Larisa Caisîn

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Larisa Caisîn, Ludmila Bivol, V. Vrancean

    The purpose of the scientific research was to analyze the digestibility of nutrients in local fodders by breeding gilts under the influence of the adsorbent Vitacorm REO-AG. The gilts were divided into four groups CG, EG1, EG2, EG3, on the principle of analogy, three head each. The animals in the control group were fed with basic compound feed. In the experimental groups the basic compound feed was supplemented with the adsorbent Vitacorm REO-AG at different levels - 1.0, 1.5 and 2.0 kg/t, respectively. The researches were carried out at the enterprise "Moldsuinhibrid". The utilization of the preparation Vitacorm REO-AG had a positive effect on nutrient digestibility in the gilts in all the experimental groups compared with the control group. The digestibility of dry substances in EG3 was higher by 1.28 or 1.51 % (P≤0.1) and of the organic substance - by 1.04 or 1.20 % (P≤0.01); the protein digestibility coefficient increased by 1.88 or 2.37 %, of fats - by 0.80 or 1.07 %, of cellulose - by 0.87 or 1.48 %, and of NFE - by 0.90 or 0.97%, in comparison with the control group. The supplementation of the fodder for the breeding gilts with the adsorbent Vitacorm REO-AG at the level of 2.0 kg/t proved to be more effective.

Key words: digestibility, fodder, adsorbent, breeding gilt