A.-Al. Prelipcean


A.-Al. Prelipcean, Otilia Bobiş, St. Lazăr

Analyses carried out have followed the determination of the amount of total polyphenols, flavanols, total flavonoids and antioxidant activity of bee pollen extracts harvested by collectors from Moldova. These determinations were performed according to different conditions: time, temperature and light. Two methanolic extracts have been used different in the methanolic solvent concentration used: 96% and 80%. Analyses were performed on fresh pollen extract, kept a week and kept two weeks, at 4°C, 20°C, the presence or absence of natural light. We have detected fluctuations in the quantities of compounds followed, both in relation to storage conditions and depending on the solvent used. The amounts of total polyphenols detected had mean values between 27.13 and 29.90 mg GAE / g pollen for extract 1 (solvent methanol concentration 96%) and between 23.56 and 27.67 mg GAE / g pollen for extract 2 (solvent methanol concentration 80%). Quantities of flavanols values were between 8.93 and 7.43 mg QE / g pollen (extract 1), and between 4.95 and 5.92 mg QE / g pollen (extract 2), describing a general downward dynamic. Total flavonoids recorded were between 20.44 and 28.00 mg QE / g pollen (extract 1), and between 16.17 and 19.50 mg QE / g pollen (extract 2). The antioxidant activity determined was between 24.18 and 14.24% inhibition (extract 1), and between 26.71 and 19.90% inhibition (extract 2).

Key words: pollen extract, dynamic, polyphenols, flavonoids, antioxidant activity


A.-Al. Prelipcean, Otilia Bobiş, St. Lazăr

Analizele efectuate au urmarit determinarea īn timp si diferite conditii de temperatura si lumina a cantitatii de polifenoli totali, flavone, flavonoide totale si a activitatii antioxidante a unor extracte polinice obtinute din polen apicol, recoltat cu ajutorul colectoarelor din zona Moldovei. S-au utilizat doua extracte metanolice, diferite prin concentratia solventului metanolic utilizat: 96% si 80%. Analizele au fost efectuate pe extract polinic proaspat, pastrat 1 saptamāna si pastrat 2 saptamāni; la 4°C, 20°C; prezenta sau absenta luminii naturale. S-au detectat fluctuatii īn cantitatile de compusi urmariti, atāt īn functie de conditiile de pastrare cāt si īn functie de solventul utilizat. Cantitatile de polifenoli totali detectate au avut valori medii cuprinse īntre 27,13 si 29,90 mg GAE/g polen pentru extractul 1 (solvent metanolic de 96% concentratie) si īntre 23,56 si 27,67 mg GAE/g polen pentru extractul 2 (solvent metanolic de 80% concentratie). Dinamica rezultata a fost una īn general ascendenta. Valorile cantitatilor de flavone au fost cuprinse īntre 8,93 si 7,43 mg QE/g polen (extract 1), respectiv īntre 4,95 si 5,92 mg QE/g polen (extract 2), descriind o dinamica īn general descendenta. Flavonoidele totale au īnregistrat valori cuprinse īntre 20,44 si 28,00 mg QE/g polen (extract 1), respectiv īntre 16,17 si 19,50 mg QE/g polen (extract 2). Dinamica descrisa a fost una īn general ascendenta. Activitatea antioxidanta determinata a avut valori cuprinse īntre 24,18 si 14,24 % inhibitie (extract 1), respectiv īntre 26,71 si 19,90 % inhibitie (extract 2). Dinamica descrisa a fost una descendenta.

Cuvinte cheie: extract polinic, dinamica, polifenoli, flavonoide, activitate antioxidanta