Roxana Raţu

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Roxana Raţu, M.G. Usturoi

   The paper presents the physical-chemical parameters and sensory quality of certain types of raw-dried sausages sold in our country namely "Sibiu Salami" and "Bănăţean Salami". Regarding the "Sibiu Salami", was chosen brands Kaufland, Salbac and Reinert and for "Bănăţean Salami" were chosen Cristim, Salsa and Salbac brands. The main determinations that led to the examination of physical-chemical were pH, salt content (%), water (%), SU (%), protein (%) and fat content (%). Our results were compared with existing quality standard.
   Regarding pH, the highest value when we analyzed samples was 0.997 ± 5.962 assortment of Reinert manufactured. For salt content, the highest percentage was recorded all of salami sold under the brand Reinert namely 4.80 ± 0.991% while the salami originated from Salbac company recorded an average of only 2.966 ± 0.942%. Regarding the content of fat and protein, the highest levels were found when “Sibiu Salami” produced by Salbac (31.534 ± 23.138 ± 0.999% fat and 1.00% protein).
   Our results for all six types analyzed within the limits of quality standards, which leads us to encourage use of these preparations.

Key words: raw-dried sausages, quality, standards