Department of Plant Science
PhD, Prof. Teodor ROBU

PhD, Prof. Teodor ROBU
Director - Department of Distance Learning and Continuing Education
(UASVM Iași)


Last name:   ROBU
First name:   TEODOR
Birth date:   26 February 1955
Faculty:   Agriculture
Departament:   Plant Science
Address:   3, Mihail Sadoveanu Alee, Iasi, 700490, Romania
Telephone:   +40 232 407 347
Fax:   +40 232 260 650
E-mail:   teorobu@uaiasi.ro


  • Plant physiology;
  • Medicinal plants (herbs).


  • Plants physiology:
    - photosynthesis study;
    - water regime of plants;
    - mineral nutrition researches;
    - transformation of organic substance;
    - utilization of herbs.
  • Aromatic and medicinal herbs :
    - the growth of medicinal and aromatic herbs;
    - the extraction of volatile oils;
    - phitoterapy.
  • Other domains:
    - Biodynamic and ecologic agriculture;
    - communitarian programs;
    - SAPARD Program;
    - Receving, storing, keeping and preserving, herbs and technical plants.

Main research directions

  • Water regime of plants;
  • Photosynthesis and substances accumulation in plants;
  • Respiration processes, enzymes;
  • Iris genus;
  • Medicinal and aromatic herbs - growing and phitotherapy

Representative scientific papers

1. T. Robu, C. I. Milica, Cristina Slabu, Carmen Doina Jitareanu, 1997 - Ecological-physiological and systematic elements of the Iris from the spontaneous flora. Iassy Country Scientific Papers U.S.A.M.V., Agronomy.
2. T. Robu, 1999 - Herstellung der biologich- dynamischen praparate. Iassy Country Scientific Papers U.S.A.M.V., Agronomy.
3. T. Robu, Antoanela Nechita, B. Nechita, Carmecita Doina Jitareanu, 1999 - Research on Ascorbic Acid content in some organs of different species of genus Iris. Iassy Country Scientific Papers U.S.A.M.V., Horticulture Vol. 1 (42),
4. T. Robu, Liana Doina Toma, Nely-Kinga Olah 1999 - Aspects regarding hydro-carbonate storage in rhizomes of some Iris species Iassy Country, Scientific Papers U.S.A.M.V., Agronomy.
5. T. Robu, C. I. Milica, Servilia Oancea, 1999 - Aspects regarding relation between ecological condition of origin and pigment content of leaf for some Iris species. Iassy Country Scientific Papers U.S.A.M.V., Agronomy.
6. Liana Doina Toma, Jitareanu Carmenica Doina, T. Robu, 2000 - Ecophisiological Researches Regarding the Wheat Crop Response Ezareni Farm, Iassy Country Scientific Papers U.S.A.M.V., Agronomy;
7. T. Robu, 2000 - The morpho-anatomic transformation of leafs at some Iris species according of ecological condition.
8. T. Robu, Milena Diana Pavaloaia, I. Gilca, 2001 - SAPARD Program; the opportunity for Agriculture of Romania. Iassy Country Scientific Papers U.S.A.M.V., Agronomy;
9. T. Robu, Doina Liana Tomca, C Milica, Doina Jitareanu 2002 - Research regarding the pollination specific features at some species of the Iris genus. Iassy Country Scientific Papers U.S.A.M.V., Horticulture;
10. T. Robu, C. Milica, Doina Liana Toma, Doina Jitareanu - Identification of some bio-active substances at some species of Iris. Iassy Country Scientific Papers U.S.A.M.V., Agronomy;
11. T. Robu, 2002 - Researches regarding the dynamics of the loss of bioactive substances in the seed of some Umbeliferous species during the storage. Iassy Country Scientific Papers U.S.A.M.V., Agronomy.
12. T. Robu, Brandusa Robu 2003 - Agricultural practices financed by SAPARD Program related to environmental protection, Sciencific works, USAMV, Horticulture series, IaSi.
13. T. Robu, Draghia Lucia, Toma Liana Doina, Jitareanu Carmenica Doina, Gilca Ioan 2005 - Assessments on the relationship between the eco-physiological parameters and development of the system certain species of Iris genus, Sciencific works, Faculty of Horticulture, State Agricultural University of Moldova.
14. T. Robu, Draghia Lucia, Gilca Ioan 2005 - Opinions on the phyto-therapeutic use of certain floriculture species

Treatises, Hand-Books

1. Toma Liana Doina, Constantin Milica, T. Robu, Jitareanu Carmenica Doina, 1999 - Plant Physiology - A laboratory guide. Edit. "Ion Ionescu de la Brad", Iassy.
2. Toma Liana Doina, T. Robu, 2000 - Plant Physiology. Edit. "Ion Ionescu de la Brad" Iassy
3. Toma Liana Doina, Robu T., Eisner G., 2000 - The mains moushrooms and toadstools, Phare Project.
4. Robu T., Milica C, 2004 - Indigenous herbs. Publishing Hause of the European Institute Iasi, 300 pages
5. Milica C, Bavaru Elena, Robu T, 2004 - Health sourses in the medicinal flora. Ovidius University Press, Publishing Hause Constanta, 285 pages.

Representative national and international research grants

Contract no 5381/09.11.2004: Optimizing the vegetal spices processing for use in pastry and bakery. Beneficiary: SC Pambac SA.

Expert quality for research projects

- CNCSIS projects evaluation expert;
- SAPARD projects evaluation expert.

Member of the following professional societies

1. Membership of "Haralamb Vasiliu" Scientific Society;
2. Member of Romanian Society of Horticulture;
3. Membership and President of University Foundation for Agriculture and Rural Development (FUSPA);
4. Membership of Societatea Agronomilor din România;
5. Membership of Societatea Micologica din România "Mihai Toma";
6. Membership of Societatea de Retrologie Agrara;
7. Membership in Asociatia Expertilor Tehnici din Romania.

PhD Advisor

Specialization: Phytotechny.

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