Cristina Simeanu

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Cristina Simeanu, B. Păsărin, D. Simeanu, B.V. Avarvarei

    The structure of tourism movement in Neamţ County during 2012–2016, indicate a low rate of foreigner tourists (6.94%) from the total entrances in the county, number of days/tourist for foreigner tourists have also a low rate (6.98%). Mean level of tourists recorded 177.928 thousands persons. The mean level of number days/tourist recorded a value of 335.788 thousands persons. Average duration of the sojourn had fluctuations during analysed period (2012–2016) being of 1.88 days for Romanian tourists and for the foreigner ones. Gross utilization rate of touristy accommodation capacity recorded fluctuant values in those 5 analysed years (2012–2016), in 2016 being recorded the highest value 21.00%. From the analysis of touristy movement could be observed a growth of dynamic rate for tourists’ number, per total mean dynamic rate show an increase, in average, with 1.112. The absolute average modification of tourists’ number recorded 19.47 thousands persons. Average dynamic rhythm for tourists’ number was 11.20%.

Key words: entrances, overnight stays, mean duration of sojourn, gross utilization rate of touristy accommodation capacity, dynamic rate