I.A. El-Wardany

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I.A. El-Wardany, N.F.A. Saleh, T.S.T. Seleem, A.M.H. Ahmed

    The present work was aimed to study the relationship between Lipten hormone concentration and rabbit reproductively in two rabbit breeds (Baladi Black and New-Zealand White). Lipten hormone concentrations were determined in blood, milk and semen of rabbits. Sixty mature rabbits at twelve months of age were used. Results obtained showed that, Leptin hormone concentration in blood serum of ordinary fertile doe and buck rabbits were significantly (P?0.5 or 0.1) higher than those recorded in low fertile ones, in both BB and NZW rabbits. BB rabbits recorded leptin hormone levels insignificantly higher than those obtained by NZW rabbits. Ordinary fertile BB and NZW lactating rabbit does produced milk with Leptin hormone concentration significantly (P? 0.1) more than recorded by low fertile rabbits. Leptin hormone concentrations were arranged in descending order insignificantly as obtained during, the 3rd; 2nd; 4th; 1st then the 5th week of lactating period, respectively. Semen ejaculated by ordinary fertile BB and NZW rabbit bucks included Leptin hormone levels more significantly (P?0.1) than those of low fertile bucks. BB rabbit bucks and second ejaculates characterized by Leptin hormone levels insignificantly higher than those obtained by NZW rabbit bucks and first ejaculates. It could be concluded that, there was strongly correlation between Leptin hormone concentration in blood, semen, milk and rabbit reproductivity. BB rabbits may be capability more than NZW rabbits.

Key words: rabbit; Leptin; fertility; blood; reproduction