
  • Control and expertise of fish meat;
  • Quality control of aquatic products;
  • Commodity of aquatic food;
  • General livestock technologies;
  • Agricultural tourism planning.

PhD, Lecturer Cristina SIMEANU
  • Management of agro-tourism farms;
  • Quality control and expertise of fish and aquatic products;
  • Aquaculture.

PhD, Lecturer Roxana Nicoleta RAŢU
  • Expertise and quality control of milk and dairy products;
  • Control the quality and expertise of poultry and beekeeping;
  • Control of food quality;
  • Technology of milk and derivatives.

PhD, Lecturer Cătălin Emilian NISTOR
  • Quality control and expertise of the extractive products;
  • Principles and methods of food preservation;
  • Quality control and expertise of milling and bakery products;
  • Quality control and expertise of fish and aquatic products;
  • Animal raw materials.