Yilmaz Ebru

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Yilmaz Ebru, Koç Cengiz

    Activities for alternative sources in order to prevent irreversible or long standing destructions resulting from the use of chemicals in all areas has increased. These kind of researches have been done and made progress in agriculture and animal husbandry. Aquaculture has not been far from this area, as alternative to chemical use; a lot of materials such as probiotics, bacteria compounds, animal extracts and polysaccharides have been used in studies. In addition, studies like the use of various spices and medicinal plants in aquaculture has gained importance today. Probiotics that will be used as a feed additive was need to increase body weight and the utilization rate of feed, to prevent gastrointestinal disorders caused by stress and pathogenic microorganisms, to reduce mortality, to improve water quality when the fish is infused into water, to settle fish on the skin mucus and defense it against pathogenic microorganisms, also to preserve immune-system from pathogens. On the other hand, it has been demostrated that the use of enzymes and plant extracts in food has increased the request for body weight and intake in fish. In this study, it has been analysed some researches about enyzmes, herbal feed additives and probiotics used as an additive in fish feed.

Key words: Fish, Feed, Probiotics, Enyzmes, Feed Additives