Programme Committee

  • PhD, Prof. Wolfgang FRIEDT (Justus-Liebig-Universitat Giessen, Germany)
  • PhD, Prof. Vito Nicola SAVINO (Universitatea de Studii din Bari, Italia)
  • PhD, Prof. Gerard JITĂREANU (USAMV Iaşi)
  • PhD, Prof. Vasile VÎNTU (USAMV Iaşi)
  • PhD, Prof. Teodor ROBU (USAMV Iaşi)
  • PhD, Prof. Liviu-Dan MIRON (USAMV Iaşi)
  • PhD, Prof. Costel SAMUIL (USAMV Iaşi)
  • PhD, Prof. Culiţă SÎRBU (USAMV Iaşi)
  • PhD, Prof. Eugen ULEA (USAMV Iaşi)
  • PhD, Prof. Stejărel BREZULEANU (USAMV Iaşi)
  • PhD, Prof. Costică AILINCĂI (USAMV Iaşi)
  • PhD, Prof. Daniel BUCUR (USAMV Iaşi)
  • PhD, Prof. Mihai STANCIU (USAMV Iaşi)
  • PhD, Assoc. Prof. Florin Daniel LIPŞA (USAMV Iaşi)


Photo gallery

A few photos from the festive session opening in 2017 are available here.

Previous editions

To read about previous editions of our conference click here.


PhD, Assoc. Prof. Florin LIPŞA

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