D. Simeanu


D. Simeanu, M.G. Usturoi, Angela Gavrilas, M. Dolis

The experiment was organized on a number of 24,000 broiler chickens of one day old, belonging to the commercial hybrid “Ross- 308”. They were equally distributed, in two lots: a control lot (LC) and an experimental lot (LE). The chickens in the control lot were have been housed in an usual plant for the breeding of hen broilers on permanent bedding, and those in the experimental lot in a plant destined to the duck broilers, which was adopted in order to facilitate the exit of chickens in the grassed paddocks. In the first 14 days of life , both the chickens in the control lot, and those from the experimental lot were bred in plants, on permanent bedding, without access in the exterior paddock. After this age, the chickens from the experimental lot had access to the exterior paddock, but only during the day. The density of population, in the plant , was of 12 chickens/m2 in both lots of experiment. In the case of chickens from the experimental lot, who had access in the exterior paddock, were ensured a density in the paddock of 6/m2. From the data obtained, we ascertained that the hen broiler chickens from the LE lot achieved lower body weights with 21.29%, compared with the chickens from the LC lot; the index of food conversion (IC kg n.c/ kg increase) in the control lot was more reduced with 12.72% compared to the one in the experimental lot.

Key words: broiler chickens, alternative systems


D. Simeanu, M.G. Usturoi, Angela Gavrilas, M. Dolis

Experienta a fost organizata pe un numar de 24.000 de pui broiler de gaina de o zi, apartinând hibridului comercial „Ross – 308”. Acestia au fost repartizati, în mod egal, în doua loturi: un lot de control (LC) si un lot experimental (LE). Puii din lotul de control au fost cazati într-o hala obisnuita pentru cresterea broilerilor de gaina pe asternut permanent, iar cei din lotul experimental, într-o hala destinata broilerilor de rata, care a fost adaptata pentru a facilita iesirea puilor în padocuri inerbate. În primele 14 zile de viata, atât puii din lotul de control, cât si cei din lotul experimental au fost crescuti în hale, pe asternut permanent, fara acces în padocul exterior. Dupa aceasta vârsta, puii din lotul experimental au avut acces la padocul exterior, dar numai pe timpul zilei. Densitatea de populare, în hala, a fost de 12 pui/m2 la ambele loturi de experienta. În cazul puilor din lotul experimental, care au avut acces în padocul exterior, li s-a asigurat o densitate în padoc de 6 cap./m2. Din datele obtinute am obsevat faptul ca puii broiler de gaina din lotul LE au obtinut o greutate corporala mai scazuta cu 21,29% fata de lotul LC; indicele de conversie a hranei (IC kg nc/kg spor) la lotul de control a fost mai scazut cu 12,72% în comparatie cu lotul experimental.

Cuvinte cheie: broiler chickens, alternative systems