PhD, Lecturer Raluca-Elena Donosă

PhD, Lecturer Raluca-Elena Donosa
PhD, Lecturer
Raluca-Elena Donosă

Contact data

Last Name: DONOSĂ
Faculty of Animal Sciences
Department: Fundamental Sciences in Animal Husbandry
Date of birth: January, 24 1977
Address (work): 3 Mihail Sadoveanu Alley, Iaşi - 700490, Romania
Telephone: +40 - 232407521
Fax: +40 - 232260650

Scientific papers:

Total: 30
1.Lenuţa Fotea, Raluca Elena Donosă, Doina Leonte, Elena Costăchescu, Mioara Bocănici, Dana Tăpăloagă, 2014 - The traditional system in obtaining smoked trout in Bucovina area, Romania Journal of Biotechnology, vol. 185, pag. S75, ISSN 0168-1656, Elsevier, European Biotechnology Congress, Lecce, Italy.
2.Lenuţa Fotea, Elena Costăchescu, G.V. Hoha, Doina Leonte, Raluca Elena Donosă, C. Leonte, 2013 - The role and the importance of consuming of aquatic products in human nutrition Agrarni Nauki, vol. 5, no. 14, pag. 157- 160, ISSN 1313-6577, Plodviv, Bulgaria.
3.Elena Costăchescu, G.V. Hoha, Lenuţa Fotea, Raluca Elena Donosă, Doina Leonte, 2013 - The carp (Cyprinus carpio) rearing in polyculture with grass carp (Ctenopharyngodon idella)- a condition for farming efficiency Agrarni Nauki, vol. 5, no. 14, pag. 243- 246, ISSN 1313-6577, Plodviv, Bulgaria.
4.Raluca Elena Donosă, 2011 - The nutritive value of alfalfa hay in some dairy cows farms from Moţca village (Iaşi county) Zootechnical Series of Scientific Research, vol. 54, pag. 366- 369, ISSN 1454-7368, U.S.A.M.V., Iaşi.
5.Raluca Elena Donosă, 2010 - Improving possibilities of dairy cows diets in some small dairy farms from Paşcani rural zone Agronomy Series of Scientific Research, vol. 53, U.S.A.M.V., Iaşi.
6.Raluca Elena Donosă, 2010 - The nutritive value of the maize grain from some dairy cows farms from Lespezi village Agronomy Series of Scientific Research, vol. 53, U.S.A.M.V., Iaşi.
7.Gavril Ştefan, D. Donosă, A. Popescu, Raluca Elena Donosă, 2009 - Entrepreneurial attitudes, activity and aspirations 6th International Conference on the Management of technological Changes, vol. Management of technological Changes, no. 1, pag. 281- 284, Alexandroupolis, Greece.
8.Raluca Elena Radu, 2008 - Possibilities of improving daity cows diets in small dairy farms in the rural part of Moldavia 43rd Croatian and 3rd International Symposium on Agriculture, pag. 780- 783, Opatija, Croatia.
9.Teodorescu- Soare E., Birescu Geanina, Birescu Lazăr, Radu Raluca Elena, 2006 - Assesing the ecological impact upon different ecosystems perimeters with a view to identifying a strategy of ecologic rehabilitation ESNA 2006- European society for new metods in agricultural research -U.S.A.M.V. and XXXVI annual meeting, 10 - 14 september 2006, pag. 355 - 362.

Books and university manuals:

Total: 1
1.Ovidiu Gabriel Iancu, Nicolae Buzgar and col., 2008 - Geochemical Atlas of Heavy Metals found in Soils of the Iaşi County and surroundings . Editura Universităţii "Alexandru Ioan Cuza", Iaşi, 2008.

Grants and research contracts:

Total: 2
1.CEEX- 748: Geochemical Atlas of Heavy Metals found in Soils of the Iaşi County and surroundings. Responsible Conf. Eugen Teodorescu Soare - period 2006-2008 (member of the research team).
2.CNCSIS- 738/2007: Sustainable management of soil resources on the terrains amended in terraces from the hilly area of the Moldavian Plain. Responsible Conf. Feodor Filipov - period 2007-2008 (member of the research team).


- Animal nutrition and feeding;
- Farm animal science.

Research areas:

- Chemical analysis and determining the nutritive value of the fodders used in animal nutrition;
- Farm animal nutrition and feeding;
- Optimisation of farm animals feeding;
- Modern technologies applied in animal farming.

Scientific and professional organizations:

- The Romanian Society of Animal Science (SRZ);