Department of Plant Science
PhD, Lect. Mariana HUŢANU

PhD, Lect. Mariana HUŢANU


Last name:   HUŢANU
First name:   MARIANA
Birth date:   18 September 1967
Faculty:   Agriculture
Departament:   Plant Science
Address:   3, Mihail Sadoveanu Alee, Iasi, 700490, Romania
Telephone:   +40 232 407 533
Fax:   +40 232 260 650
E-mail:   mariana_hutanu@yahoo.com

Scientific papers

Total number: 49.
- Complete list of scientific papers

Books and university text-books

Total number: 2.
- Books covers
1. Mariana Huţanu, 2004 - Diversitatea florei vasculare, a vegetaţiei şi a macromicetelor din bazinul Jijiei (jud. Botoşani), Edit. "Gh. Asachi", Iaşi, 397 pg., ISBN 973-621-064-2.
2. Mariana Huţanu, 2004 - Mediul şi conservarea durabilă a biodiversităţii, Edit. "Gh. Asachi", Iaşi, 143 pg., ISBN 978-973-147-170-9.

Grants and research contracts

Total number: 22.
Grant CNCSIS: The study of the flora, phytocenotic and mycological biodiversity of deciduous forests of the hill area of the north-eastern Romania (2000-2001), responsible project: dr. Mariana Huţanu.
Participating in the following projects:
- The current state of biodiversity conservation "islands" of foreststeppe in Moldova and Suceava Plateau (2000-2002),
- Comparative study of biodiversity in ecosystems in various stages of decay from Moldavian Plain (2000-2002),
- The study of the biodiversity in the corridor of the Siret river (2001-2002),
- The study biotope -biota interrelations in order to know the possibilities of restoring the ecological balance in ecosystems located on degraded landscapes (2002),
- The study of biological resources and their productive capacity in economically disadvantaged areas in north-eastern Romania (Botoºani county) for sustainable rural development (2002),
- The aridity secondary effect on biodiversity and natural and human ecosystems stability in the middle part of the Prut river meadow (2003-2005),
- Mapping of rare species of cormophytes from Vrancea and Penteleu Mountains (2004-2005); Biological Research Institute from Cluj-Napoca,
- Ecological research on the structure, function and diversity of natural and human ecosystems of the Moldavian Plain in the context of sustainable development requirements (2006-2007),
- Project PN II-IDEI_1227, Research on migration and invasion adventitious plants in some anthropogenic and natural habitats of Moldavia (Romania) (2008-2011), responsible project: Assoc. Prof. dr. C. Sîrbu, U.S.A.M.V. Iaşi.


  • Vegetal Biology (Vascular Plants and Phytosociology);
  • Mycology (Macrofungi);
  • Protection of the environment and natural habitats.

Research fields

  • Botany (vascular plants),
  • The diversity of macrofungi species,
  • Rare and protected species of plants,
  • Protection of natural habitats and biodiversit

Member of the professional and scientific national and international societies

  • The Romanian Mycological Society "Mihai Toma", from 1996,
  • he Romanian Society "The Friends of Roses", from 2013.

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