M.A. Florea

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M.A. Florea, I. Nechifor, C. Pascal

   To enlighten a natural factor, respectively the temperature from natural reproduction season, in the realised research were studied a representative number of sheep which belongs to Karakul de Botoşani breed.
   The effectuated research indicate the fact that at thermal levels placed around mean temperature of 10°C manifested ovulatory heat approximate 50.71% from the total flock assigned to mating in 2013 and in periods specific to seasons from years 2014 and 2015 the rate of sheep which manifest heat decreased below 25%.
   Also, the realised research shows the fact that in each season when the atmospheric temperature was higher than 20°C was recorded the lowest rate of sheep which manifest heat. In this way, in 2013 season the total of adult sheep which manifested ovulatory heat at temperatures higher than 20°C was 26 which correspond to a rate of only 2.33%.
   In the season from 2013 autumn the highest point of the curve in which is presented the situation of sheep entering in heat correspond with the date of 1st of October, day in which the mean daytime temperature was 5.2°C and the total number of sheep which manifested heat was of 170 females representing a rate of 15.18% from total sheep flock which were assigned for mating in that season.
   In reproduction campaign from 2014 the highest number of females which enter in heat into a single day was placed in September month, being of 88 females and in that day the average temperature was 10.7°C. Analysis of curve in which is presented the situation of sheep entering in heat in year 2015 show the fact that maximum peak correspond to 28th of September. In that day the average temperature was 12.3°C and manifested heat a number of 88 females.
   Analysing the obtained data in those three seasons could be observed that curve peak which show the entrance of sheep in heat is different placed, but only in the periods in which average temperature is situated around the value of 10°C.

Key words: Karakul de Botoşani, sheep, heat, reproduction, temperature