PhD, Lecturer Lenuţa Fotea

PhD, Lecturer Lenuta Fotea
PhD, Lecturer
Lenuţa Fotea

Contact data

Last Name: FOTEA
First Name: LENUŢA
Faculty of Animal Sciences
Department: Management of Animal Productions
Date of birth: April, 26 1968
Address (work): 8 Mihail Sadoveanu Alley, Iaşi - 700489, Romania
Telephone: +40 232 407599

Scientific papers:

Total: 54
1.Lenuta Fotea, Raluca Elena Donosă, Elena Costăchescu, Mioara Bocănici, Dana Tăpăloagă, 2014 - The traditional system used in obtain smoked trout in Bucovina area, România. Journal of Biotehnology. Pg. S75. vol. 185S ISSN: 0168-1656.
2.Sebastian Costel, Musteaţă, Mioara Bocănici, Mariana Marieta Postamentel, Lenuţa Fotea, Sorin Chelmu, Andrei Lucian Vintilă, 2014 - Promoting technologies for environment protection, by correct management of manure in Romanian Carpathians. Journal of Biotehnology. pg. S63, vol. 185S ISSN: 0168-1656.
3.Fotea Lenuţa, Mioara Bocănici, Andrei Lucian Vintila, Paul Rodian Tapaloaga, Dana Tapaloaga, Razvan Cristian Panait, 2013 - Obtaining acidophilus products through traditional methods of processing the milk obtained from cattle in the mountain area of Dorna Basin. Curent opinion in Biotechnology, vol. nr. 24, supplement 1, ISSN 0958-1669. pg. 593.
4.Chelmu Sorin Sergiu, Andrei Lucian Vintila, Lenuţa Fotea, Mioara Bocănici, 2013 - The use of herbs in breeding meat chickens as growing biostimulators and alternative to the use of antibiotics. Curent opinion in Biotechnology, vol. nr. 24, supplement 1, ISSN 0958-1669. pg. 559.
5.Lenuţa Fotea, Costăchescu Elena, Hoha V.G., Leonte Doina, Donosa Raluca, Leonte C., 2012 - The role and the importance of consuming of aquatic products in human nutrition. Agricultural Sciences Journal. Agricultural University- Plovdiv. International scientific conference. ISSN 1313-6577.
6.Lenuţa Fotea, Elena Costăchescu, Doina Leonte, C.E. Nistor, 2012 - Research regarding consumer preferences in acquiring fish and fish products. Scientific Papers Series, Animal Husbandry, vol. 58, pg. 271-274. USAMV Iaşi, ISSN 1454-7368.

Books and university manuals:

Total: 3
1. Fotea Lenuţa, 2014 - Farm animals, Ed. "Ion Ionescu de la Brad" Iaşi. ISBN 978-973-147-081-8.
2. Elena Costăchescu, Lenuţa Fotea, Doina Leonte, 2011 - Practical Guide ciprinicultură, Ed. "Ion Ionescu de la Brad" Iaşi, ISBN 978-973-147-081-8.
3. M.G. Usturoi, B. Păsărin, P.C. Boişteanu, Lenuţa Fotea, 2009 - Fish processing, Ed. "Ion Ionescu de la Brad" Iaşi, ISBN 978-973-147-032-0.

Grants and research contracts:

Total: 3
1. Contract CNCSIS Type E, no. 93: Development and modernization of the laboratory of quality control of fodder composition Research Centre of the Faculty of Animal Husbandry, Iaşi. Period: 2004, Member.
2. Contract CNCSIS, Type A, no. 696: Physiological and sanogenic implications of using natural stimulators as an alternative to the use of antibiotics and other synthetic stimulators in broilers". Period: 2005-2007, Member.
3. Contract CNCSIS Type A, no. 723: Assessment of incidence and degree of contamination with lead, cadmium, copper, zinc, nitrate and nitrite fodder plant, and the risks of their use in animal feed. Period: 2006-2008, Member.


- Processing and exploitation of aquatic products;
- Control and expertise of aquatic products;
- Utilization of natural growth stimulators in animal nutrition;
- Livestock technologies;
- Management, marketing and systems optimization;
- Recreational fishing.

Research areas:

- The processing of aquatic products;
- Livestock technologies;
- Animal nutrition;
- Management and marketing of aquatic products.

Scientific and professional organizations:

- Romanian Society of Animal Breeding.