Taslim Dawan

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Taslim Dawan, Sjafril Darana

   Field research in the center area of duck production at north beach, West Java Subang and Cirebon regencies have been done to find the characteristic of drake business in the field by using structured survey method. The survey conducted on drake with business groups. The interview conducted on some businessman of drake livestock and using questionnaires. Technical and economic data was collected includes drake data, ration, business scale, disease, and the sale of duck price, costs and business income. The data then tabulated and analyzed in a simple way. The result of the research showed that the majority of slanghter drake still derived formSubangand Cirebon to Jabodetabek consumers area, the majority of duck eggs popularity is more significant than drake as a meat product. Slaughter duck which come from drake wasn't much found, because depend on season and mostly just in around after hatchery. The result of business profile analysis showed that drake farming which shepherd is the most profitable (R/C= 2,00) followed by duck culled (R/C = 1,68), and drake reared intensively only give low profits (R/C = 1.12).

Key words: Business Profile, farming, drake