PhD, Lecturer Cristina Gabriela Radu-Rusu

PhD, Lecturer Cristina Gabriela Radu-Rusu
PhD, Lecturer
Cristina Gabriela Radu-Rusu

Contact data

Faculty of Animal Sciences
Department: Fundamental Sciences in Animal Husbandry
Date of birth: April 4 1979
Adress (work):Iaşi, Mihail Sadoveanu Alley, No. 8, code 700489, Romania
Phone: +40232407375
Fax: +40232267504

Scientific papers:

Total: 30
1.Radu-Rusu R.M., Usturoi M.G., Leahu A., Amariei S., Radu-Rusu C.G., Vacaru-Opris I., 2014 - Chemical features, cholesterol and energy content of table hen eggs from conventional and alternative farming systems, South African Journal of Animal Science 44(1):33-42.
2.Bologa M., Pop I.M., Radu-Rusu C.G., 2014 - The assessment of certain heavy metals content in table eggs laid in relation to the production systems (organic vs. conventional), Journal of Biotechnology 185:S72.
3.Radu-Rusu C.G., Plocus C., Dandois C., Radu-Rusu R. M., 2013 - Is the laying hens rearing system relevant for table eggs chemical and nutritional features?, Food and Environment Safety Journal, 13 (1):47-52.
4.Radu-Rusu C.G., I.M. Pop, Albu A., Bologa M., R.M. Radu-Rusu, 2013 - Transferability of certain heavy metals from hens feed to table eggs laid within different rearing systems, Lucrări ştiinţifice, Seria Zootehnie, vol. 59:218-222.
5.Radu-Rusu C.G., Pop I.M., Radu-Rusu R.M., 2013 - Table eggs safety, as influenced by conventional and alternative housing systems for laying hens. Agrany Nauki, 5(14):209-214.
6.Radu-Rusu C.G., Radu-Rusu R.M., Pop I.M., Albu A., Usturoi M.G., 2012 - Quality and safety of free range eggs in small size familial farms, World Poultry Science Journal, Vol. 68 (S):437-440.
7.Radu-Rusu R. M., Radu-Rusu C.G., Usturoi M.G., Albu A., Vacaru-Opris I., 2012 - Improved cages vs. free range housing: eggs quality and hens welfare traits. World Poultry Science Journal, 68 (S):237-241.
8.Radu-Rusu C.G., I.M. Pop, R.M. Radu-Rusu, Albu A., 2012 - Effects of the housing system applied in laying hens rearing, on the external quality of table eggs, Lucrări ştiinţifice, Seria Zootehnie, vol. 58 (17): 188-192.
9.Radu-Rusu C.G., I.M. Pop, D. Simeanu, Aida Albu, 2011 - Improvement of quantitative and qualitative eggs production issued from laying hens, under thermal stress conditions. A nutritional approach, Lucrări ştiinţifice, Seria Zootehnie, 56 (16):186-190.
10.Marţi R., Vacaru-Opriş I., Radu-Rusu C.G., Sărăndan H., 2011 - Effects of using a detoxifying agent in mixed feed, on the haematological, immunological parameters and histopathological alterations in chicken broilers. Lucrări ştiinţifice, Seria Zootehnie, Vol. 56:385-389.
11.Radu-Rusu Cristina, Simeanu D., Pop I.M., 2010 - Effect of a synbiotic feed additive supplementation on laying hens performance and eggs quality, Lucrări ştiinţifice, Seria Zootehnie, Vol. 53:153-157.
12.Radu-Rusu C.G., Pop I.M, L. Pantă, Radu-Rusu R.M., 2009 - Effects of prebiotic and mycotoxin binder feed supplementation on the quality of the eggs produced by hens in the end of their laying, IAEA-FAO Joint, International Symposium on Sustainable Improvement of Animal Production and Health, Viena, IAEA-CN-174-165.
13.Radu-Rusu C.G., Pop I.M., 2009 - Improvement of laying hen performances by dietary mannanoligosaccharides supplementation, Lucrări ştiinţifice, Seria Zootehnie, Vol. 52:215-219.
14.Radu-Rusu C.G., Pop I.M., Radu-Rusu R.M., 2008 - Improvement of eggs production at laying hybrids under thermal stress, Proceeding of the International Ph.D. Students` Conference. University of South Bohemia in Ceské Budejovice, Faculty of Agriculture, Ceské Budejovice, Czech Republic, April 16th 2008; ISBN 978-80-7394-071-3.
15.Radu-Rusu C.G., Pop I.M., Usturoi M.G., Radu-Rusu R.M., 2008 - Effects of acidifiers, probiotics and prebiotics feed supplementation onto the quality of the eggs produced by the hens in the end of their laying period, 1th Mediterranean Summit of WPSA - Advances and Challenges in Poultry Science, Book of Proceedings ISBN 978-960-12-1686-7.
16.Radu-Rusu C.G., Pop I.M., 2008 - Effects generated by ascorbic acid usage in laying hens feeding, during heat stress conditions, Lucrări ştiinţifice, Seria Zootehnie, Vol. 51:604-608.
17.Radu-Rusu C.G., Pop I.M, 2007 - Effects of probiotic and prebiotic supplementation on egg quality and laying hens performance. Lucrări ştiinţifice, Seria Zootehnie, Vol. 50:364-370.
18.Radu-Rusu C.G., Pop I.M, L. Pantă, 2007 - Efects of Bio-mos® and Mycosorb® feed supplementation on aged laying hens performance and egg quality, Al 6lea Simpozion International de Biologie si Nutriţie Animală - Baloteşti - Ilfov, ISSN 1016-4855.
19.Radu-Rusu C.G., Man S., Halga P., 2006 - Researches concerning the sodium bicarbonate supplementation in the end laying cycle hens feeding, Lucrări ştiinţifice, Seria Zootehnie, Vol. 49:388-394.
20.PhD dissertation, 2009 - "Research on the improvement of the hen eggshell quality through feeding", scientific tutor - Prof. PhD Ioan Mircea Pop.
21.Master dissertation, 2005 - "Physiological basis and the influential factors of eggs production", scientific tutor - Prof. PhD Paul Corneliu Boişteanu.

Grants and research contracts

Total: 6
1.Grant CNCSIS TD 189/2007-2008: "Improvement of table eggs quality and safety through fortifying their natural antimicrobial barrier, using specific feed additives". Project manager. 2.Cross-Border Project of the European Union, code MIS-ETC 1549, within the cross-border cooperation programme Romania-Ukraine-Republic of Moldova 2007-2013: "Promoting sustainable production and implementing of good practices in the bovine farms from Romania-Republic of Moldova and Ukraine cross border region". General manager: Prof. PhD Maciuc Vasile. Period: 2013-2015, Member of the technical team, Designer and development of the software tool.
3.Postdoctoral research project within the POSDRU/89/1.5/S/62371 programme: "Assessment of the commercial quality and of the heavy metals contamination degree of the eggs produced under different technological systems", managed by the UASVMB Timişoara in partnership with UASVM Cluj-Napoca and UASVM Iaşi. Period: 2010-2013. Postdoctoral researcher.
4.Grant CNCSIS 723/2007-2008: "Assessment on the incidence and contamination degree of the vegetal fodders with lead, cadmium, cooper, zinc, nitrates and nitrites, as well as on the risks issued from their usage as feedstuffs". Project manager - Prof. PhD Pop Cecilia. Member - animal feeding responsible.
5.PNCDI II - Ideas 681/2007: "Study of the yield features, behavioral and anatomo-physiological adaptability of some laying hybrids within the conditions of different raising alternative systems". Project manager: Prof. PhD Usturoi Marius Giorgi. Member - animal feeding responsible.
6.Grant CNCSIS 27671/2005: "Physiological and sanogenic involvements of certain natural biopromoters as alternatives to antibiotics and other synthetic promotes in broilers feeding", Project manager: Prof.dr. Boişteanu Paul Corneliu. Member - in charge with experiments onset and data gathering.


- Animals nutrition and feeding;
- Biotechnologies applied in animals feeding;
- Animals feeding optimising;
- Control and expertise of food.

Research areas:

- Chemical analysis and nutritional value of the feedstuffs and feed;
- Domestic animals feeding;
- Usage of feed additives in animals feeding;
- Industrial usage of food additives;
- Improvement of the eggshell quality through nutritional ways.

Scientific and professional organizations:

Romanian Society of Animal Production - member since 2005
World's Poultry Science Association - member since 2008