PhD, Assoc. Prof. Roxana-Dana Bucur

PhD, Assoc. Prof. Roxana-Dana Bucur
PhD, Assoc. Prof.
Roxana-Dana Bucur

Contact data

Last Name: BUCUR
Faculty of Animal Sciences
Department: Fundamental Sciences in Animal Husbandry
Date of birth: September, 23 1968
Address (work): 8 Mihail Sadoveanu Alley, Iaşi - 700489, Romania
Telephone: +40 232 407508

Scientific papers:

Total: 50
1. Bliuc Irina, Lepadatu Daniel, Iacob Adrian, Judele Loredana, Roxana Dana Bucur, 2016 - Assessment of Thermal Bridges Effect on Energy Performance and Condensation Risk in Buildings Using DoE and RSM Methods, European Journal of Environmental and Civil Engineering, 20(8), 1-19.
2. Barbuta Marinela, Bucur Roxana, Serbanoiu A. Al., Scutarasu S., Burlacu A., 2016 - Combined effect of fly ash and fibers on properties of cement concrete, The 10th International Conference Interdisciplinarity in Engineering, INTER-ENG 2016, Scinece Direct, Elsevier, 1-5.
3. Barbuta Marinela, Marin Emanuela, Cimpeanu S. M., Paraschiv G., Lepadatu D., Bucur Roxana Dana, 2015 - Statistical Analysis of the Tensile Strength of Coal Fly Ash Concrete with Fibers Using Central Composite Design, Advances in Materials Science and Engineering, vol. 2015, Article ID 486232, pp. 1 - 7.
4. Barbuta Marinela, Rujanu M., Bucur Roxana Dana, Teodorescu I. R., 2015 - Influence of Mix Components on the Properties of Cement Concrete, CSA 2015 Joint International Conference, Iasi, October 22 - 25th.
5. Barbuta Marinela, Harja Maria, Rujanu M., Bucur Roxana Dana, 2015 - Mechanical Properties of Fly Ash Polymer Concrete with Different Fibers, CSA 2015 Joint International Conference, Iasi, October 22 - 25th.
6. Cretescu I., Savin Al., Cimpeanu C., Bucur Roxana Dana, Harja Maria, 2013 - Optimization of wine decolorization by microfiltration on polyurethane membranes, Journal of Food Agriculture & Environment, 11(1), 1137-1141.
7. Buema G., Cimpeanu S., Sutiman D., Bucur Roxana Dana, Rusu L., Cretescu I., Ciocinta R., Harja M., 2013 - Lead removal from aqueous solution by bottom ash, Journal of Food Agriculture & Environment, 11(1), 221-226.
8. Bucur Roxana Dana, Harja Maria, 2012 - Individualisation of homogeneous areas from the point of view of artificial energy demand for plants growing in covered spaces from Romania, Environmental Engineering and Management Journal, 11 (2), pp. 253-257, ISSN 1582-9596.
9. Harja Maria, Cimpeanu Carmen, Bucur Roxana Dana, 2012 - The influence of hydrodynamic conditions on the synthesis of ultra-thin calcium carbonate, Journal of Food Agriculture & Environment, 10 (2), 1191-1195.
10. Chiper Al. M., Cîmpeanu S. M., Bucur Roxana Dana, Chiper Valentina Valentina, 2012 - Legislative and administrative support scheduled for improving the environmental quality by creating green spaces in the cities, Lucr. Şt, seria Agronomie, 55(1), pp. 131-140.

Books and university manuals:

Total: 2
1. Bucur Roxana Dana, 2011 - Horticultural Buildings, Ed. "Ion Ionescu de la Brad" Iaşi, 230 pag., ISBN 978-973-147-077-1.
2. Barbuta Marinela, Bucur Roxana Dana, Cimpeanu S. M., Paraschiv G., Bucur D., 2015 - Wastes in Building Materials Industry, In: Agroecology, Pilipavicius V. ed., INTECH, Rijeka, Croatia, pp. 81 - 100. ISBN 978-953-51-2130-5.

Grants and research contracts:

Total: 6
1. Grant CNCSIS cod 618/2004: "Study the environmental and economic implications of turning sloping land and irrigated Moldavian Plain", 2004 - 2006, member
2. Grant CNCSIS cod 744/2007: "Quality evaluation and sustainable use of soil resources in the areas of drainage drainage facilities, the degree of favorable environmental conditions in northern Moldova", 2007 - 2008, member
3. PN-II IDEI, cod 1132/2009: "Ecological management of resources climate, soil and water Moldavian Plain", 2009 - 2011, member
4. Proiect CEEX - BIOTECH, cod 44/2005: "Improvement, conservation and enhancement of degraded soils in agricultural ecosystems through anthropogenic intervention in hilly areas to increase the quality of life and protection environmental", 2005-2008, member.
5. Proiect CEEX - BIOTECH, cod 152/2005: "Products and technologies for promoting a system of sustainable agriculture and agro-ecological resource protection in Moldova Plateau", 2005-2008, member.
6. Proiect CEEX-MENER, cod 1012/2006: "Impact hydroclimatic risks and pedo-morphological environment in the basin Bârladului", 2006, member.


- Descriptive Geometry and Technical Drawing;
- Agricultural Construction;
- Agritourism Constructions;
- Horticultural Constructions;
- Embankments, Roads and Utility Network.

Research areas:

- Green building materials;
- Economic efficiency in terms of construction and structures for various forms of protected areas;
- Developing and managing vertical greenhouses;
- New solutions economical in terms of consumption of construction materials.