Roxana Nicoleta RaŢu

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Roxana Nicoleta Raţu, M.G. Usturoi

   It is well known the fact that to obtain dairy products with a good quality we need raw material milk with a superior quality.
   Starting from this in the current paper we focused on analysis of quality of raw material milk which will be processed for obtaining Şipote pressed cheese at company SC TRANS GIGEL SRL Şipote.
   So, were gathered 10 milk samples and 10 product samples which were subjected to physical-chemical and microbiological (in case of milk) analysis, obtained data being compared with the ones presented in quality standards.
   Milk which will be processed recorded a mean value for fat content higher with 0.72% than the minimum imposed by standards. Regarding microbiological features, results obtained by us indicated much lower values in comparison with the maximum admissible by standards.
   Regarding the product analysed by us, like in the case of milk the obtained values were inside the standards. For water content the mean value calculated by us was lower with 1.4% than the admissible maximum. About fat content, this one recorded a mean value higher with 1.02% than the indicated minimum by standards.
   In conclusion could be said that both milk which is processed and also the product analysed by us are inside quality standards.

Key words: milk, quality, pressed cheese