PhD, Prof. Constantin Pascal

PhD, Prof. Constantin Pascal
PhD, Prof.
Constantin Pascal

Contact data

Last Name: PASCAL
Faculty of Animal Sciences
Department: Management of Animal Productions
Date of birth: May, 12 1961
Address (office): Iaşi, 8 Mihail Sadoveanu Alley, 4th level, Code 700489, Romania
Telephone: +40 232 407593
Fax: +40 232 267504

Scientific papers:

Total: over 150
1. Pascal C., Nechifor I, Costică C, 2015 - Research on the influence of the natural factors on the reproduction and sexual behaviour activity in rams. Lucrări ştiinţifice-Zootehnie şi Biotehnologii, Chişinău. ISBN 978-9975-64-246-0, p 221-227.
2. Pascal C., Nechifor I., Costica C., 2015 - The use of methods and technologies to improve the performances of reproduction and production in goats. Magyar Allatorvosok Lapja, ISSN 0025-004X. Vol 137, p 383-391.
3. Pascal C., Nechifor I., Costica C., 2015 - The effect of crossing Romanian sheep breeds with rams of meat breeds over the specific indicators of meat production, IV International Conference, Trends in meat and meat products manufacturing, 11-12 June - Kraków, ISBN 978-83-930769-4-9. P 148-159.
4. Pascal C., C. Cristian, I. Nechifor, Al. M. Florea, 2014 - Estimation of genetic parameters specific to Tigaie breed reared in North-East part of Romania, Lucrari stiintifice, Seria Zootehnie, ISSN 1454-7368, vol 62, p 3-8.
5. Pascal C., Cristian C. 2014 - The evaluation of milk production for the Tigaie breed which is raised in different traditional parts of Romania, Lucrări ştiinţifice, Seria Zootehnie, ISSN L 1454-7368, vol 61, 2014, p 3-10.
6. Pascal C., I. Nechifor, 2014 - The effect of crossing Romanian sheep breeds with rams of meat breeds over the specific indicators of meat production. Lucrări ştiinţifice, Seria Zootehnie, ISSN L 1454-7368, vol 61, p 25-31.
7. Pascal C., Gîlcă I., Nacu Gherasim, 2010 - Researches related to age influence on certain reproduction traits in Ţigaie sheep bred in Romania, 14th Annual Coference of the European Society for Domestic Animal Reproduction. Reproduction in Domestic Animals ISSN 0936-6768, vol 45 p 102.
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13. Pascal, C., Gilca, I., Ivancia, M. and Nacu, G., 2010 - Researches related to fattening performances achieved by hybrids issued from romanian sheep breeds crossed with meat type rams. EAAP 2010, 61th Annual Meeting European Federation Animal Science, Heraklion 2010, ISSN 382-607.
14. Pascal C., Gilca I. Ivancia M., Radu R.R., Iftimie N., 2010 - Researches related to suckling capacity of Turcana sheep reared in Romania. ISBN 978-5864-226-4, University Press, International Conference on Production Diseases in Farm Animals, Gent , Belgia, p 93.
15. Pascal C., Gîlcă I., Radu R.R., Nacu Ghe., 2010 - Researches on the influence of certain natural factors on the sperm quality and sexual behaviour of rams. International Journal of Biological and Life Sciences, World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology, P 624 -627.
16. Pascal C., Gîlcă I., Simeanu D., Ivancia M., Nacu G., Zaharia N., 2009 - Researches on the carcasses quality by slaughtering young goats on the Carpatina breed raised in Romania. A Magyar buiatrikus tarsasag 19. 19TH International Congress of Hungarian Association for buiatrics. Vol ISBN 978-963-87942-2-2. p 202-207.
17. Pascal C., Gilca I., Nacu Gh, 2010 - Researches on the improvement of meat production following the fattening of reformed adult sheep, p. 1052-1057, Proceedings- International Symposium on Agriculture, Opatija-Croaţia. ISBN 978-953-6331-79-6.
18. Pascal, C. Ivancia, M., Gilca, I., Nacu, G and Iftimie, N., 2009 - Carcass quality of F1 crossings of Ile de France rams with local Romanian sheep. 60th Annual Meeting European Federation Animal Science, Barcelona 2009, ISSN 382-6077, p 547.
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Books and university manuals:

Total: 10
1. Pascal C. (2015) - Compendium of sheep and goats husbandry. Ion Ionescu de la Brad Publishing House, Iaşi, 2015, ISBN 978-973-147-196-9.
2. Pascal C. (2012) - Biotechnologies in the food industry. Ion Ionescu de la Brad Publishing House, Iasi, ISBN: 978-973-147-109-9.
3. Pascal C. (2010) - General animal technologies, Ion Ionescu de la Brad Publishing House, Iaşi. ISBN 978-973-147-053-5, 360 pg.
4. Pascal C. (2007) - Sheep and goats husbandry. PIM Publishing House, Iaşi. ISBN 978-973-716-502-2, 521 pages.
5. Pascal C. (2007) - Assessment and performances evaluation technique in sheep and goats. Alfa Publishing House, ISBN 978-973-8953-39-0, 270 pages.
6. Pascal C. (2004) - Meat production in sheep. Ion Ionescu de la Brad Publishing House, Iaşi, ISBN 973-7921-39-9, 195 pages.
7. Pascal C. (2003) - Indigenous breeds of sheep and goats. PIM Publishing House, Iaşi, ISBN 973-84090-79-0; 105 pages.
8. Pascal C. (2000) - Goats husbandry technology. Publishing house of "AXIS" Foundation Iaşi, ISBN 973-98600-5-2; 129 pages.
9. Pascal C. (1998) - Sheep husbandry technology. "Corson" Publishing house, Iaşi, I.S.B.N. 973-98259-7-4; 425 pages.
10. Pascal C. (1999) - Technical methods of assessment, prerequisites to selection works in sheep and goats. "Corson" Publishing house, ISBN 973-98259-9-0; 247 pages.

Grants and research contracts:

Total: 13
1. Grant Code PS 519: "Research on the evaluation of the current status in synthesising the new sheep line specialised for milk production, using crossbreeding between ţigaie ewes and Awassi rams, adapted to the plateau geographical conditions from north-eastern Romania". Director, period 2015-2018.
2. Grant Code 734: "Study on the goat population reared in private ownerships from Moldova region, as prerequisite to design a genetic improvement programme". Director, period 2007-2009.
3. Grant Code CNCSIS 676: "The study of the local population of sheep raised in the North-East of the country, for meat improving production". Director, period 2007-2010.
4. Grant Code PS 418: "Design of sheep specialized hybrids for meat production". Director, period 2007-2009.
5. Grant Code PS 716: "Design and implementation of the genetic improvement programme for milk and meat productions in Tigaie breed sheep located in the Moldova plateau areal". Director, period 2011-2014.
6. Grant Code 815: "Research on the new modalities to render efficacy in raising and husbandry of Karakul breed". Member, period 2005-2007.
7. Grant 52124: "Technology for improving the health status of sheep, through genetic markers usage". P2 responsible, period 2007-2010.
8. PN II 52104: From DNA to cheese: "Study on the impact of the alpha -S1 casein genetic marker polymorphism, in the Carpatina goat breed on the milk quality, cheese transforming efficacy and sensorial properties". P2 responsible, period 2007-2010.
9. POSDRU/89/1.5/S/62371: Sectorial Operational Programme for Human Resources Development 2007 - 2013 „Postdoctoral school in agriculture and veterinary medicine". Member, period 2007-2013.
10. ERASMUS: "National higher certificate in animal production". Coordinator-responsible in UASVM Iasi, period 2009-2010.
11. FP 7 project: "Evaluation of Common Agricultural Policy measures applied to the sheep and goat sector", led by AND International on behalf of the Directorate General for Agriculture and Rural Development of the European Commission. The study is followed by a Steering Committee, composed of officers from the European Commission. Coordinator in Romania, period 2010-2012.


- Farm animals husbandry technologies;
- Technological engineering in sheep and goats husbandry;
- Management of animal productions;
- Food biotechnologies.

Research areas:

- Animal Science;
- Food industry.

Co-ordination of administrative and academic organisations

- Vice dean of the Animal Sciences Faculty

Scientific and professional organizations:

- World Association for Buiatrics;
- European Society for Domestic Animal Reproduction;
- Member of the Romanian Society of Animal Production;
- Member of the "Moldoovis" Sheep and Goats Breeders' Association.