A journey in time
1842 – 2012

The beginnings of the Moldavian agricultural education go back in time to the first half of the 19th century, namely between 1842 – 1848 when the first great Romanian agronomist, Ion Ionescu de la Brad, delivered the first lectures on agriculture at the "Academia Mihaileana" – Iasi. Following the insistent approaches of a group of enthusiastic professors, the academic board of the "Alexandru Ioan Cuza" University – Iasi, voted unanimously, on May 2nd 1905, what, later on, the Ministry of Culture and Public Instruction would approve, i.e. the setting up, within the Faculty of Science, of the Departments of Agricultural Chemistry and Technological Chemistry.

Is considered to be the year of birth of tertiary agricultural education in Iasi. The Law of Tertiary Education, published in the Official Monitor on March 27th, stipulated the establishment of the Agricultural Sciences Department in the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Iasi. Thus, an agricultural school made its début in Iasi, with modern lectures, grouped in two categories – preparatory and agricultural, supported by an experienced academic staff: Haralamb VASILIU, Agricola CARDAS, Ioan BORCEA, Autonom Georgescu, Alexandru OBREGIA, Ion CONSTANTINEANU.

1933 - 1941
The Official Monitor nr. 82/April 9th 1933 contained the Law for turning the Section of Agricultural Sciences of the University of Iasi into the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences of the Alexandru Ioan Cuza University – Iasi, with its headquarters in Chisinau. In 1940 Romania suffered one of its greatest national tragedies, the loss of Basarabia, North Bucovina and Herta, North Transylvania and south Dobrogea, equivalent to more than a third of the national territory. In this totally new political climate, originating in the abusive annexation of Basarabia by the former Soviet Union, the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences of Chisinau was repealed, in October 1940 through the Decree-law 3463/15. The academic staff and part of the assets were transferred to Iasi, where, after twelve months of debates and special administrative efforts, the Faculty of Agriculture was once again established in accordance with the Law 922/ October, 17th 1941.

The year 1948, the Decree of August 3rd and the decision of the Ministry of Education 26237/ October 24th, initiated the reorganisation of the Romanian tertiary education system, including agricultural education in the capital and other major cities.

1951 - 1961
The Agronomic Institute was established in Iasi, comprising the faculty of Agro-technique (later Agriculture), the Faculty of Horticulture and Animal Husbandry (1951) and Veterinary Medicine (1961).

After numerous and brief changes of name and academic organisation, the most important occurring in 1990, the former Agronomic Institute became the current "Ion Ionescu de la Brad" University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine (USAMV) and now comprises the Faculties of Agriculture, Horticulture, Veterinary Medicine and Animal Husbandry of Iasi, starting with 2001.

Over the past ten years, USAMV Iasi has experienced a progressive dynamics by means of a development scheme comprising new specializations within the existing faculties, up to the point that it currently displays an academic offer that comprises four faculties with thirteen specialisations.
a) Faculty of Agriculture, with the following specialisations:
- Agriculture, full time education, 4 years, Agronomy domain;
- Agriculture in mountainous regions, full time education, (4 years), Agronomy domain;
- Economic engineering in agriculture, full time education, (4 years), Engineering and management domain;
- Food processing (TPPA), full time education, (4 years), Food engineering domain
- Biology, full time education, (3 years), Biology domain;
b) Faculty of Horticulture, with the following specialisations:
- Horticulture, full time education, (4 years), Horticulture domain;
- Landscape studies, full time education, (4 years), Horticulture domain;
- Environmental Engineering, time education, (4 years), Horticulture domain;
c) Faculty of Animal Husbandry, with the following specialisations:
- animal husbandry, full time education, (4 years), Animal Husbandry domain;
- fish-farming and aquaculture, full time education, (4 years), Animal Husbandry domain;
- Food Control and Expertise and Engineering, full time education, (4 years), Animal Husbandry domain;
- Management in Public Alimentation and Agri-tourism, full time education, (4 years), Animal Husbandry domain;
d) Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, with the following specialisation:
- Veterinary Medicine, full time education, 6 years, Veterinary Medicine domain.

USAMV is member of the Consortium of Romanian Agricultural and Veterinary Medicine Universities, associate member of AUF (Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie) and EUA (European University Association); USAMV is the founder of the IASTE Romania (The International Association for the Exchange of Students for Technical Experience).


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